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    Best Comcast Modem

    Money no object, whats the best modem I can get for Comcast? I have a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite and AC-AP-Pro's, so I only need a modem. TIA EDIT: Initially will be 100mbit service, but who knows what the future holds. Currently leaning towards SB8200. EDIT 2: Will be a new customer, so I...
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    Getting Started with Mechanical Keyboards

    I am a professional software engineer and I am frustratingly picky about keyboards. The only keyboards I seem to be satisfied with were made by Microsoft between 2002-2004. Microsoft Office Keyboard: Microsoft Optical...
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    Remotely reboot computer

    Hello, I am traveling for the holiday and the computer at home that I remote into seems to have locked up and RDP won't connect. It doesn't deny me immediately and it responds to ping so I believe it is still on. Does anyone know of a way to reboot it without physical access? The computer...
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    What should I buy?

    Current setup: Dell 2408WFP (main) Dell 2407WFP (secondary) Driven by the Radeon HD4250 built into my motherboard Both monitors were purchased used/off-lease through I bought the 2407 first, and it is fantastic. A year-ish later I bought the 2408 because of my...
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    Auria EQD 24" IPS EQ-246W

    Has anyone tried this monitor? Microcenter sells it for $199. Seems like a smokin' deal for a no frills 24" 16:10 IPS display.
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    Recommend me a router with port translation

    I need a new router and I want to use port translation. I thought this would be fairly easy to find, but in my search I am only finding a few. Anyone have a recommendation? -I don't need wireless as I have a separate AP -I'd like an off the shelf device (eg, no pfsense) -Only need 1 LAN...
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    Amazon Prime Sheninigans

    Has anyone else noticed some shenanigans going on with Amazon Prime in the last several months? Up until about 6mo ago, everything used to ship via UPS ground. Almost everything I ordered came from a warehouse one state over and was delivered the next day. 6mo ago they started using a local...
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    Narrow Power Switcher

    This isn't directly network related, but I believe networking equipment is the solution... I recently custom built a desk for myself. I have outfitted it with LED lighting for various purposes (keyboard light, under desk, in cabinet, etc) and would like a central control for turning the...
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    Is it time to replace the ethernet port?

    So I was reading the announcement today that new Macbooks will not have ethernet ports and it got me wondering if its time to replace the decades old ethernet port with something newer and smaller. I don't know the reasons why Apple is doing away with it; my guesses are either physical size, or...
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    Port Translation Without Router?

    I just got a new job and it appears that the new company blocks outgoing ports. I have a Synology NAS that I use to stream music from on the go. The NAS uses port 5001, but I can't access it from work. Normally I would just find an open outgoing port then use port translation to switch it to...
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    mATX AM3+ Motherboard with USB 3.0 and Sata 6Gb/s?

    I have decided to do a mid-cycle refresh on my computer and want to go to a smaller form factor. I want to keep my current CPU and RAM (see signature), and just upgrade the motherboard and case. I am looking for a motherboard that meets the following criteria: 1) microATX 2) AM3+ 3) USB 3.0...
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    Looking For Case Recommendations

    I have decided to do a mid-cycle refresh on my computer and have decided I want to go with small form factor system. You can see my current setup in my signature. My goal is to keep my proc and ram, and switch to a mATX motherboard and go to a smaller case. I like the size/shape of the...
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    Dual DSL Help

    Hello, I live in a highrise apartment building in a big city. Included in my monthly fees is DirecTV and 3Mb DSL and I am paying for a static IP address so I can access my NAS and desktop remotely. The problem is, 3Mb is just not enough speed for my tastes (Last night SD Hulu was enough to...
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    Bing 10% Cashback @Newegg Cyber Monday

    Did you miss 10% back at Newegg last week? It's back! And it even had a ribbon bar across the top stating that my session was eligible for 10% back. No more guess work.
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    Routers, cables, and heat

    I just moved into a condo and my desk will be in the living room. In an effort to keep things looking cleaner and nicer, I would like to put my wireless router and modem in the furnace closet (which shares a wall with my desk) to be out of sight. My question is: do you think it will get too...
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    D-Link DES-1105 10/100Mbps Switch <$10 after MIR

    Newegg has the D-Link DES-1105 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch for $11.79 with a $10 MIR. Shipping came to $8.20 for me for a total cost of $19.99 - $10 MIR. Throw in 10% bing cash back to get it down to $8.81 after MIR.
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    ZZF 32GB OCZ Rally2 Dual Channel USB 2.0 Drive $25 AR

    Call the fire department, its an inferno! OCZ OCZUSBR2DC-32GB 32GB Rally2 Dual Channel USB 2.0 Flash Drive Retail $45-$20MIR - $25 :eek:
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    Acer X243Wbd 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor $249.99 It's listed in my local ad for $329.99, but they price matched their own website with no issues. Enjoy!
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    Emprex 26" LCD Monitor $299.99 at**.node2%7D/product/5633291#detailed Specifications: * Resolution: 1920 x1200 * Brightness: 300cd/m2 * Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 * Signal Input: D-sub, DVI-D Manufacturer's Page: Previously...
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    32GB USB Flash Drive $99 at Microcenter I was in Microcenter this evening and saw these advertised on a poster. Appears to be good online as well.
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    1GB SD Card FREE AR and GCO $50 - $20 Google Checkout = $30 - $30 MIR = $0
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    $9.95 2GB USB Flash Drive AR and Google Checkout $50 - $20 Google Checkout = $30 - $20.05 MIR = $9.95
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    Audigy2 ZS Platinum - $69.99AR $169-$100 rebate + free shipping = $69.99
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    1GB USB Flash Drive $15.99

    Stolen from
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    Looking for a good keyboard and mouse

    I'm sure this is a very different question than is usually posted in this forum, but I thought it would be the best place to ask: I am looking for a good keyboard and mouse setup to use at work so therefore I have no use for multimedia buttons or gaming buttons, but I would like something...
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    K915s 19-inch LCD Monitor $199.99 AR CompUSA

    Anyone know if this monitor is any good.... for us non-gamers at least? Google only found me one review from a user on amazon.
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    Quieting a Sapphire x800gto Fireblade

    Seems that there are a bunch of people out there with this card, so maybe someone can help me out. For those of you who don't know, the fan on this card sounds like an idling mack truck. Does anyone know of any way to fix this? I love the card, but I can hear it in the background even when...
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    Game suggestions

    I am not by any means what any of you would consider a gamer, mostly because I have never really enjoyed rpg's or first-person shooters. I just graduated from college and live alone, so outside of my 9-5 job, I have a lot of free time. I was wondering if people could suggest games that I might...
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    No sound while watching tv

    I recently built a new computer, and for whatever reason I am not able to hear audio while watching tv with my tv tuner card. The video seems to work just fine, but no audio. Does anyone have any ideas? I googled for a few hours last night trying all sorts of things including making sure I...
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    wd2000js formatted as 127gb

    Does anyone know why my brand new wd2000js would only format as 127gb on an asus a8n-e mobo? I realize there is a difference between WD gigs and MS gigs, but it should cost me 70gb in space. This is a brand new rig i built today so all the pieces are brand new. Any thoughts are greatly...
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    19" Viewsonic LCD $250 AR

    Not the cheapest 19" LCD around, but certainly a good deal. Normal price is $450, but my local OM has it at $350 - $70 rebate. Online this week there is also an additional rebate for $30 more off. I read the rebates and have no reason to believe the rebates posted online wont work for the b&m...
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    semi luke temperate - free shipping on accessories from CompUSA

    Use promo code 'BRFREE' to get free shipping on accessories from CompUSA!
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    19" LCD $199.99 AR at

    Don't know if its worth a damn, but it certainly is cheap! Link
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    Seagate 160GB internal HD for $16.70! or $9.99! AR

    This week, Compusa is selling a Seagate 160GB internal HD for $39 after $80 rebate. However, Walmart sells the same drive for $98.88. So price match at Compusa and get the drive for $119.99 - 23.22 - 80 = $16.70 AR + tax Or if you are lucky enough to have a Fry's in the area (there...