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    10 Gbps from the pole, how do I effectively do this?

    Ok just got pushed in a direction for 10 Gbps fiber, and I'm a little bit at a loss on how to wire this up. Now I know I won't be able to utilize all of it, not through wired connections in the home, not through wireless, not through every member of the family using it all simultanously (all...
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    Help me decide on a low end monitor

    So my current el cheapo monitor (quite old though) is having horizontal line "waviness" that is most noticeable on black parts of the screen although it's still noticeable in the dark grey background that is this site. Now I've swapped out the video cable hoping that might fix it, but nope...
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    Roku Ultra not good enough for 4k media server stuff? Anyone with experience?

    So one of the things that got me on the Roku Ultra was the fact it was 4k capable, at the time of purchase I didn't have a 4k TV (still rocking a 10 year old Samsung LCD) but I knew 4k was in the future (super soon now). Well I was kind of high on spending time upgrading my video collection...
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    Red Dead Online - $4.99 (maybe not hot?)

    If you own RDR2 it's free, but if you don't own it and just want to play online, $5 can't be too bad, you just don't get the single player campaign. I'm guessing they're hoping on getting you with the micro transactions or whatever the RDR2 equivalent of "Shark cards" are. Either way...
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    So WD My Cloud Home... garbage or not?

    So I've recently "cut the cord" (the TV one at least) and I've been using Plex on my computer as a media server with a Roku Ultra (with Plex app) to stream movies, tv shows, and other things....all totally legal I swear, trust me dood! However watching hard drive space get chewed up real...
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    Any VR owners with progressive/bifocal lenses?

    Just curious, the other night I tested out one of those cardboard VR with my phone, and some things were good, other things not. I understand it might be due to low quality of the "gear" (my phone is far from low quality). But a thought popped up in my head, maybe it is my progressive lenses...
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    1070 or 980ti?

    64 dollar question, both cards are roughly the same price although I can get a 980ti for $399 so a bit savings, slim pickings with variety on the 1070 side, some reviews show the 1070 as slightly faster in some things and the 980ti slightly faster in others. Building a rig for my BIL, I might...
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    Galaxy Tab S2 or Air 2?

    I'll throw this out there that I know not too much about tablets, I kind of see them as over sized smartphones that don't make phone calls. Anyways wife was playing around with her aunt's old ipad (I think gen 2), and has made mention of wanting one. I took this as "one" tablet that doesn't...
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    Be very wary of ordering from

    They are rife with errors in pricing, mislabeling items, and all sorts of other shenanigans and unlike a decent store who will at least lie to you and tell you that the item is no longer available, or do the right thing and say there is a pricing error, they'll actually ship you the wrong item...
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    Zotac 970 <$200 (first time purchase) YMMV

    Deal dead, gotta go quick!
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    Sign of PSU needing replacement?

    So a while back, I booted up my computer, and while playing a game or something, the screen glitched/froze and the sound repeated, I turned the computer off... but upon reboot I found out I had a borked GeForce 460 card, has glitchy characters when I boot, and even when booting in windows gives...
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    Replaced 460 with 650ti, noise issues

    So I was looking at some imbedded video, then there was a massive screen artifact, a belch of sound and the computer crashed. Upon reboot I noticed the BIOS screen had vertical lines of artifacts, and as the Win7 screen came up same... fuuuuu. In fact windows wouldn't even boot up and gave me...
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    Lego Lord of the Rings 25% off, steam activation $29.95 Enter code GMG25-UAAHK-6AI9S $22.50 Requires Steam Not sure how long it'll last, but not bad to get a 25% off on the day it's released.
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    Old overclock question.. Gigabyte DS3 w/ q9550

    Maybe someone can clue me in here, I've tried to overclock my Q9550 from stock speeds via bios (not that Easy Tune stuff), and very often I can adjust the speeds however it seems to work only once, i.e. change from 333 to 350 or hell even a tiny 340 adjustment! It'll reboot just fine, I...
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    Hacker Evolution Duality - Free steam keys

    1 free key every 5 minutes, be quick with your copy/paste skills :) (btw posted on the 5 minute mark, so use that as your gauge to F5 bomb the site)
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    [Hot??] Might & Magic Heroes VI Deluxe Digital Edition $18.69

    Not sure if this game is bug ridden and this is why it's so cheap. I've given up on "Kings Bounty" type of games like this as they do tend to get a bit tedious after a while. Either way, it's like $50 on steam, this is through Gamestop's "impulse" not sure if it can be activated on Steam...
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    WinXP 32 vs 64bit, SP updates.

    Ok threw a new system together for my BIL, and there was no talking him into actually paying for Win7, and I think he's a lazy bastard who wants to live with XP because he's used to it. Luckily I had 32 (his old system) and 64bit(my old system, defunct) versions of XP. Now I threw...
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    Cheapy system build - advice wanted (soon)

    My brother in law needs a new computer, he basically was rocking one of my old rigs, AMD XP2500+ or something equally ancient, with old school DDR333 ram in it etc... anyways he needs a new system, obviously doesn't need to be high end, some ideas that run through my mind right off the bat...
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    Acer MT276HE decent monitor? Seems like the Egg, is letting this go for $200 after rebate (and promo-code). Not sure what to look for in monitors nowadays, last time I bought a 19" I spent days looking at various ones in the store before I finally said...
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    Hot/Warm(?) i7-930 for 2 bills - microcenter

    Don't know what it is with Microcenter and their CPUs going for cheap lately. I recently picked up a Q9550 for $180 (It fit my mobo and was the cheapest instant upgrade), however I don't know anything about the i7 family of processors, so this might just a be a warm/cool deal... or maybe all...
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    Evga 8800GTS, how loud is it?

    I'm just curious about how loud this particular card is. I've seen everyone mention the graphics, what it can do, etc, but how loud are these guys? I know they probably get quite warm, but are the heatsink/fans made effectively enough so it's not super loud/ Are we talking A) Sitting...
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    HOT/WARM: Corsair 520HX $99.00 shipped (maybe $79.99)

    One of the sexiest power supplies in the planet. Buy.Com for $99.99 with free shipping. And if you haven't used your google checkout yet, another $10 off $89.99 And a rebate form, which I've scanned through, and there doesn't seem to be ANY restrictions on a particular store that you need...
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    Antec True Power Trio... any good?

    It's been a looooooong time since I've bought a power supply, and back when I did you didn't have to worry terribly much about things like video cards power draw etc, heck I still have a Ti4200 card! But now I hear flashy words like "rails" etc, and get the basic gist of it, but with my new...
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    nVidia 650i board with ati vid card?

    Is this just asking for issues? I'm in the process of building C2D system, and I'm almost all but locked on the 650i chipset for the motherboard, seems to be the best all around deal not as flashy as the 680i, but then again about $100 cheaper. On the video card side of things I've been...