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    DWDM gear experience

    Anyone have experience with DWDM gear? We're preparing for a large metro area fiber run and a couple of point to point datacenter connections. Planning on just using passive filters and colored optics for the point to points as they are short ( <10km for one and 30km for the second diverse...
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    i5-2500k video encoding...very happy!

    Upgraded from a Athlon II X4, encoding video would usually run at 30-35fps. Good enough but that's basically 1:1 time wise to the video I was encoding. Now, with a i5-2500k, and a very mild overclock to 4.2ghz, averaging 59fps.....:D Cuts my encoding time in HALF! Can't believe I...
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    ZFS share zpools on different NICs

    Quick question for you ZFS gurus out's a scenario Consider a typical ZFS set up for dual purpose, VM hosting and also file storage for general LAN. 6 disk striped mirrored vdevs for VMs with 6 15k drives, and the file/backup storage is on 10 2tb drives (3 striped raidz with one...
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    Thoughts on budget build...

    Ok so here is my current system- Athlon X2 4400 Abit AV8 mobo 2gb Corsair DDR400 Sapphire X800XT PE 256MB AGP Video Card Monitor is only 22" Acer 1680x1050. I was toying with buying a new AGP video card, but it was advised to pick up a used mobo that had a PCIE slot and then get a...
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    AGP Upgrade worth it?

    Here are my current system spec, it's old.... Athlon X2 4400 Abit AV8 Motherboard 2GB DDR400 WD Raptor 74GB Antec Neo 500w PSU Sapphire X800XT PE An entire system upgrade is out of the question, the person who controls my budget (my wife lol) won't go for it right now, maybe next...
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    Help a NonProfit Youth Sports program out?

    I head coach a youth football team. We would like to get a somewhat decent website that's easy to manage and add content. I suck at teh web page stuff. Anything else I might be able to do, but I have never created a web page other than a plain html page. I need something other people can...
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    Recommendations on OS X rollout/deployment.

    I have 28 MacBook pro's that I need to image. I have a system in place for Windows, obviously, as we have over 400 Thinkpads, but now I need a way to image/deploy/install/setup all of these MacBooks. This is our first foray into Macs, but I know linux very well so if anyone has any ideas I...
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    Memjet printer.... I want one.

    video link Supposedly they'll have a desktop printer out by the end of the year for less than $200.
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    Best LCD without lottery, 22" wide or 20" 4:3

    Looking at getting a 22" wide or 20" 4:3. I've been reading the forums here and it seems that the LCDs keep turning into lotteries with which panel you get. My budget is about $450 for a monitor. Please help me out guys, LCD panel technology is not exactly one of my strong points...
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    RANT: Lotus Notes SUX!

    Holy freaking crap this is the worst program ever made. Please agree with me, I need your approval on this.
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    Intel Conroe Paper Release?

    What's up with the low availability of the Conroe at release? And they won't hit retail channels (non OEM builders) until sometime in august, and even then, won't account for more than 25% of their shipments? Sounds like a paper tiger. I'm glad the benchmarks show it is a nice processor...
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    Velocity Micro = the new Alienware

    Well, with the recent news that Velocity Micro will be selling machines out of Best Buy (I don't think this is a good idea, btw), it seems they are following in Alienware's path. I don't remember this working out to well for Alienware last time...