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    LG to make a 42" OLED panel in 2021! That came out of nowhere and is a very pleasant surprise. If they make a TV with this panel this year, it will probably be available next summer based on when the CX 48" was available. Have to heavily consider if I want to upgrade...
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    EVE Spectrum: 27" 1440 144/240 Hz IPS or 4K 144 Hz IPS Preorder prices at 399/499/599 USD/Euro are pretty good, 100 USD/Euro refundable deposit. Release in Q3/Q4. Prices are supposed to go up the closer these get to release and after release they are going to be sold at a higher price via other retailers...
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    Samsung Odyssey: 49" 5120x1440, 240 Hz, HDR1000 For 2020 Samsung is releasing an upgraded version of their 49" CRG9. They claim 1ms response time and 240 Hz refresh rate, with a super curved 1000R curve. CRG9 is...
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    Acer Predator X38 - 37.5", 3840x1600, 175 Hz, G-Sync, HDR400 New contender that is pretty much like the LG 38GL950G. Will hopefully drive the price down for these displays. I expect this will be demoed at CES 2020 and will again take forever to...
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    How do you use your display(s)?

    Thought this would be a useful thread as people here have all kinds of setups from small displays to multi-screen battle stations. Things to discuss would be things like: How do you typically arrange windows on your displays? Do you use software or extra hardware devices to improve managing...
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    Could blank frame insertion be made to work better?

    Most new high refresh rate displays nowadays don't have support for ULMB or similar backlight strobing tech. I have found it useful on my ASUS PG278Q when playing games that run at constant high framerates, there is noticeably less motion blur. Could this be achieved with better blank frame...
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    Displays with picture by picture modes?

    Other than the ASUS ProArt PA32UC and the upcoming ASUS XG438Q, what displays support running multiple inputs simultaneously side by side? This seems to be a pretty rare yet useful feature if you want to run two computers into one screen without having to switch between the two all the time.
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    Nvidia revealing an updated version of path traced Quake 2 at GDC

    Seems they've made a ton of improvements:
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    People using 40-43" displays on the desktop, any drawbacks?

    So I'm waiting for the ASUS XG438Q to be released so I can buy one. I'm considering it because it's 4K, bigger than 27" and 120 Hz refresh rate - hopefully not priced over 2000 euros either. Freesync 2 should work fine with my 2080 Ti. Also like that it can do PiP and PbP so I can hook my work...
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    Would a Corsair H55 be enough to cool a 2080 Ti?

    I'm thinking of picking up a 2080 Ti if their prices drop or I can find a used one in my country in the next 3 months. However, depending on the model air coolers can noisy. I have a NZXT Kraken G10 bracket and a Corsair H55 AIO cooler left over from my previous 980 Ti setup and I enjoyed how...
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    Why do manufacturers release so many motherboards?

    Seems like recently a new round of mobos from various manufacturers came out and there seems to be literally several dozen from each manufacturer. What is the benefit of doing this? I understand having some options in different price ranges, but that many just makes no sense to me. Why not just...
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    Is it possible to set custom DPI scaling for different displays in Windows 10

    So I've got a 27" 2560x1440 display and a 65" 4K TV connected to my PC running Windows 10. At the distances I watch the TV definitely needs DPI scaling to have a usable desktop. However the issue is with the 27" desktop display. Even though I keep mine closer than some, I find that text is just...
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    Blank screen with cursor if DP and HDMI connected at the same time?

    I have a 980 Ti with an ASUS PG278Q connected via Displayport. If I connect my Samsung KS7005 (Nordic KS8000) HDTV via HDMI two, sometimes the ASUS gives me a black screen with just cursor on it while the Samsung shows picture. Sometimes this goes away if I use Win+P and toggle between settings...
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    Are the AIO watercooled cards just reference cards with a different cooler?

    So it's well known the EVGA Hybrid is just a reference card with an AIO watercooler instead of the blower fan. But what about other similar cards? Are they just reference or do they have the improved VRM etc you find on cards you find on the more expensive AIB cards?
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    Why no gaming TVs?

    So we have gaming monitors with G-Sync/Freesync, 144 Hz with the lowest response times and input lag possible with the chosen panel technology. But on the TV side we seem to have none of this. You have to look hard to find a TV that has not only great image quality but low input lag. I'm using a...
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    390 or 970 for a new build?

    So I'm building my girlfriend a gaming PC (will have a heavily overclocked 3570K, 16 GB DDR3 and SSD drive) and I've got it almost figured out apart from the GPU. She will be playing at 1080p. I know that Nvidia and AMD are releasing new cards in the summer but it's going to be a birthday gift...
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    IB overclocking - turbo boost ratio vs cpu clock ratio?

    My Gigabyte motherboard has two settings for overclocking: CPU clock ratio and Turbo boost ratio, with Turbo offering multipliers for different core configurations. Does it matter which one I use? Right now I have CPU clock ratio set to 35 and turbo boosts to 44 on a 3570K but it still seems...
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    Typical overclock for 3570K?

    From what I've gathered, the 3570K can go all the way up to 5GHz in the right conditions. However, the board I've got coming in doesn't allow VCORE adjustments so I'm limited to how it scales automatically. I'm going to try and see how far it will go stable so I'd like to know what are typical...
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    Using old GPU for PhysX?

    I've got a spare GTX 260 lying around. If I hooked that up as a PhysX card, would I be limited to using DirectX 10 or would the DX 11 on my GTX 560 Ti still work?
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    From C2Q to IB or Haswell?

    I've currenly running a Q9550 @ 3.4 Ghz and a GTX 560 Ti. Most games run quite reasonably on max or almost max detail as long as I don't go above 1920x1200 resolution. That said, I am starting to think of upgrading just so that I can offset the cost a bit while I can still get some money by...
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    Dell 3008WFP - custom 2560x1440 resolution

    Anyone got 2560x1440 resolution working on this display? I tried adding it as a custom resolution in Nvidia control panel and with the timing setting set to Automatic it does actually work (correct res with no problems) but the software says "test failed". I tried setting the timing to any of...
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    Upgrading GTX260 to ???

    So I'm kinda thinking of updating my old rig by changing the graphics card. I have a Q9550 @ 3.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM and overclocked GTX260. It runs most things quite decently at 1080p but has been starting to struggle with some of the newer stuff and resolutions above 1920x1200 (I have 2560x1600...
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    Dell 3008WFP refuses to scale 1080p correctly

    Has any other Dell 3008WFP owner ran into this issue? Using 1920x1080 resolution in games always scales the resolution to full screen, which stretches the image vertically. It seems that the display just completely ignores the display's 1:1/aspect/fill setting in this particular resolution...
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    Black levels and movies/games?

    I've noticed recently that the black levels in movies on my display seem to be causing some issues. It seems like the detail in dark scenes is lost on my monitor, also known as black crush. For example if I set the RGB range in movies to limited using MPC + ffdshow, while the blacks are not as...
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    Dell 3008WFP owners, does it take long to show picture?

    I've got a Dell 3008WFP and I've been very happy with it bar a few (thankfully unnoticeable) dead pixels, minor backlight inconsistency in one corner (lighter than it should be) and the fact that it takes quite a while to show picture on the display. I was at a computer store today and tried...
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    Abit IP35 + Q9550 - how to get above 400 FSB?

    I just got a Q9550 and have had trouble overclocking it above 400 FSB. I had the exact same issue with my previous CPU, the E6400. It went to 3.2 GHz (8x400) but not above that. On the Q9550 I can still run at ~415 FSB but it doesn't seem to be stable. 420 FSB and above won't work at all. How...
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    Yet another thread about dot pitch

    I've currently got two monitors: a Lenovo L220X and a Viewsonic VP2130. The Viewsonic is 21.3", 1600x1200, 4:3 and the Lenovo is 22", 1920x1200, 16:10. The only thing that bothers me about the Lenovo is that due to its smaller panel it has a finer dot pitch, 0.250. The Viewsonic is 0.270 and...
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    PCIe and PCI bus Nvidia cards in same machine - why do I get slowdown?

    Since I got myself a FullHD television, the two outputs on my GeForce 8800GT 512 MB were not sufficient since I already had two monitors. Because my motherboard doesn't have two PCIe x16 slots I went and bought a PCI bus GeForce 6200 128 MB to get all three monitors running. I'm using Vista...