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    Alienware 34 Monitor - AW3418DW - $686.37 - $100 GC

    Use coupon PAYPAL15 at checkout. Brings it to 686.37 before tax. Additional $100 Visa GC after. Use Discover with your PayPal and Rakuten for an additional 5% and 2% off respectively, $48.02 off.
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    Confused and potential problems with 3900x overclocking and behavior

    Been doing a lot of reading, and I am just plain confused at this point. 3900x, Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master, Gskill Trident Z 3600 B-die ram, cooling is a 360 AIO Single core boost doesn't go above 4300 with PBO on. Cinebench pegs all cores at around 4075. Cinebench R20 scores are in the 7200...
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    Modem errors through roof, upstream channels not bonding

    First of all, I'm running a Netgear CM600 modem and an Orbi Netgear mesh system. Provider is Suddenlink. Been having some issues lately. Anytime a storm rolls through, even though my cable modem and router are on a battery backup, fucky things happen. This last time, we had a brief power failure...
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    JBL 530 Speakers - $299

    These are a steal. I have not seen them for sale, let alone on sale, for a couple years now. Arguably one of the best sets of speakers ever.
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    Large format display mount options?

    I have a L shaped desk that faces the room, and am considering going from my 40" JU6700 to a 49" X900F. I need an adjustable arm that can mount on my desk and supports the ~30# weight. Full adjustment is preferred.
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    Gsync 4k 144hz HDR monitor prices 'released'

    This was on my radar, and I knew they would be expensive, but holy shit. I want the 35 incher but it's going to be how much money when it comes to the States? Prices are euro, with VAT, but the 27 inch variants from Acer and Asus are €2500 and €3000 respectively...
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    Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme Gaming Premium Pack

    Great card, purchased new October of 2016. No mining, no problems. Upgraded to 1080Ti because why not? Comes with original box and all accessories. Looks brand new. This is a big card. Please make sure it fits your application before buying.
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    Need a good Z170 overclocking board..not Asus

    My Maximus Hero likely just died, confirming today with a replacement PSU to verify, but if it is the mobo I am needing a new one. I don't need fancy onboard sound - just solid power, good overclocking and stability and reliability for my 6700k. Not really budget minded, but would like the best...
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    CyberPower 1500VA/900W Pure Sine UPS - 139 Amazon

    Good deal on a big, pure sine UPS.
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    Windows 10 won't connect via USB to phones

    Have installed drivers for both phones I have, LG G3 and HTC One M9. Neither phone is seen in devices when plugged in. Anyone have any idea what to do?
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    Rocket League

    Just discovered this game, and it's a tremendous amount of fun. Anyone else playing?
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    Need a new general purpose, large storage drive

    Found what I needed.
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    Asus Xonar Phoebus
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    [H]ot Samsung UN40JU6700FXZA 40" UHD Curved TV/Monitor

    853 shipped - 24 hour price - Seller has a number of bad reviews, though, and return policy is terrible in case you have a bad set. Buyer beware, but good price if you want to roll the dice. Trying my luck at a price match at another store...
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    New monitor - jump to 4k or curved ultra wide 1440?

    Currently on a Korean 1440p monitor. I am looking at four options. Gaming will be the primary use along with general browser usage and some movie watching. Thoughts appreciated. 40" Samsung JU6700 34" Dell U3415W 34" LG 34UC97 34" Samsung S34E790C
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    Any truly anti-oil/smuge tempered glass protectors?

    I have oily skin. I have an iCarez on my G3 and it gets smudged like crazy. Are there any really good oleophobic tempered glass protectors out there?
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    Yamaha V675 7.2 Receiver - 299

    Amazon lightning deal. $100 less than previous lowest price
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    Sennheiser 598 - 169 @ Amazon
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    Seasonic Platinum 860 - Noisy?

    Have had a Seasonic Platinum 860 for two years now with absolutely zero issues. Has been quiet and a great PSU. I wake up this morning to hear a distinct buzzing at my computer, audible over the fans. It's the PSU. I check to see of the PSU is hybrid still, ie the fan is not running, and it...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition Performance Thread

    Thought this might be handy to post benchmarks, tweaks, tips, etc. Sapphire 290 Tri-X @ 1150/1600 - Mantle - All settings at high - 59.6 FPS average on the benchmark @ 1440p Cutscenes are have a choppy feel no matter the settings.
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    Noisy Gentle Typhoon?

    I have several AP14s that are less than a year old. One of them is making a ticking noise, faintly audible over airflow, on an irregular basis. Lasts about 10-30 seconds? Then stops. Will come back 30-60 seconds later. Repeat. Any ideas on how to quiet it down? It's not the mount, no wires...
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    Upgrade from Korean 1440p

    I'm considering upgrading from my Qnix 27. Monitor is relatively fine, but it's delaminating on the top edge and that has really irritated me. I don't want another Korean monitor. 1440p is my minimum, as is 27 inch. Primary use is gaming, but not competitively in any sense of the word. I...
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    Corsair Vengeance 2000 vs higher quality cans

    I currently have some Vegeance 2000 headphones, which seem to be okay. I was, however, interested in the Philips Fidelio X1 headphones with the prices coming down. I am not an audiophile, and these will predominately be used for gaming and some light movie/youtube watching. I solely use...
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    Sapphire 290 Tri-X
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    Crossfire 290 - 97% GPU load in 3dmark

    Not getting 100% utilization. Temps are great since they are Tri-X - power limit set to +50 via Afterburner. Core stock speed and voltage, memory has an overclock on it. Using 14.4.
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    Is the Gunmetal Corsair K70 still available?

    I'm wanting the dark gray finish, not the black K70. Everywhere I have seen is out of stock. Any leads on this? Is it not being made anymore?
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    Kraken X60 Software Problems?

    My Kraken X60 control software is crashing every 20 minutes almost exactly. No sleep settings are set. Software crashes when I am gaming, away from the computer, surfing the internet - cannot figure out a trigger. I get this error on crash. Anyone else dealt with this? Problem signature...
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    Motherboard that supports x16 or x8 on bottom PCIE?

    Are there any motherboards out there that you can do a crossfire in slots 1 and 3 or 1 and 4 to get as much distance between air cooled cards and still run x16/x16 or x8/x8? I am currently on 1155 but I would be open to all solutions, or if a specific brand or product line tends to offer this...
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    [H] Sprint Framily Code Thread

    Starting this thread for my, and all other, Framily codes for Sprint. Sprint Framily is basically a plan which allows friends and family members to get an aggressively priced plan under Sprint, the more people, the lower the bill. 7 people under a plan equals...
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    Best 27" - DP/HDMI needed in $300-400 range

    I'm leaning towards the Korean offerings, this will be business use only so 120hz is not needed. Not sure which one is more suited for that. Thanks for the help.
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    Sprint Framily Plan Code

    Currently can get a 200 gift card for porting a number over. 8 spots available out of 10, with a goal of 25$ a month per line with 7 total people. Everyone is billed separately. I've been with sprint for 10 years and the only reason I would leave it price, which this solves...
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    Need a business oriented budget build

    I am always focused on the high enthusiast end so I am really out of the loop on bang for the buck mid range stuff focused on business use. Trying to justify not ordering a Dell at this point just for simplicity and ordering the panels separately. This will be used to run IHS Petra, which is...
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    Came home to the fair scent of magic smoke...

    Noticed my card had stopped mining. 780Ti, undervolted, ~75C for reference. Computer is off. That's weird, usually if I have instability while mining and I need to drop clocks, the system reboots. Hit the button - * click * Nothing. Check the mobo, light is on and I begin to notice the...
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    Viable Nvidia Mining - Cudaminer

    Just a heads-up that the Dec 18th version of Cudaminer has drastically increased the ability of Nvidia cards. My 780ti can do 600 k/hash with no tweaks and undervolted to 350w at the wall. This is approximately on par with what my 7950 could do at the same power levels. Pump up the OC and I was...
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    Corrupted BTC wallet - Any hope?

    Any way to salvage this wallet? edit - little more info - wallet.dat was salvaged off one of my old HDD's using recuva. File was overwritten, but it was still able to partially retrieve a 112kb wallet.dat file. edit -- more pertinent information - it's a SSD
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    New 780ti arrived!

    This thing is a beast...EVGA 780ti SuperClocked ACX - Anyone have some tips on overclocking further? I assume you just move core clock up until you start getting instability, then move onto memory like any other OC but the core/boost is new to me. 57C maximum temp during benchmark is...
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    Any Skyrim mod gurus?`

    Have not played Skyrim in a long time so reinstalled and started my mod journey. Last time I played, there were no mods. This time, I want to go full mods, best Skyrim can look sort of business. So, went to the RealVision ENB page and got to work. Followed the instructions to a T with BOSS, mod...
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    MSI TFIII 7950 -- Original 7970 iteration

    Just put it up for sale. Can't resist doing so at this market. I don't care for mining, and I just upgraded to 1440p/120hz so I need some extra horsepower. Undervolts nicely, stable at 0.880 @ 900 core. Capable of very nice memory clocks also. Gamed at 1100/1600 at stock voltage. Your milage...
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    Guess I am Team Green now!

    Well....just to add a little fuel to the fire -- with the price premium for the 7950's right now I put mine up for sale, sold some old parts laying around and gave myself an excuse to buy an EVGA 780ti SuperClocked ACX. I was going to wait for a AIB 290, but I don't want to fight miners for...
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    Worth it to upgrade from a 7950 right now?

    Just got a 1440p monitor and have it overclocked to 96hz. Will go further, but no real point with the games I am playing - which is mostly BF4 and AC4. Considering that, the 7950's are getting a nice premium right now and I am wondering if it's worth it to upgrade to a 780 or a 780ti at this...