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    Diablo 3 implied delayed

    It is nowhere close to being released. They are still working/changing on major game systems and aren't even ready to speak about the bigger changes. No way the game releases until the summer, at the earliest.
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    Quake Live exits beta, id introduces subscription packages They added a ton of maps (old and new), clan features, spawn your own private server (passworded or unpassworded), freeze tag game mode, and re-did the entire website. The Premium Subscription can...
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    Razer Abyss It's a finger tip mouse, so if you're a fan of the WMO, mx300, g1/3, or the salmosa... then this mouse is for you. It also has NO mouse correction :)
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    4th diablo 3 class announced.

    monk. edit: Not confirmed yet... but probably soon.
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    Quake Live Open Beta begins Tuesday Nice wallpaper on there. Here is a snippet from the update: So if you haven't played in the past month, make sure you login within the next few days if you want your player name to not be deleted. They also added a new training/skill placement match today...
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    New maps + mode DLC for L4D Any predictions on what the survival mode could be?
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    Vista installation hell

    I've spent countless errors attempting to install vista and I'm getting frustrated to insanity. This is a brand new rig of one week and I initially put xp professional sp3 on. I bought the cheap vista home premium upgrade and was going to simply do the clean install by doing the install vista...
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    Best aftermarket cooler for 4850/4870?

    from Need advice on which is the best.
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    Need advice on mobo for QX6700

    It will be used primarily for gaming and I plan to overclock the qx6700 to 3.0-3.2 if possible (first time overclocker here though). I was looking at a tuniq tower heatsink... do you think that'll be adequate to OC the cpu up that high? I also plan on getting either the GTX 260/HD 4870, but...