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    Netflix Test Varying Play Speeds: Makes Filmmakers Mad

    Yeah, don't really care what Judd thinks. He should be spend more time railling against default TV settings.
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    So, inside of Final Fantasy 14 - an online MMO, there is a minigame called Chocobo Racing, in which you control a giant racing ostrich (it's Japanese, if you aren't familiar with Final Fantasy lore I couldn't even begin to explain). Now, of course, being an MMO, it's online, and all your...
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    Want to play this, but ... I want to be lazy on my couch, and I don't feel like spending $60 on the PS4 edition. May sub to XBL once the first major "fix all the broken stuff" patch comes out, unless I see it pop up on a good deal for PS4 around the holidays.
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    10980XE Benchmarked

    No wonder Intel slashed prices across the board
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    Is there a way to output sound by HDMI without video ?

    ARC has been around since 2009 / HDMI 1.4. From my understanding, eARC is just higher bandwidth than ARC, won't solve this problem. Unfortunately, I can't answer your last question. I hope someone else can weigh in for you on that.
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    * Basic Guide to Improving Case Airflow*

    Air flow on the CPU HSF isn't the same as air flow through the case. A HSF isn't typically directly pulling from or drafting out of a case vent. It's circulating air inside the case. The HSF isn't creating a differential pressure through the case or driving air in or out - and that's the...
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    Finaly Switched :) any tips be great!

    This is really good advice. The only other thing I would add is not to be afraid of the command line - most things in Unix/Linux are actually easier on the command line once you know the right commands.
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    Motherboard RAID 1

    For both Linux and Windows - for me - boot drive is always a fast single drive. If that drive goes bad, yeah, you have downtime. But it's also pretty lean - just the OS and as few other files as you can get away with. If it dies, just a clean re-install and then re-point the data directories in...
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    NordVPN Encryption Keys Stolen

    So how do you get your kink porn then? 8mm? But seriously, VPNs are useful for more than just obfuscating your tracks on the web. It's a necessity if you wanted to use an open WiFi Hotspot (and even then I don't recommend that). I do take your point about paying for someone else's service - but...
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    Motherboard RAID 1

    I've always been advised against RAIDing your boot volume, no matter what OS you choose.
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    Motherboard RAID 1

    I tried once like 20 years ago and ... it failed fantastically. I've run software raid ever since. That said, I'm sure a lot has changed in 20 years.
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    Forget Moore’s Law—Chipmakers Are More Worried About Heat and Power Issues

    If you look at per-core performance, it's not exactly been looking good for a while. A big reason why everything shifted to more cores, because we have really been beyond the low hanging fruit with regard to single core performance for a while. Now, Moore's Law doesn't explicitly describe...
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    Sounds like they have the college dorm demo locked up
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    Reimplementing a Solaris command in Python gained 17x performance improvement from C

    Interesting concept most dull and nearly useless command to demonstrate it
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    What i found out about Navi and current state today for me .

    I think I'm missing something here. Maybe I need to be drunk to understand.
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    General Use Computer - Non Gaming - Pondering

    Full Desktop replacement and "study, browsing, and video" as mentioned in the OP aren't necessarily the same things at all. Also, make sure you aren't using some cheap Android device. I'm not knocking Android in general, but there are a lot of low quality devices out there. I've never seen...
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    General Use Computer - Non Gaming - Pondering

    Just for these tasks - honestly, an iPad (or other good tablet). For a desktop - your monitor and peripherals would make more of an impact that the computer itself, as just about anything build in the past 5 years can handle those tasks without major issues.
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    pagefile on external HDD

    Just add the RAM and Windows will use it to cache automatically - no ram drive or ready boost required
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    who has try MX Vertical from Logitech and are you happy w/ it?

    I can’t comment on the ergonomics —- but I had an MX Anywhere 2 and the Bluetooth on that sucked badly. Scroll wheel glitched constantly. not sure if the Verticle shares the same comms, but decent chance since it’s an MX
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    Fortnite season 11 event ends with a cosmic explosion and now the game is gone

    Video games don’t prey on kids any more than Herseys, Kellogg’s, or Hasbro does. Marketing is marketing. It’s not intended to be a replacement for parenting. If your kid can’t control themselves from buying skins or whatever, it’s not that your kid can’t control themselves, it’s that the...
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    Fortnite season 11 event ends with a cosmic explosion and now the game is gone

    Thank you. I showed this to my 12 year old. Told him Tesla bought Fortnite and closed it down. He went around for a good hour damning Tesla and everyone who ever bought one... until his friends finally told him it wasn't real. Was a ~great~ hour.
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    Nvidia Creates New Studio To Remaster Classic Games With Raytracing

    nVidia's brand of raytracing - RTX, comes at a steep price increase. We don't know what AMD or nVidia will bring to the table in that regard yet. You could, if a developer wanted to, use DXR and just bypass hardware all together. nVidia enabled RTX on Pascal cards, just to prove that...
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    Nvidia Creates New Studio To Remaster Classic Games With Raytracing

    Well, RTX isn't the only implementation of ray tracing. Consoles definitely aren't using nVidia's brand of raytracing.
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    I'm pulling my hair out - TT Core P5 Pump Mount

    I bet a Dremel would do it. The ultimate "make it fit in my PC" tool.
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    Now I have a legit reason to hate EGS

    Just tried that - it was slightly different than what I was doing previously (my google-fu told me to quit EGS before resuming the download). Yeah... didn't work either. Thanks for trying though.
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    Now I have a legit reason to hate EGS

    I don't really have a problem with EGS vs Steam vs anything else. Just reinstalled Windows after having a hard drive issue. I kept all the game installs backed up, but didn't image the OS drive. With Steam, I just re-install steam, point it to my directory, and it's good, it picks up the game...
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    email delivery report says “smtp;550 5.6.0. Sorry, looks like SPAM to me”

    Could also be a DNS issue - one example: if your reverse DNS lookup doesn't match the SMTP domain sometimes mail will get bounced.
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    Critique My LG 24GM79G Review

    My first constructive criticism is that video reviews should be paired with text for people who can’t view them or would rather see print. Especially for charts and data
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    PS5 Release Window Officially Announced

    The SSD is still very much the most exciting thing here for me. Load times were my biggest gripe about the PS4. Just hoping they don't gimp the storage signficantly, as that was my other big gripe about the early PS4's -- 500GB was enough for like.. 4 game installs. I'm cautiously optimistic...
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    Can't get Windows 10 to see GeForce 210 upgrade on old PCs

    1809 craps all over a GT660 that I have as well, gets stuck in a driver loop and reverts back to ... 1803 of whatever the previous edition is. And a clean install of 1809 (or newer) just fails telling me the machine isn’t compatible with Win10 660 is a bit more recent than the two cards you are...
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    Need second opinion

    Will be fine so long as you don't try to overclock anything.
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    Is a 128GB SSD and 500GB HDD enough for a basic student laptop?

    Windows will fit comfortably on a 120G SSD. You have enough room to install some stuff, including Office, but it gets tight. Having the HDD helps, so long as the owner knows how to split their files across drives (Windows will want to default to everything in Documents on the C:\, which you can...
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    New PSU shutting itself off after boot

    Honestly, if I were you, I would pull the entire computer apart (safe to leave the CPU, HSF, and RAM installed on the motherboard) and look at all the wiring and how the motherboard was mounted. I bet you find either something loose under the motherboard tray, or a power cable somewhere burned...
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    New PSU shutting itself off after boot

    Sounds like a short somewhere and the PSU is shutting down on overcurrent. Sure that something else isn't broke and that's what casued the PSU to die with a bang?
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    Does Comcast turn on public hotspot if you bring your own modem?

    Had something similar just happen to us at work. Comcast calls, says we have been long time customers and they are tranfering our service to higher speed, at lower rate. They just need to replace our modem. Ok. Modem gets replaced. We are in a commercial area, WiFi is already congested. I...
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    Current 8TB drive recommendations

    I just got a WD MyBook 10TB - needed to replace a failing drive immediately, so it wasn't on sale, but it wasn't a horrible deal. Just went through Amazon. I tried very hard to get a non-aftermarket/server scalped bare drive. Amazon and Newegg both were full of third party sellers for this...
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    Even OLED is a flawed technology

    Good point, I'm not sure on that. I thought i had seen it pop up on my PS4 (about the only thing I use an input for), but couldn't swear by it.
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    Cannot get the display back when display turns off after inactivity - Windows 10 issue?

    Windows seems to mess up my display sleeping with various patches. Some patches it won't go to sleep, I have had it where it won't wake up like you post. It's very annoying. As of late it's doing alright. The power plan settings are good spots to start. Can also try plugging in an external...