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    The Balls on Intel...

    So Intel managed a while back to get the EU's 2009 $1.2B anti-trust fine thrown out So here's how you know they have a pair on them...
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    Intel accidentally published some info on the Intel 4 process

    It was apparently only up for a very short time before being taken down, but according to this guy who originally found it: It could feasibly see a 20% clock speed increase at the same power/heat over the Intel 7 process. They also leaked a shot of a Meteor Lake Die...
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    Apples M2 looks like a beast.
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    Intel announces Rialto Bridge Those just look fun!
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    Intel re entering the HEDT game. Had a few double-takes here, Intel maintaining motherboard compatibility between 12’th and 13’th Gen… WHAT! (Pretty sure I have to be reading that wrong, it makes no...
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    AMD raise the game bundles

    With Crypto crashing tons of cards are appearing on secondary markets. This is pushing new AMD cards down below their original MSRP. While this is great for anybody currently looking for a card AMD is rightfully worried, as such they are launching the “Raise the Game” bundle packs to shore up...
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    We all need a little more of this in our lives. NFT Market Collapses Just As Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider To Bet Big On Blockchain

    NFT Market Collapses Just As Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider To Bet Big On Blockchain I think we can all agree with the overall sentiment of "Fuck NFTs"
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    El Salvador expected to default as bitcoin plummets

    So back in September of 2021 El Salvador's bitcoin bro President went against all his financial advisors and made Bitcoin a legal currency in the country, now that it is in the process of crashing unless it makes a large turn around they are expected to default on their international debts as a...
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    VESA announces updates to adaptive sync certification process

    VESA has found that too many manufacturers are too lax on their implementation of the of the adaptive sync standards (FreeSync) so they are clarifying it and expanding on the certification process. Unfortunately though VESA is not requiring vendors to provide specifics on Grey to Grey or other...
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    Intel Meteor Lake and Intel 4 on track for 2023

    Intel seems to have caught a break, their Meteor Lake and Intel 4 process are both on track. TSMC has pushed back their 3nm process and it won’t be going online until Q2 2023 at the earliest. That means AMD will be launching Zen 5 either late, or on TSMC 4, which on paper under performs against...
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    ARM China back in line? ARM proper seems to have finally jumped through the last of the legal hoops to bring their Chinese division back under their control. That’s a big win for SoftBank because it was seriously hindering their...
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    Intel opens new Fab, moved up 18A process. Looks neat!
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    Ronin hacked, $600M in Ethereum stolen

    An interesting hack to be sure.
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    IBM and NVidia partner, and BAM!!! So AMD tried their hand at this with SSG, followed up with Microsoft and Direct Storage. Both still use the CPU as an intermediary to pass data between the CPU and the GPU, this lets the GPU fetch the data directly...
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    Intel, AMD, and ARM have joined forces to develop a universal interconnect standard for Chiplets If you ever needed a sign of the end times, it would be Intel, AMD, ARM, Samsung, and TSMC joining forces to develop a standard.
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    Intel's Falcon Shore sounds dope! Server grade APU's with some FPGA's thrown in for fun!
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    Intel Software Defined silicon coming soon to a Linux Distro near you! Intel Software Defined Silicon Planned For Integration In Linux 5.18 For those who don't follow this the Intel Software Defined Silicon Program is designed to let them reduce the number of Xeon SKU's that Intel offers by...
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    Google sidelining Stadia They’re not killing it, but they are moving the focus away from gaming.
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    Steam (International) down China wide, Steam China still working

    It’s currently unclear if the outage is an outright ban or the result of a DNS attack. Steam international is down in China but the China only version is currently working normally with the full catalog of ~100 games, all state approved. China has been cracking down on gaming and all online...
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    Judge puts Epic's App Store win against Apple on hold

    An appeals court reversed a September ruling requiring Apple to open the App Store to external payment processors. "Apple has demonstrated, at minimum, that its appeal raises serious questions on the merits of the district court's determination that Epic Games Inc. failed to show Apple's...
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    Fusion reactor actually put out more energy than it consumed for the first time ever It's a pretty big deal actually, sets an important milestone for the technology. Edit: This part is from paywalled articles so trying to find non paywalled sources. 1.9 Mj was required to...
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    Apple leaks M1 Max Duo, and M1 Ultra

    It turns out that the M1 Chips are MCM capable, and we are probably going to see the Desktop variants soon. Capable of scaling out to 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores
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    Sony working on subscription retro service
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    Microsoft / Qualcomm agreement coming to an end Apparently Microsoft had a...
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    MediaTek announces Dimensity 9000, it has a lot of firsts. First to use TSMC N4 process First ARMv9 SOC First LPDDR5X Large System Cache First Mali G710 This should do well against the A15 We’ll see if MediaTek can do better at their API’s and vendor support which has hampered them...
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    Microsoft is the first cloud provider to break into the top 10 Supercomputers Microsoft clawed their way into the #10 slot for supercomputers only cloud provider to make it that high up it runs Ubuntu 18.04 LTS AMD EPYC 48 core CPU's for a total of...
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    Ford and Purdue develop new EV charging cables

    Ford and Purdue University teamed up back in 2017 to tackle charging and other issues on EV’s. The recent announcement says they have found a way to cut that down to about 5 min. The new cables they developed can handle upwards of 2,400 Amps, they need to get it above 2,500 if they want to get...
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    Samsung tells Apple to hold its beer $1499 pants with a pocket designed for the new Samsung Z Flip 3.
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    AMD Rembrandt scores appearing online Looks like a few tests from a yet-to-be-released Corsair MiniPC, from other leaks the Rembrandt APU's are supposedly in "Mass...
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    HBM3 expected late 2022
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    AMD “Zen3 Chagall” 32-core Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX shows up on Geekbench Probably another Lenovo exclusive, looks like they cancelled the non-pro version.
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    M1 Pro 2x memory interface (200 Gbps) 32 GB Mem 5nm 33.7 B transistors (2x M1) 70% faster than M1 for CPU 2x faster GPU performance than M1 Built-in hardware acceleration for most of the prefered Pro features more USB & Thunderbolt bandwidth M1 Max 2x Memory interface than M1 Pro 64GB Mem 57B...
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    Intel rolls out its first 4nm chip Not for me, but it looks cool. There is some debate on whether or not it is a "true" 4nm process but whatever you want to...
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    Microsoft opens up its store to 3'rd party storefronts Epic and Amazon stores are available through the Microsoft Store, They are trying to get Steam to come to the party.
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    Leaks are trickling in but the Bionic A15 seems to be beating the Exynos 2200 for GPU performance

    Not sure what Apple has been doing but the much-awaited Exynos 2200 which is the upcoming Samsung flagship paired with AMD mRDNA graphics, is apparently getting trounced by the Bionic A15 in GPU performance. Exynos 2200 scores an impressive 127 - 170 on the Manhattan 3.1 test depending on...
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    Microsoft goes passwordless They’ve been working on this for a while, about time. It’s a change I can get behind as I have spent the bulk of my week resetting passwords for staff and students as they return...
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    Open CL 2.0 flaw allows malware to be stored and executed from VRAM Using exploits in OpenCL 2.0 malware can now be hidden in VRAM and executed by the GPU. Proof of concept coming shortly, tested on Intel, AMD, and NVidia hardware.
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    Summer of 58 Dev quits over steam return policy This is why we can’t have nice things. TLDR; Awesome but short game, if you speed through it you can complete it in under 2h. Most users played it, loved it, gave it a great...
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    Lots of RX470’s about to hit the market. Cloud mining provider in China has to re home 485,000 MSI RX 470’s.
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    WD in talks to merge with Kioxia Would be roughly the size of Samsung should this merger go forward.