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    Reiza Studio's "Formula Truck", PC racing sim{pre-order} Reiza are the makers of Game Stock Car 2012{easily one of the best sims ever made, and has 50+tracks}......and now they're on the verge of releasing what they call Formula Truck....big assed racing prime movers{semi's}. Pre-order price is $25{10% discount}...
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    PC racing sim "Assetto Corso" by Kunos....demo soon This is the next sim title from Kunos, makers of Nerkar pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy{I have both games}, but this is by far their most comprehensive game to date that includes laser scanned tracks and mod friendly approach. If you own Netkar, you'll...
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    Hothardware says consoles a CANCER for PC gaming. goto 10m30secs for the exact quote. That's supposed to be CANCER.
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    Simbin PC racing sim announces "Race Injection" Simbin are the best non subscription based PC racing sim IMO, and it looks they're releasing a package that contains all their expansion packs from this yr. You can use a xbox game pad on your PC to play this game, but a wheel like a...
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    Game Stock Car, PC racing sim....

    GSC is one car and 10 tracks based on Brazilian Stock car racing{but some DLC is one the way}.
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    Codemasters F1 2011 chat..... Gamespot video review.
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    Next Gen Console form factor=laptop?

    Why can't next gen consoles be laptops?