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    When does the Windows 10 upgrade go live?

    Windows 10 is downloaded on my PC, but when can you expect to be able to do the upgrade? Are we waiting for a launch party or what? I don't want to use the "hack" provided, just the regular MS approved upgrade. :D
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    Why is DDR4 such a mess?

    I can easily go out and buy a Haswell-E CPU and X99 mobo as stock has been fairly good here. But when it comes to DDR4 memory you will have to search high and low and go out of your way to find some quality kits. The high end stuff is either out of stock or not even shipping yet or...
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    Quality water cooling for 5960X?

    I'm going to get an i7-5960X soonish and overclock the beast to around 4,2 GHz (hopefully), but need some input to which water cooling I should go for. Originally I thought that a Corsair H110 would cut the mustard, but I don't want the fans to run at max to cool the i7-5960X enough because...
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    X99 mobos launched! (Asus first)

    Here you go! :D Please add a link from the other vendors as they become live.
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    How does Turbo work with overclocking?

    This might seem like a stupid question, but I would still like to know the answer. :) Say you’re overclocking a CPU from 3,5 GHz to 4,5 GHz stable on a CPU that will normally be able to Turbo up to 4,0 GHz (without any overclocking done). What will the CPU be able to Turbo up to after the...
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    Cool: Corsair Graphite 780T!

    Wow, I think Corsair finally made a case that both looks really cool in a way that even the wife would appreciate and have plenty of room for water cooling: The 780T in white are pretty much a given buy for my Haswell-E build...
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    Xbox One delayed to 2014 confirmed i 8 EU countries

    Well, f*uck you Microsoft. :mad: They just confirmed that Xbox One is delayed and will not be out in in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden or Switzerland before sometime in 2014. I'm from Denmark and...
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    Can you invoke Aero on Windows 8?

    OK, I know this might sound as a weird wish, but please hear me out. As a part of my job I need to make screen dumps of different programs and it has to look like it is done in the Windows 7 environment. This means that dialog boxes and program frames etc needs that nice translucent look. I...
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    Good low noise cooler for mild overclock of 3770K?

    OK guys, I need a bit of help here. It had been almost four years since I built my current 920 rig, so I’m a bit out of the loop on the cooler scene. Under the rock, you know. :p I’m going to get a Core i7-3770K paired with the Asus P8Z77-V PRO/THUNDERBOLT and 16 GB of ram – probably Corsair...