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    Water cooled air cooler tested again.

    An update to the previous video, now compared to an original 212 and ek aro.
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    R7 250x GPU Pass through ESXi 6.0

    Been trying to Passthrough a R7 250x GPU in ESXi 6.0. The drivers install with no issues, and no issues in device manager. However, when going to Radeon Settings i get an error saying "Radeon settings are currently not available Please try again after connecting AMD graphics." I get a similar...
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    How can you clone an ESXi boot drive?

    I have an exisiting ESXi 6.0 install on a 160gb Seagate SATA, it has one VM on it,..which is freenas. It boots and shares a NFS share to ESXi. Im trying, and it seems in vain, to clone the ESXi boot disc, Ive tried clonezilla (which is suppsoed to work and supports VMFS) but each attempt...
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    Upgrading ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 with I loose NFS storage?

    So, while trying to setup NFS shares with ESXi 6.5, I ran into this issue... the add Network File System option is missing, and reinstalling ESXi 6.5 did not fix it. However, downgrading to 6.0 and the option is there and works. Will I loose the option again if I do and "upgrade" to 6.5...
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    Looking a t LSi Megaraid 8708EM2 for SSD raid....yay or nay?

    Like the title shows, Im looking at a LSi Megaraid 8708EM2 card, like this one: Reason is I need I decent, yet affordable raid card that ESXi will work with and my question is, Will this drive be...
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    Cannot add Hard disks to ESXi

    I have 4 250gb WD SATA drives that Im trying to add to ESXi for storage of VM's. They are not in raid or anything. Just straight to the SATA ports on the Supermicro X8DTU motherboard. These are the drives: And this is the error I get anytime I try to add any one of them. I have a 500gb segate...
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    Good one way file Sync solution?

    I recently expanded the storage capacity of my media server, and Im reusing some of the drives I pulled from it in the process. Ive set them up in a drive pool with Stablebit Drive pool software on a backup PC, and its given me enough space to backup what i need to. However, Now Im in need of...
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    Flashing Dell Perc H200 to "IT" Firmware.

    I recently snagged a Dell Perc H200, and would like to put it in IT mode. I grabbed the 2118it.bin firmware and tried to update the firmware on it using MegaRAID Storage manager, however everytime I do I get an error saying the product ID doesnt match. Any ideas? This is my first time every...
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    ESXi and VM core count question.

    Right now I only have a few VMs setup on a quad core system..the one in my Sig. If I set both VMs to have 3 cores..does that cause an issue for when both VMs happen to get busy for whatever reason? One is a plex/subsonic server the other hosts random older games.
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    Plex in ESXi...CPU and Resources configuration questions

    I just recently threw together a ESXi host, and have been playing around with it. Specs: Phenom II X4 965 8gb DDR3 1333 (soon to be 12-16gb) Biostar TA970 2x Intel PCI gigabit NICs (adding PCIe cards later) Right now I have Plex loaded up in a Win7 64bit VM with just two cores shared to...
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    Slow AMD Raid 12mb slow.

    Having an odd issue with a computer I recently moved upstairs... Sys parts: Phenom II 965 GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H 4x2gb Ram 4x250gb WD RE drives in raid 0. And there in lie my issue, I reformatted the system when I moved it upstairs , an OCZ SSD, everything seemed fine at first...
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    GTX 670 SLI vs Radeon 7950 CFX?

    Pretty dead set on a 2560x1440 27" monitor. And Im wanting to make the jump to SLI or CFX while I can. Games I play: GTAIV Skyrim Crysis 3 (when it releases, playing the beta now...) Borderlands 2 Some BF3.... Deus Ex: Human Rev. Been debating between GTX 670 SLI and Radeon 7950 CFX for...
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    Quad Sli : 2011 vs 1155

    Alrighty guys. Im at a bit of a crossroads. Im close to getting a new , but slow progress, system build under way. I REALLY am shooting for at least tri, if not quad SLI. My options kinda are, stick with 1155, and do incremental upgrades. Starting first with a GTX 670 next month, then a...
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    GameOn! Liveshow, Podcast.... is it Gameover?

    Hey guys, I didnt know this, but apparently one of my favorite podcasts, got the boot, and Im not sure if it had a warning or what not. It has been said if the showgets 50k downloads, it will come back. Its a new show with only 13 episodes, with that last one interviewing the guys from...
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    ESXi woes

    I ran into an issue a few minutes ago with running DD-wrt x86 in ESXi. What I did, was use the VMware standalone converter to convert my DD-wrtx86 Workstation VM to an ESXi VM. All of that went well, however, I could not get the DD-wrt ESXi VM to see the WAN of the modem. Usually, with my...
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    Adding NIC drivers post ESXi 5 installation?

    Hey guys, Im tooling with ESXi 5 on a test bed to get an idea of how Im going to move over to it from VMWare workstation, and Ive ran into an issue. The onboard NIC for the GA-890GPA-UD3H board that Im using is detected and working, however when trying to add another Realtek NIC, an 8139D NIC...
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    ESXi questions....

    So Ive started to play with ESXi 4.1 and seem to be doing good so far after having used Workstation for so long in Windows. I do have a few issues. Ive setup a WinXP VM for testing stuff in as Ive setup this whole shebang on a spare rig (939 nForce4,2gb ram, 3800x2...mixed HDD's) and do plan...
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    Auto start VM upon startup?

    Hey guys, I run DD-WRTx86 in VMware 7 workstation. When the power goes out, the the board turns the system back on as soon as power is restored. All my services and programs startup, even VMware7, except VMware doesnt boot DD-WRT itself, it just sits there until I physically goto the machine in...
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    Gah...VM firewall ethernet 0 issues...

    Im having issues in vmware workstation. Im trying to create a virtual network for a couple of testing XP and Win7 VM's,... I want to build a VM router, Ive tried pfsense and DD-WRT x86. The problem is, neither of them will pick up an IP address from VMnet0. VMnet0 is bridged to the host...
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    Logitech G500 or MX 518?

    Im in need of a new mouse here soon, and hoping to improve my FPS skill... Which one do you guys think would be best? Logitech G500 or Logitech MX 518 Both of them wired... Im upgrading from one of these things...its worn smooth and has been repaired a few times... OLD POS
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    WHS transfer speeds across network

    Those of you with gigabit networks and WHS... ...What are your average and max transfer speeds from your WHS to local drive and vice versa..
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    Which Linux firewall Distro is best for gaming?

    Ive got a Dell Poweredge 1750 that Ive been playing with for the past several weeks, loading it with Untangle, and pfSense. I did try Smoothwall and Astaro but Smoothwall cant detect the SCSI drives, and Astaro goes into a kernal panic. And I could not get pfsense to corporate with MW2. (always...
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    VGA to RGB Component they work?

    I was looking at this: Amazon Link I am putting together a small HTPC to stream my media from my media server. Its a Biostar T-force 6100 AM2 board that I revived by soaking it in alcohol. Anyway, it only has VGA out. And I tried the VGA input on my older Mitsu DLP HDTV and its wavey and even...
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    Smoothwall + DD-WRT issues

    First off, heres the network setup: Smoothwall IP: (DHCP enabled) DD-WRT/WRT54g2 IP: (DHCP disabled) I recently re-setup my smoothwall rig after using a WRT54g2 router loaded with DD-WRT for networking duties. I decided to take the load off the WRT54g2 now with...
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    Remember ye old 77 Bonneiville heatercore/Rad...Question

    Anybody remember the old 77 Bonneville heatercores that used to be the craze before watercooling became mainstream? ....Any ideas on how much heat they can dissipate? I have one or two laying around and thinking of playing with them for a quick and dirty OCing run...just need to grab pump...
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    Copying windows 7 dual boot to new drive...equals no boot.

    I have a dual boot between WinXP and Windows 7. Windows XP is on a 80gb 2.5in SATA drive on a 30gb partition, the rest is storage for image backups of new installs. Windows 7 is on a 40gb IDE drive that may or not be dying, Im not sure. Having intermittent issues with it. I have a 120gb IDE...
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    Asus CuCore Eyefinity?

    Specifically: Can you do Eyefinity with two of these in crossfire? Such as 3x 22" displays? I dont exactly have the option to get any other set of cards, because I already put in for two of these.