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    CPU Cooler Performance

    in your bios do you have a cpu cooler tuning setting ? like on my msi z590 board?
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    The 2022 Steam Summer sale is now live! runs from June 23 to July 7, 2022 10 AM PST

    out of all the wishlisted games I have only one is cheaper than it was over the past history of their discounts. That game is Metro Exodus.... so, might pick it up, just seems like it still has alot of bugs...
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    this is a good site for receiver info...
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    CPUz benchmark results thread

    stock 10700......
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    3060 Ti Heat ... normal or did I just turn on the oven?

    yeah, this gen of gpus put out alot of heat ,especially during summer months. Right now during winter, it's acceptable. I might have to put a fan near pc to blow away the heat to another room... starting around may...
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    Thoughts on if OLED will trickle down

    ^^^ agree with tych-0 ... as long as it's flat screen
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    but evga isn't allowing stepups to 3080 ftw3 anymore in usa... I tried back on 1st week of dec and going from 3070ti ftw to 3080 ftw ultra. Got a post from daniel on evgas' site that that step up was no longer available in usa... I could step up to a 3080 ti , or 3090 , but that's way more money...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    I've tried to stepup to a 3080ftw3 in usa over past couple weeks and daniel told me they were no longer available , should've stepuped back in oct ... they are still available in Europe though
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    Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

    wow, that was good .... might have to buy sunua's sacrifice...
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    evga forum down for me 48 hours

    thanks pendragon1
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    evga forum down for me 48 hours

    trying to log in evgas forum since yesterday and always give me servers at high capacity warning ... this happening to any others ??? did search and nothing new... tried with several browsers also link thanks
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    CONTROL (Remedy)

    thanks, just picked it up and trying out rtx,dlss.... probably spend more time in settings than playing the game ..
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    I got a evga 3070ti ftw a month ago , and didn't have to have a signature confermation from evga..
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    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

    I'd try pathfinder kingmaker , most bugs fixed in that game... pathfinder wrath of the righteous still has many bugs to fix/workout..
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    Does have two exhausts like this mess up airflow?

    you sure you have the fans facing the correct way ? I have 10 total fans in pc... and case is very quiet .. at least to me...
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    Receiver used for PC is dieing. Need a replacement solution.

    ha... I have a old yamaha htr 6030 , for over 10 years also... been waiting for it to die so I can get a new receiver .... running analog cables from mb to receiver and then out to 5.1 klipsch speaker... sounds good..
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    Samsung NVME driver with different drives

    why use drivers from each manufacture ?? do hardware testers/reviews install driver for each drive when they test ??? just wondering as I've always just ran the standard microsoft drivers ...
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    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

    almost done with first playthrough of Pathfinder kingmaker... over 300 hours ( turn based combat) ! Really enjoying it, at the end. I hope this game PWotR is just as good .... will wait for reviews....
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    Unsavory Flash Swap: Re-Testing Crucial’s P2 SSD After QLC Downgrade

    well toms put together a 90gig pile of assorted files , I don't have time for that .... to bad toms didn't test using crystaldiskmark or as ssd benchmark... I have those installed and shown difference between the to different versions of drives...
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    NVIDIA CEO: GPU Shortage Will Continue Throughout 2022

    yeah, not buying new games, or monitors or cases, ssds , etc etc.. so, gamers not upgrading like they normaly would has to be putting a hurt on alot of other companies/people... game developers ... next thing you know the old cheap games will start to go up in price , just because ....
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    Unsavory Flash Swap: Re-Testing Crucial’s P2 SSD After QLC Downgrade

    well, I just happened to buy a m.2 p2 500gig crucial drive around jun 1 ... it doesn't have the uk/ca symbol ... but has the same fw # as the newer qlc m.2 .... so wondering If I have the qlc or tlc drive , it there a way to know with software test ? or have to remove m.2 from motherboard ?
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    Building new pc

    I don't know if it'll be more than enough, I just run 1tb m.2 drive for everything and then have several backup/clones on other m.2 drives.... make sure you get a 11xxx gen cpu...
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    King's Bounty 2

    nice video.... looks. sounds good to me... except for the travel map view... maybe they'll add a patch to let you zoom out a bit more... or just add 1st person view when traveling ...
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    King's Bounty 2

    don't like the over the shoulder 3rd person view while traveling.... if they let you zoom out a bit farther , it'd be ok ... plus don't like the drm they are using .... combat looks the same as old games, which is fine by me... will still buy it eventually ... jmo
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    3070 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

    I get 404 errors everyday now, for past week.... be glad when things are back in stock and 'normal' prices ....
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    KLEVV CRAS C710 SSD -Macrium Clone Boot Failure

    what software you using to clone ? is source gpt , is destination same or mbr ?
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    Help upgrading

    yes , it worked I just enabled the wake on usb devices since my mouse and keyboard are hooked by usb... let us know if it works on your pc...
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    Help upgrading

    might be in the bios settings ... found this : those 3 boxes in my bios are all disabled ... right now. ..
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    Help upgrading

    well, I'm using intel cpu and msi mb... so , not that... limited to amd since this is a fresh new install with mine, that's only 1 month old, new pc.... might be a software bug ?? with windows ?? I'm running win 10 ver 20H2....
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    Help upgrading

    same problem here, did new fresh install win 10, few weeks ago and only can wake pc with power button... even though wake box is checked in device manager keyboard and mouse / power management settings...
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    Dead Space remake

    dead space 1 was very good , except for the close over the shoulder look..., to me... I got through it... , and I understand why they did it..., but I can't get into close ,over the shoulder games any more... makes me dizzy... and the veiw was so tiny , if I remember correctly ...
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    3070 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

    got in at 943 am est..... had a error on the page after you enter personal info... but it went through anyways ! Now , I'm trying to find reviews of this card , that I just pre-ordered... found many other companies, but not evga yet ! might be a bad sign....
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    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

    just started 3rd act in pathfinder kingmaker.... good game and will get pathfinder wotr. question to anyone about wotr game.... how are the maps ? is there mapping ? can you edit your own text on map area ? Something I wish the allowed in kingmaker thanks
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    the problem is my other hobby is motorcycles ! and been looking for a fair price on several over past 6 months , but guess what ? A shortage and over priced being charged... so, might have to take up mowing grass or something as a new hobby ... :) oh boy , hope my 1070ti (pc in general) can...
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    Why Sometimes I Can't Access Some Websites Through Cable Modem?

    boris_yo can you pass this website test reguarding ipv6 ?
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    they need to build more stores ! amazing closest one to me is 300 miles away ...
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    A Plague Tale Innocence

    ^ wow , if it's demanding on your system , I'll have to wait couple more years to play this then !
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    I agree, tv and monitors are the worse for updating new features.... been waiting a long time to upgrade both and probably won't be ok for me until 2022 some time ... Earc seems to be another problem from all the reading I've done... Hope my tv , monitor, receiver , and gpu can run for a...
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    Sata drivers Standard AHCI controller?

    that's what mine are.... been using those for years.... use to upgrade to the intel ones , but after testing both (years ago) couldn't tell difference , so just leave them to microsofts. maybe one or the other are better now ? Maybe some with more experance can pipe in...
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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    I enjoyed all 3 games after patches , but don't know If I could replay again so soon... Graphics look way better with this remastered version though Might be a good game to play while I wait on gpu prices to go back to normal and then become available without waiting. :unsure: