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    keep my hopes up, 6850

    well... trying to keep my hopes up... this is what happens to this card after a few hours of regular use or a few hours of gaming, it also messes the screen when crossfired with another card.... i know i might be bad VRAM. :( HALP, keeping hopes up and willing to have them crushed like...
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    Shogun 2 $15.99 ???

    did this game do that bad already? i got it for free :p
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    Mobile Device Wallpapers :)

    As advised, Thread for custom Wallpapers for mobile Devices. please post the device that was designed for with the image :) as android based phones have different resolutions, same goes for iPhone 3gs and iPhone4 :) to start, HTC Inspire 4G 960x800 iPhone 3GS 320×480 163ppi :)
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    Command & Conquer (old school) free

    I dont know why this havent been posted... but the old school C&C are free to DL and play... C&C1: RA: TS: enjoy lol