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    More units added to A5 BigAdv pool on Linux

    Hey all, Just a heads up: P2692 is now also available from Linux. I just received one on the AMD, and performance seems slightly faster than p6901. I also received everyone's favorite on the SR-2 > P2684~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay. Performance seems the frickin' same as on Windows. Boo.
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    Magny Cours "Black Edition"

    So I recently picked up a couple of Opteron 6168 (Magny-Cours) "extra spicy" editions from another folder on my other team (37412) in hopes of being able to do a little comparo between overclocking Xeons and overclocking Opterons. While I realize it's nigh impossible to get these Opterons...
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    Strange new LG LCD TVs - Possible monitor alternatives?

    Just trolling around the web I found the following LG 1080p TVs which I found a bit strange. These are just online "reviews" but that would be a very brief/loose description:
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    Canada, one day only - HOT Dell 3008WFP $1299

    $700 off regular price. $1299 for a good 30" monitor with tonnes of inputs.
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    Bring the L2420P to North America!

    I started this thread for TDoran1 to put all his good info and help cheer on the process of us all "convincing" LG into bringing the L2420P to North America. It will make it easier to reference a single thread than have a smattering of posts elsewhere with snippets of info on this potentially...
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    Canadian one day only deal - 3007WFP-HC for $899

    Check it out: Dell's "deal of the day" is back CANADA only!
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    Pretty Hot: April 18th only, Dell 2709W by Dell Canada Small business

    $549.00 for a 27" S-PVA panel (1920x1200) with HDMI, 2xDVI, component, display port, and VGA connectors with height adjustable stand. Available today ONLY (April 18th) from Dell Canada Small Business. American's may be able to get this if you set up an account with a "package forwarding"...
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    BenQ V2400W In Depth Review

    I'd like to take a quick sec and thank Kyle, BenQ America and the [H] for this opportunity. I had a lot of fun doing this review and it was well worth the time I spent. I'd also like to thank all the [H]ardForum users for their insights both generally, and specifically on the V2400W review...
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    Samsung 2493HM vs. BenQ G2400W

    BenQ G2400W vs. Samsung SM2493HM I don't normally review products, but I thought I'd take this chance to examine both these monitors against each other, as they are similar in price, panel type, and connections. Many are looking for decent gaming 24" monitors, and these two fit the bill...