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    PCI-E lane question on Intel 690 motherboard with 12700k

    I bought this motherboard Gigabyte 690 Elite AX with DDR5 and an Intel 12700K Here is the mothberboard block diagram. here is the manual...
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    SK Hynix 1TB P41 NVME not as fast as reviewed drives - how to tune?

    The SK Hynix is supposed to be the fastest NVME on the market right now, according to most review sites. For example: Here is the IOPS read test. Here is the full Anvil test from TweakTown I...
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    Every man needs a four pack - flashlights 10 bucks shipped
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    Gigabyte Aorus Elite AX 690 DDR5 motherboard and 32GB 5200MHZ DDR5 RAM For $380 at Amazon.

    Ripped from slickdeals. I’ve been watching for a deal on 12th gen Intel system. I think this is the one...
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    Creative Super X-Fi Headphone Amplifier - $60 - AVSForum Best of Cedia 2018

    AVSFORUM Preview Best of CES 2018: Creative Super X-Fi Headphone Technology | AVS Forum ASR review (SINAD of 108dB - really quite good - well beyond limits of human heard audible distortion) Works for up to 300 Ohm headphones quite well. So Sennheiser HD600 or 650 800, etc. It even has...
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    Two family XBOX - share Xbox Ultimate?

    My kids that want to play some Xbox games. I have a XBox Series X console right now in my theater room, and was thinking about buying an Xbox Series S for the living room TV - so the kids could play without taking over my home theater space. It seems from my reading, that I have to make the...
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    Target on your head... Don't tell the world via interview that you have ridiculous wealth in bitcoin and you have it stored in various apts, and properties you own around the world... And use pictures of yourself...
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    Anyone Helium mining?

    I’ve been trying to buy a helium miner for a few months. No luck on the waiting lists. Who here is mining and what is your experience, profitability?
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    Buttkicker Advance 4-3 Tactile Transducers

    I bought over 100 of these from a local upscale cinema that was being remodeled. Selling them for 1/2 of new price. All tested functional as new.
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    PC case sales on Amazon Prime day

    Amazon Prime day is 7 days away. June 21 and 22. Let's post any cases we find on sale here. I'm window browsing, but haven't decided what I want yet. Maybe Li Lian this next go round?
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    38” Alienware - $1282

    Gsync Ultimate 144hz Nano IPS 600 HDR Thing is — 42” OLED is supposedly coming out soon. Hmmmm. Choices.
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    LAN Party Dedicated Servers

    What games do you put on dedicated servers for your LAN parties?m I bought a dual Xeon 12 core/24 thread, 48GB RAM setup off eBay for stupid cheap. Thinking I’ll throw some dedicated servers on it for next LAN Fistfull of frags, CS GO, Rune will get a dedicated server. What else do you...
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    Daily Mining Profits

    3 - 3060TI 2 - 3070 2 - 3080
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    Cant say it’s not catchy

    SNL skit on Crypto
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    Discord Crypto Scam for Defiproline

    So I get this message randomly on discord today: I look up since I haven’t heard of them. I see some links, looks like a crypto exchange. I go to their website and register anonymously and enter my coupon code, thinking they are probably enticing new business to their...
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    Full size LAN cases

    Saw the Li Lian TU150 LAN case and really like the design, aluminum aesthetics, and handle. I don't like the mini-itx size. Have you seen anything like this available in a larger sized case? The inset handle is nice for quick grab and go to LAN parties.
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    Whirlwind VortX - pair for sale barely used... About 2 for the price of one. I made a demo video here:
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    POOL PROFITABILITY - Big differences?

    When I started mining in 2017, I did some different pool testing (tries a half dozen different ETH and multi-algo pools) and at that time there wasn’t huge differences in mining profits per pool. At least I didn’t find them. I was surprised then today when I came across this site and see what...
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    Anyone purchased from Cheap Crypto gear

    Anyone purchased from They came up in a search for some power boards I’m interested in and I noticed they sell crypt stuff and it’s too cheap. Prices don’t pass the sniff test and I can’t find any reviews on them. But if it’s a fake website it’s certainly a robust fake website...
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    Tesla bought $1.5 Billion USD in BTC today!

    How much do you think this single acquisition will affect the price and confidence in BTC going forward. I’m wondering if this is the likely beginning of a big outpouring of institutional and investor money destined to leapfrog the BTC price pretty much from this point forward.
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    What OS do you use for mining?

    What operating system do you use? What have you tried? Why do you like what you like? I’ve always just used windows 10. I tried a Linux distribution, but at the time it didn’t like my motherboard bios version and wouldn’t work correctly. I typically mine to miningpoolhub or nicehash. I use...
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    USB 3.0 modern update to old USB 2.0 front panel - advice for mod?

    I'm thinking about moving back to my Cooler Master Cosmos 1010 case (Basically the same as the Cosmos 1000 - my 1010 was a minor refresh), from my open air P3 Thermaltake case. The only hesitation is that the front panel USB ports are 2.0. Does anyone have any clean/OEM looking way to mod USB...
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    Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077 - which Universe do you prefer from CD Projekt Red?

    Which game world do you prefer? Which has better quests? Which was more memorable after a play through? How many hours do you have in each?
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    Mining on your primary use machine? Who does it?

    I have not mined on my primary use machine traditionally, and am generally against doing so due to concerns about closed code we can't see - virus/malware etc. I have a dedicated mining machine (only crypto mining, local login account, no important passwords EVER used, etc), and a primary use...
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    Places to buy mining cards in bulk.

    Shop BLT has quite a few 3060TI's incoming right now - over 1500. I just bought 8, 3060TI for $429 each. Free Shipping, no Tax. We'll see when they ship. (EDIT: updated link to SSL...
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    Nvidia Ampere 3 Series Cards - Feel in the hand comparisons.

    ASUS TUF O/C 3080 > EVGA X3 3089 in the look and feel dept. The Asus feels heavy, beefy, high end. I'm really impressed with it. No plastic feel at all. The EVGA X3 feels much smaller and more plastic by comparison. No backplate sorta leaves a bad taste in your mouth - just for cosmetics...
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    A tale of two NAS - Budget and MidRange and the performance delta between them

    I have owned a trusty old Qnap TS-231P for the last few years. It's now a EOL product, meaning support will soon dry up. 2 bay, 1.7Ghz Arm dual core process 1 GB DDR3 RAM. I've used it a few LAN parties and it holds its own. Really an impressive piece of kit for under $200 on the hardware. I...
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    Who is mining with 3XXX or cards?

    I'm curious if anyone from the regulars here has updated their mining farms to use 3XXX cards? Scarcity being what it is I haven't even been able to get one for gaming. But the profits with BTC skyrocketing is lucrative for mining. Simply using nicehash looks like you could pay off a 3080 in...
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    Looking for a low maintenance PoE 24 port switch for Church install. HP Office Connect or something else?

    I support a small church as a volunteer for their IT needs. They would like to install a new camera security system - probably to include 6-9 cameras, and they also need a better switch in their central office for the half dozen network drops to various other areas. The router is a Netgear...
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    Xbox Game Pass Client - phantom games stuck in client?

    Xbox Game Pass Service is fantastic, but their game client sucks! I hate it for a variety of reasons and I have a new one now that I can't figure out. I had a small 256GB SSD for a dedicated Xbox Game Pass drive. I had two games installed on it. Forza and Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was...
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    Xbox series X controllers on sale at $40 the Xbox series x controllers are on sale for $40 at Microsoft and Best Buy right now. Amazon price matched.
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    Gotta opt in to get the last 18% back from 2017 NiceHash breach. I wasn’t following this closely and would have missed it, if a friend hadn’t pointed it out to me. Claimed my last 18% You have until December 15 to claim it.
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    1TB Team Group CX2 SSD $68 at newegg Drive info I bought one for a games drive. Should be fine for that. Speed really doesn’t matter too much on a games drive. A benchmark screen grabs for reference...
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    CyberPunk 2077 themed case

    I think this case looks great
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    Has your G-Sync display locked you into the Nvidia EcoSystem?

    I have an Alienware AW3418DW. (34" Ultrawide, 3440x1440, G-Sync, 120Hz, IPS) I really quite enjoy it. I don't have any intent to swap it out until OLED sizes and costs come down, as I don't think there's that much better a display - even 3 years after this model's launch. Interestingly my...
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    How my current Gaming PC compares to 2020 Consoles

    The 2020 consoles are equivalent to 1080ti/2080 level GPU and Ryzen 3700 processor with a NVME hard drive, and 16GB of RAM. For gaming purposes solely: How does the performance on your current PC compare right now?
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    How much profit is there for Ampere design for AIB partners?

    As the title states. Has anyone seen a credible source to generally know, Ballpark, what Ampere costs to manufacture?
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    This trailer will make you want to buy a Xbox Series X, and the $4 a month for GamePass Ultimate should seal the deal!

    <~$4 a month for all games...
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    Zotac and Mooncakes

    Bad capacitor design on your brand new Zotac 30X0 card got you feeling sad and... hungry? Zotac’s got it covered. Free mooncakes for all affected customers... Can’t help that this came to...