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    "Security and data integrity" focused build

    I am looking into building a desktop computer. I think that to start, it makes sense to narrow down the motherboard options. Here are the focuses of my build: security, data integrity, open source (to reduce abuse to the user), affordable. I will run Debian based linux, Ubuntu or Linux Mint. I...
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    Buying a very old drive but new. Reliable?

    I used to be a Mac user and I have one program that I need to still keep around. I plan to set up on an older Mac (and sell one that is newer). The older Mac is a 2009 Mac mini and so I want to replace the hard drive. It seems that the computer uses a drive with a thickness of 9 mm. Most of...
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    Android: can't install updates over mobile data?

    I have the Moto e6, was brand new out of the box. Android 9. I went through the standard setup screens and did not sign into a gmail account. I also chose not to connect to wifi. Staying disconnected from wifi, the phone would not 1) download the security update from Motorolla 2) sign into a...
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    Do small home UPS's usually release firmware updates?

    I am thinking about buying a UPS. Here is the model that I have my eyes on-- Cyberpower CP800AVR However, one thing that I like to check out now before I buy technology is what "after the fact" firmware updates look like. I am mainly...
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    Power supply makes "start up" noise when plugging in

    Edit: forgot to mention that the power supply is H240AS-01 240W, which I then Startpaged and apparently the manufacturer is POINWER. When I plug in my computer, the computer makes a noise almost like it's starting up. Keep in mind that I have not yet pressed the power button, I've simply...
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    Home Router vs Mobile Hotspot security

    For a personal user, how does the security compare in these 2 scenarios: 1- traditional home router with broadband connection, static IP address. 2- using a mobile phone's hotspot (mobile data) as your daily driver. In this scenario, would be staying stationary, basically having the mobile...
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    Scanning a lot of documents efficiently

    I am finding it surprisingly difficult to scan a lot of documents quickly and efficiently. Meaning, I really want to avoid having to go back and forth between my scanner and my computer. The HP scan to computer feature seemed good for this. This let you stand at the printer and scan documents...
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    Quality brands for computer power cord

    I need to buy a longer power cord for my computer and my monitor. What brands are good, to boost likelihood of a good level in quality? Is Tripp Lite good?
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    Stress testing CPU of Mac in Windows 7

    I have a Mac, which has a core 2 duo processor. Since I just got this computer, I was thinking about doing a stress test on the CPU. But, I wanted to go easy on it as it's an old processor. I was leaning towards using the Intel processor diagnostic tool...
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    Determining voltage and amps used by each component

    Is there a way that I can determine the voltage and amps that each of my computer components are using (and be able to see how it changes over time)? I have seen some mention of software that monitors your hardware (taking data from the sensors) measuring voltage but I wasn't sure how...
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    AC Power cord: replace every 18 months

    I was reading this web page and it says that you should replace the AC power cord of your computer every 18 months. Is there any truth to this? "It’s also worth remembering that the cable you use to connect your PC to the mains...
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    Power supplies/ identifying what voltage(s) each component needs

    Background: I was about to upgrade the power supply on an old computer from 250W to 450W. The reason that I was doing this is because I had installed a new video card a couple of months ago to test something, it solved the problem and I forgot how weak the power supply was. According to a...
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    Automating temperature monitoring & response during stress test

    When running a stress test, I don't want to have to constantly look at the computer screen to make sure that the temperature stays at a reasonable level. Does anyone know of a way to either have the computer shut itself off or to alert me when the temperature gets too high (for example, be...
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    Quicken 2015 causes screen flicker and log out (motherboard problem?)

    Computer: Pavilion A6040n (Dual core, 2GB, on board video) Windows 8.1 (32-bit) Embedded Industry Pro I was trying to run Quicken 2015 on my computer and the screen would flicker (go totally black for short moments) and then Windows would log out. When I log back in, any program that I had...
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    Having a top tier reliability setup

    Let's say you need a computer setup that's going to be there for you, very close to 100% of the time. By there for you, I mean that it's there for you to use without any problems, anytime you want to sit down at your desk and use it, almost like your life depends on it. Let's assume that your...
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    Programs and file explorer have very slow response times

    I feel like I have tried everything and I now have 2 computers that are far from fully functional, which are my 2 main computers. Not long ago, I reinstalled the entire operating system on these computers (before this problem started). I will focus on one computer in this post. Here are the...
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    Hardware compatibility when upgrading several components

    I am not up to speed on the current PC building environment. However, I was reading an article that was talking about how your components need to be compatible/ stable when combined in a build. In other words, if your computer consists of 7 parts, even if all of the parts work fine, the 7 of...
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    Expanding my IT knowledge (not for professional purposes)

    I am interesting in expanding my IT knowledge to be more proficient in my home computer use. I know that there are educational resources but many or most in my top categories below are geared more at the professional. Here are the areas that I am interested in (basically in order of...
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    Backing up registry vs creating restore point

    In Windows 10, it seems to me that backing up your registry has very limited use. I guess if you are backing up a *small* part of your registry for changes that you are making where you wont know for a while if the changes had some kind of adverse effect? My question is, has restore point...
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    don't want a thread to be returned multiple times in a search

    Is there a way to achieve that result?
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    Specifying a directory for Microsoft Store downloads

    I understand that you can change which partition the Microsoft store downloads to. I would like to download to my C drive but I would like to specify which directory to download to. this way, I can easily see...
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    Microsoft store app only shows up when I search from 64 bit computer

    When I search for Sumatra PDF, it shows up when i search from my 64 bit computer but not when I search from my 32 bit computer? I guess that they only decided to host the 64 bit version, to save a little in server space? Another difference between the 2 computers is that the 64 bit is a...
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    Avoiding telemetry Windows 7/ 8.1

    There is a lot of mention of abilities/efforts to avoid telemetry in windows 7 and 8.1. To go through the history, it seems that at first Microsoft rolled out telemetry to these operating systems as an optional update, then they rolled it out as a required update/ disguised as something else...
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    Transferring a disk image from one local computer to another

    I am a little short on storage space right now. So, I would like to take a ~50GB disk image from one computer and transfer it to another computer. Note that I am not using the disk image to create an operating system install, I am just transferring this data so that I have a backup. The...
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    Using Windows 10 from a non-administrator account

    I am trying to finally follow some advice that I heard several years ago-- to not use an administrator account in windows for day to day activities. Right now I have set up a "real" administrator account (the one that really has high level access, not the watered down one that Windows creates...
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    Mouse control with no desk (and not strong resemblance to a mouse)

    I was wondering what options are out there to avoid having to have a mouse on your desk. I am interesting in adding to the list that I have come up with so far (see below). We can focus this conversation on Windows 10, although I am also interested in options on Ubuntu and Mint. Here is what...
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    Why isn't having many small hard drives for backup more popular?

    I am talking here about home users or very small businesses & HDDS under 500GBs. The benefit that I see in having many small hard drives for backup is 2 fold: 1- you protect against malicious code by having many of the drives powered off at any given time. 2- you protect against hard drive...
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    Get wake on lan (WAL) functionality even when motherboard doesn't support it

    Is there a way to get wake on lan (WAL) functionality (or something similar) even when your motherboard doesn't support wake on lan?
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    Kleinz 40" K40T3E

    I noticed this model on Ebay for $430.25 Looks like it has 200x200 VESA supports Chroma 4:4:4 2 x HDMI 2.0, 2x HDMI 1.4 Says it has a Samsung pannel But I guess no freesync and no Display port input I always forget what the difference is between these things and the Samsung mu6300 TVs...
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    Got concerned that I don't have a large enough power supply

    [INTRO - for those with low attention span, please skip] Recently, I started getting concerned that I do not have a big enough power supply. The GPU manufacturer recommends larger than what I have but I have mostly put that off as I was concerned that maybe I have some other hard ware problems...
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    What size (not wattage) Power Supply will fit in this case?

    I plan to buy this case: Enermax Fulmo.Q ECA3361 Here is some info about very similar models from the manufacturer (though I couldn't find the exact model)...
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    Bad to have case fan slots that you are not using?

    Since I think I need a new power supply, I am planning to upgrade my case, too (I have some need for an additional bay, too). My computer is an HP with a 4th gen i3, I upgraded the ram to 8gb, and the graphics card to MSI R7 240. Maybe I will upgrade the graphics card again to help support a...
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    Using 3.5" drive as an external drive for backup, avoid enclosure?

    I have a 3.5" drive that I would like to use for backup as an external drive. But, i would prefer not to buy a hard drive enclosure. Since I will have multiple 3.5" hard drives that I will be using this way, it seems silly to have to spend money on several hard drive enclosures. I do have...
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    Comparing processors across generations

    I am trying to figure out how processors from different generations compare. For example, let's say we want to compare one of the 7th generation Celeron processors to one of the 2nd generation i3 processors. Or let's say we want to compare one of the laptop i7 processors to one of the desktop...
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    Expected Life of a Monitor

    I am considering buying a used Asus PB298. The price seems fair but I am not sure if I am valuing the monitor correctly. The monitor in question was probably manufactured in 2014. So, it has probably had a few years of use. What's the expected life span of a monitor like this, assuming 50...
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    VR as a means to a lying down desk

    I am interested in VR as an alternative to a lying down desk. I want to be able to lie on my bed on my back and be on the computer. There are not a lot of lying down products offered, they are expensive, they put you in a pretty static position (which you could get tired of), and they can take...
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    Database of Detailed specs/ reviews on monitors

    I am not finding a lot of information on 31.5" + monitors. I am mainly interested in 31.5 and 34 inch 1440p IPS monitors, but I am keeping this post more general. seems to mostly focus on TVs has information on some monitors but not a lot. The main...
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    Viewsonic VX3211-2K-MHD 31.5" WLED Monitor Flicker?

    Does anyone know how the PWM flicker is on this model? I see that this model is on sale at Office Depot right now. Looking for a productivity monitor.
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    surveillance camera, motion detecting, write the video to a hard drive

    I am focused on security cameras that cost less than $100, because I really don't need anything fancy. My focuses are that I don't want it to be always recording, as I'd imagine that that will eat through hard drives. Plus, I wouldn't be able to review the footage easily. Also, I need to be...
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    Trying to install a PCIe 16x, wont fit

    I am trying to install a PCIe 16x card into my computer. But, I can't get it to fit. There isn't a lot of clearance between the motherboard and the case (see photo- by the way, the white part in the background is the view through the slot in my case to my radiator [which happened to be in the...