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    APC UPS goes straight to battery.

    I've got a roughly 17yo APC Back-UPS RS 1500VA that out of the blue started beeping with nothing connected to it but a strip of led lights and a couple of chargers for a flashlight and some tools. None of which were being used. I turned it off then back on hoping it would start charging the...
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    Nvidia Survey

    I got a survey in my inbox from Nvidia a couple of days ago. Wondering if anyone else received one? Basically it asked what my gaming preferences were, what types of games I play, what gpu i use, res, what kind of hardware I prefer and buy, how much i spend on gpus and how often i upgrade. Near...
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    Samsung makes Controller changes the right way This is how its done Adata, WD, Crucial, Kingston, Patriot and any of you other companies thinking about sneaking in unadvertised controller or NAND changes to previously reviewed drives. Samsung was listening.
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    WD Caught Swapping Inferior NAND In SN550. Once again a company changes the NAND to a slower, cheaper alternative without making any kind of revision or notation on the box, website or drive. Of course the drive has long ago been reviewed...
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    DEAD Seasonic - FOCUS GX-850 $139@ BestBuy

    $10 cheaper than anywhere else and free 2 day shipping. 1 day shipping for me because i ordered before 2pm ;)
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    Your favorite price to performance heatsinks.

    It seems like almost all of my favorite heatsinks have slowly but surely priced themselves right out of the p2p ballpark. So rather than scour the web for reviews that may or may not lead me to some gems im looking for some of our members favorite price to performance sinks. In the hope that...
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    DEAD-Seasonic focus gx and px 850 at BB on sale.

    I just happened upon this by accident. Normal prices are $149 and $169 but once you log into your bb account, add them to your cart and hit check out. you get a 17% discount. So the gx-850 was $134.99 and the px-850 was $152.99 so after much deliberation i had to get the px-850 of course! Ive no...
  8. H its a sad day

    I havent been able to connect to his website or forum today. Im hoping its just a glitch and not the site going down. I like to keep an eye on the forum from time to time to see if anything psu related comes up but i havent been able to connect to it today. Has anyone else had any issues today?
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    Crucial MX500 1TB $84.99 @ Amazon

    This is the lowest price ive ever seen by $6. I just picked one up a couple months ago at $91 but at this price i may grab another anyhow. Edit- paid $91 in Nov. 20
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    Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 3D2, QLC $84 after $10 promo

    Going to pick one up for extra storage. $91 w ohio tax. Dead deal.
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    8700k $299 @ Microcenter!

    solid start to a gaming rig. dont forget the $30 off cpu/mb combo aaaand the $5 off $30 coupon at retailmenot!
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    Akro Mils Small Parts Storage Clearance @ Menards.

    i use these for storing my wcing bits and bobs as well as all of the usual mb screws stand offs etc. It makes a huge help in keeping work areas a bit more organized. Normal price is $28-$32 each. they are $15- $18 with the cheesy 11% rebate(in store credit). They are sold out at alot of stores...
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    x99 sideways upgrade

    im currently running a evga x99 classified with i7 6850. never had an issue in any way. its been solid as a rock. knockin on woo. but im bored with it. ive been running it for almost 2 years and have gotten the most out of it in every way. no plans on getting rid of it either way. ill build...