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    Windows 10 updates different for Pro and Home Prem?

    I was doing some work on parents' PCs and noticed the Quick Access/Win+X menu on their Home Premium Windows 10 PCs was skinned/themed. "Odd" I thought, since mine on my Win 10 Pro desktop machine was not (regular gray menu color). I checked my build number (installed from scratch from MS RTM...
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    DDR3 - mixing different sized pairs of RAM & dual channel configuration

    Hi fellas, got a question that I was doing a bit of research earlier on due to a deal I saw on Slickdeals for a $46 8GB DDR3 pair of RAM. Currently I've got 4 x 2GB 1333 DDR3 sticks in the Gigabyte H55 1156 motherboard, paired with an OC'ed Core i3. It's all very groovy, works great in...
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    Cheap 7.1 (or even 5.1) card for SP/DIF to hold me over till i find compat. mobo?

    In my HTPC I've got a mATX motherboard with the ATI xpres 200 chipset which apparently is not compatible with HDMI audio through the video card (a new Radeon 4670) so to hold me over till I can find another 939 mATX board to replace the current one with, I'm looking for a cheapie audio card that...