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    PC deteriorating, first random freezes that kept increasing in frequency, then all types of BSOD's, and now not bootable. Help me pinpoint the culprit

    Okay so this is an older build of mine. About 10 years old I think. It is this build actually: It is an 2700K CPU based build in an Asus...
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    Buying a 4k monitor for kids gaming and everything else that a casual home user does with his pc.

    I previously discussed this setup before here: What monitor would you recommend for him? He said he is willing to spend up to 1000 USD on the monitor, and then decide on the video card as it...
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    Threadripper is no more!

    I'm really sad. I have been waiting for it! I really hate it.
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    Accidentally ran attrib -h -r -s /s /d c: \*.* on my C: (OS drive) and now all files have different attributes, how to restore to defaults?

    I suspected a virus in my system because I wasn't able to view hidden files in some folders even after I select view hidden files in folder options in windows explorer and ended up running the command in the title for my c: drive. It didn't execute fully because access to some files was denied...
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    Another system build to critique!

    Okay, this build will be for me, but I'm not going to build it now. Maybe after the video cards situation improves. It will be for general purpose (office & university work), gaming, heavy virtualization, and also bragging rights! I will run a virtual domain network with 10 machines with at...
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    Just critique this build or give me comments. It is for a friend. Hi guys, I just want you to critique this build for me. It is for one of my friends. He wants a mid range pc that will last him long years. He wants it for his kids who are all less than 12 years old. It is a general purpose pc but he also wants them to...
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    I want to monitor my son android phone but I won't be able to access it physically, any other way?

    My son has an Asus ROG phone 2. I'm suspecting some of his activities. I was able to take the phone from him one time and install a parenting program but he was able to uninstall it. The problem was that it wasn't stealthy. Now, he is more cautious and will never allow me to get his phone which...
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    Can't right click on taskbar buttons!

    I suddenly lost the ability to right click my taskbar buttons. I can't pin or unpin icons now. I'm on windows 10 latest update. I tried all tricks I found in google to no avail. Anybody seen this??? I don't know what to do and it is annoying as hell.
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    New Spectre Flaws in Intel and AMD CPUs Affect Billions of Computers
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    Zen 3 Threadripper in August according to leaker Yuko
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    AMD new EPYC Milan review from Anandtech
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    Utilize 10 Gbps connection between my NAS and my main machine, how to?

    Hi to all, I have a very simple home network. I have a netgear nighthawk R7000 router connected to a small 1Gbps switch with 8 ports. I have about 10 wired devices, and about 20 wireless devices connected to different AP's. Between wired devices, the 1Gbps link is saturated. At first, I wanted...
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    Is there a software to test and benchmark network drives? HD tune type of thing?

    Hi, I just want to test and benchmark my network shares (Mapped network drives) the same way HD tune does for local drives. HD tune doesn't see network drives so is there a software than can help me do this? I only found iozone but I think that needs little work? Does it still run on windows...
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    Where can find information on how cisco adopted to cloud computing?

    Hi to all, Don't know if this is a good place to ask for this but let's just do it: I want you please to direct me to the appropriate channel. I'm doing a research paper on migration to the cloud or switch to the cloud for businesses and its security challenges, and I would like to have some...
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    Water cooling kit for threadrippers

    Hi to all, I'm just getting ready to build my new rig which will be based on the 3970x threadripper or one of the new zen 3 threadrippers. Are there ready made 480mm watercooling kits which you can simply buy instead of looking for each part individually? Or do you recommend against ready kits...
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    Cloud computing for large entities such as the army, benefits, risks and concerns.

    Hi to all, There is a high chance that I give a presentation on cloud computing and how it could benefit large entities such as the army, and I've got some questions. I see how cloud computing can benefit individuals and small companies. For example, it is better for me to pay for the usage of...
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    Few networking connectivity (windows firewall) questions with regards to virtualization

    Hi to all, I'm running Vmware pro and VirtualBox in my main machine at home. I'm building a small pentesting lab plus some other cool stuff you do with VMs and I came across few questions. Supposedly if you run a VM inside Vmware or VirtualBox with the setting of the network adapter set to...
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    For how long have you had your oldest SSD drive?

    Hi guys.... This is just to give me a general idea of how long ssd's last. I know there are many variables but let's just do it. It will of course depend on your usage. I have had many mechanical drives fail, but some of them lasted close to 11 years! I want to know if ssd's can last that long...
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    Set up skype for business in a domain network to utilize VTC among employees, possible? If yes, how?

    Hi to all. This is not to be confused with the regular skype. I'm specifically talking about skype for business that used to be called microsoft lync. I'm just wandering if it can be used for video chats between users in a server, client type of network (Domain network). I have a virtual domain...
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    Help me before I lose everything. I was hit by a nasty ransomware...

    As I was browsing my folders today, I saw one strange file setting somewhere in one of the folders and when I opened it, it was none other than a text file showing instructions on how to decrypt my files. I was hit by grandcrab 5.1. Fortunately, my NAS newwork drive which holds all valuable...
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    What speeds you get out of your WiFi? WiFi speed optimization. Please help

    Hi to all, how is it going? This might be simple to some, but I'm puzzled and I want it to be sorted out. It is not causing me a problem, but I want to be optimum. It is regarding my wifi inside my little house. I have an internet connection speed of 500 Mbps via fiber. All my wired boxes...
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    Will storing files inside a VM be more of a secure location?

    Sometimes you have files that are not very sensitive and you don't want to encrypt them and go into the trouble of decrypting them every time you need to view or work with them. So, will it be more secure for the files to be put inside a virtual machine and work with it only from inside the...
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    Did something change with windows file & folder size reporting???

    Hi guys, I don't know if anybody have seen something like this, but this is driving me nuts. I noticed this only with windows 10 boxes, hence the question in the title. Sometimes when I copy large folders from location A to location B, the size in the new location will be noticeably different...
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    Windows memory management and firefox, what???

    This is more of a rebuke than a question but I have to get it out of my chest. So I have this modern laptop ( Dell XPS 13, 2019 model) with 16 GB of RAM, which is plenty for today's standards, and you would think you will only run out of memory if and only if you run all the programs of the...
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    Moving files between two PC's (Un-networked), the best way?

    Hi, Let's say if I can explain this properly. In one of our work environments, there is a need to very frequently move files between two computers while each is connected to a different network (Or you can say one is a standalone computer). In usual cases, one would setup a shared drive between...
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    Can you please summurize to me what's coming next from intel as far as desktop is concerned

    Hi, Yes this maybe a lazy question and I probably need to do my homework but I have a test tomorrow and I need to know a decent answer to tell a friend of mine. I'm mostly interested in knowing the TOP cpu when it comes to mainstream desktop or HEDT platforms. I'm coming from i7 7700K kaby...
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    I want to back up a NAS with some autosync software, what do you recommend?

    Hi to all, There is this ~ 14TB NAS that is connected to a network. It is about 5TB full. I noticed that there is no backup for it and the guys working on the network didn't know any better. Anyways, it wasn't hard to explain that losing 5TB of data is a disaster, so I'm working on a backup...
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    The auto-configuration IP address and its uses...?

    I was asked to troubleshoot some issues in a network so I started working on it. One issue was that one network printer stopped printing. I checked connectivity and saw that RG-45 lights are properly lit so that's one thing fine. I went on to check its IP address from its control panel and it...
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    Where is the system cleaning sticky that used to be here?

    It is the one with the most effective security software around with some nice steps on how to clean your infected computer. It was a nice reference. I used to always refer to it in hard times. Maybe it is not updated anymore, so it was un-sticked? Even if it is not updated. Locate it for me...
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    Very weird iphone storage issue, Please help if you can!

    Hi apple gurus, how is it going? This might be the only forum which I'm a member of and has a section for iStuff. So, I'm putting this here. You all know about the "your storage is almost full" message in iphones of course. It happens when you run out of space. I have a 64GB iphone 6 plus and...
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    Replacement mobo for my old Gigabyte P35-DQ6

    Hi guys, how is it going? I have an old PC based on the QX9650 quad core processor. The mobo is a giga-byte P35-DQ6 board, which I bought like 10 years ago for overclocking purposes. This machine is like my third machine now. I want to give it to my brother but it has been acting up recently by...
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    To avoid a disaster, tell me please the most robust way to copy files (NAS weird issue)

    Hi, This is a long story but I'll leave the details for later. Now, I just need to quickly backup my data. To make it short, I have a Synology DS1512+ box as a NAS connected to my network. It served me well for over 5 years. Anyways, the raid5 volume crashed for reasons I'll explain later...
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    Totally lost....Booting Windows 10 out of two SSD's (sm961) in RAID0

    Hi to all. System Configuration is as follows: i7 7700K @5.1 GHz on ASUS Maximus extreme IX formula 64 GB of ripjaws RAM ASUS Strix 1080 Seasonic PRIME 850 Watts PSU Thermaltake core X9 case Now comes the disks. I have one 5TB WD drive for data. One 512GB samsung 850 Pro SSD. And one 512GB...
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    Weird behavior with RAM slots- An older system...bad slots maybe?

    Hi to all. This is an older build of mine that is still kicking it and will hopefully do so for several years to come. It is based on the QX9650 installed on the giga-byte P35-DQ6 motherboard. It has 4 gigs of RAM, and I just decided to up it to 8 GB (The maximum for this dq6). I couldn't find...
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    My build log and overclocking--i7 7700K kaby lake @ 5.1 GHz watercooled

    Warning: This might be long for some with so many images so be aware. Perhaps you have seen my multiple threads/posts in the previous months regarding my new kaby lake build, well here it is with photos. Unboxing computer hardware is no less fun than undressing a gorgeous lady I must say! This...
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    The sm961 vs the Samsung 960 pro

    Are they essentially the exact same ssd disk? One oem and one retail? Or are there design differences? I bought the sm961 and i'm benchmarking it now to make sure I have the right numbers. I have the 512 GB version. If the 960 pro is different or bettet/faster then I'll need to think this...
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    LG LED 34 Inch Monitor - LG-34UM68 or 34UC79G or something else?

    Hi to all. I want to buy a new monitor for my new build. I have been a long time user for the dell monitor you see in my signature and I love it. This time I want to go 34 inches but there is one thing I need to avoid. I hate it when icons and text get very small with high resolutions. I don't...
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    Best Thermal paste currently and liquid metal

    Hi, For delidding, I have seen people use liguid metal as the best material between the lid and cpu core as a replacement for merging the two surfaces by soldering. Can that be also used as a thermal paste? Or is it only for delliding? If not, what is the best TIM or thermal paste nowadays? Is...
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    Is it normal for a CPU to lose overclocking potential after some years of use?

    Hi to all, I'm talking about the rig you see in my sig. I downclock my cpu during summer because of the relatively high ambient temps I have where I live. Last time, I just didn't bother to go back to my original max overclock. I just kept it at 4.6 GHz which is the auto overclock present in my...
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    What titles I can't go wrong with? For FF player that is

    The last games i played were Final Fantasy 7,8,9, and 10. I stopped after that. I still play my favorite old console games via emulation. I tried oblivion and diablo3 but didn't like them. There must be some games that will turn me on. I'm about 40 but i should still find titles that will suit me.