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    New OEM Windows 11 Key still salvageable?

    Long story short, I tried to install a newly bought OEM Windows 11 on an older rig for family member but it didn't meet requirements. I just typed it in when asked to do so during installation and got this message. Is the key still salvageable for a new install on new MB, Processsor and RAM or...
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    [H] got sued by Infinity Phantom Gaming? Circa 2004

    Old news, but stumbled upon this old Screensavers episode that states [H] got sued by Infinium Gaming? I was a [H] Lurker back then and watched the Screensavers in the XP time period, so I was just watching it for nostalgia purposes. Any old [H] members remember that incident? What ever...
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    Geforce Experience Settings

    Anyone know how to save you're Geforce Experience Settings before uninstalling and reinstalling drivers? I'm kinda getting sick of having to remap settings everytime I uninstall drivers. I tried everything to no avail like save settings option while uninstalling. I'm just tired of remapping...