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    Google and Android have lost it

    Google have gone the wrong route with both android and the Nexus line IMO. So many things to talk about that im disappointed about but these are just two. 1. The colour options are just ridiculous, and they have been for years.White back and black front? The panda look is hideous. Why no...
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    My perfect macbook pro

    So i have a 13" 2012 mbp (optical drive) and love it. It's been through alot. My uni degree, a smashed screen, a new battery, 2 new power adapters but i have used her for 4 years daily for around 7 hours on average. I think im ready for an upgrade though. This is what i want: Thin and...
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    Upgrade from a U2711

    I remember buying my U2711 back in 2012 and it being one of the best affordable monitors on the market. It has never let me down from day 1. Im thinking about selling it though. Whats a good upgrade? im looking for a 4k+ monitor to buy within the next 6 months.