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    Possible Concerns about running Phoenix Miner.

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up regarding the Phoenix Miner plugin / miner. Nicehash posted this info today: Dear NiceHash users! It has come to our attention that Phoenix miner is no longer available for download...
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    3080 Eth testing

    So I got my 3080 today and i fired it up on NH to see how she goes. First off i set the Power Target to 65% Memory +1000 Core = stock Running Phoenix miner on NH this was getting me 96MH/s I was seeing actual power target in Afterburner closer to 70% and power reported by the miner was around...
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    [H]DC Strategy

    Hey everyone. The password for the strategy forum has been changed. We are in the process of getting the new one distributed to team members so please standby.
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    Artic Freezer 33 TR (works great for AM4 socket as well)

    I just picked an Arctic Freezer 33 TRr for my 1700x Wanted to share how much of a good deal and great cooler this is. While it has Threadripper in the name and apparently manages to cool a 16 core part with only 4 heat pipes quite well...
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    Multiple BOINC Instances a Quick and Dirty Guide

    Here is a quick and dirty guide to create 10 additional BOINC instances for the purposes of doing things like bunkering past project task limits. Please note most of this information was borrowed from the guide for Goofyxgrid Multi Client but i have adapted it here as an example for World...
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    1 Billion Points Challenge

    Since we seem to have every other points level covered i figured i would put this thread in. Post the projects where you have 1 Billion or more points! as per the other threads you can track how many you have VS other team members.
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    Sztaki Desktop Grid, Last big battle

    Hi Guys, Sztaki Desktop Grid project which is one of the Marathon events for this years Formula Boinc is officially closing on May 31. These means we only have a few more days to secure our spot / points for the year on the project. the same Xtra Sneaky team is pushing the team behind and...
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    Put your extra Ryzen threads to good use!

    Hey everyone i just wanted to say hi and invite anyone who want to help us with the current Distributed Computing challenge. We are currently on day 1 of a 4 day sprint contest, and are way behind EVGA and XtremeSystems early on: To get started you will need to download the BOINC manager...
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    Starting to see cheap used GPU's

    I have been browsing Craigslist and i am starting to see 1070's for $600 Canadian or less. This is down ~ 200 from a couple weeks ago. Maybe some miners are starting to dump inventory? I looked at my 1070's and even at my current payouts it would be 7-8 months to make that back but i'm still...
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    Should i return this GPU

    So i bought my EVGA 1070 (ICS cooler edition) card about 2 months back. It seems to happily run games for hours at 2100MHZ. Folded for about a week boosting to 2050+ with no errors. Around the time that i started doing WCG i started getting this type of error...