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    NBC Sports and the NFL Use Video Game Soundtrack Without Permission

    How many people on here are going to complain about this while pirating software and movies all day?
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    Ryzen 2700 or 2700x

    I'm concerned about daily use cases, noise, power consumption. I'm using a 2700x but I'm still in the return policy with Microcenter. I don't want to manually overclock either CPU because you lose the dynamic boosting that helps these CPUs function more efficiently. The Wraith Prism is not as...
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    Dead or Alive 6 Announced, Characters to Be “Less Sexualized”

    I'm really glad they did this. It's a step in the right direction.
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    Looking for Suggestions: Small Business (Charity) Server Setup

    Their CEO and entire board of directors is completely unpaid. They only have two paid employees for the entire operation. The vast majority of people involved are all volunteer.
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    Looking for Suggestions: Small Business (Charity) Server Setup

    A cloud based quickbooks might be the best way to go.
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    Looking for Suggestions: Small Business (Charity) Server Setup

    Cloud options are proving too expensive for them. I'll probably end up being the one to support this setup once it's installed, but it's such a low load and simple use case that I doubt they will need much support. Can I have the firewall built into the server (software) or does it need to be...
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    Looking for Suggestions: Small Business (Charity) Server Setup

    You're right, that would have worked. I talked to them today and they threw a small wrench in things. They want to keep a quickbooks database on the server so it can be accessed by multiple people and remotely. I don't know if that would work with GDrive or Dropbox.
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    Looking for Suggestions: Small Business (Charity) Server Setup

    I am looking into setting up a small business network for a local charity. They want to be able to access files remotely and backup files automatically to/from a server inside their office. It's a budget projected that needs to be done at minimal cost to the charity for this to be viable. They...
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    Why no DVD bays on front, Mid Towers??

    I still use optical drives. I love them and cherish them. I still like to buy real CDs and own the albums.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    I would like to win this. Thank you.
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    Ryzen AM4 mobo's with only HDMI 1.4 are stupid

    You don't have to pirate it. Piracy is wrong. You don't have the equipment to watch it at 4k, so just watch it at a lower resolution. You're not entitled to take anything just because you want it.
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    Ryzen 7 1700 + B350 Overclocking Tidbits

    When you overclock, does that also affect the turbo boost frequency? Is turbo disabled during an overclock?
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    Upgrading to Ryzen Question

    Yeah, I was aiming to hit microcenter and get a the R7 1700 + a 110 board. Get the combo discount, then sell the i3/board combo. The i3 board is just a b150 and doesn't have very many features, so I would want a better one maybe if I bought an i7 I think I'll just get the r7 1700 today. I have...
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    Upgrading to Ryzen Question

    Think so? The 7700k upgrade and 1700 upgrade are going to cost me roughly the same. I only have a 1080p 60 monitor btw.
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    Upgrading to Ryzen Question

    GTX 970. Naturally I'll be switching to an AM4 board.
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    Upgrading to Ryzen Question

    There's a ton of arguing and misinformation going around. I figure I'll start some more of that here (not intentionally) with this question. I have a system running an i3-6100 right now. I'm using it for games like FFXIV, CS:GO, War Thunder, CIV VI and similar titles. I also do a little 1080p...
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    amd 480 is 160 amir!!!!!!!!!!

    Who is Amir?
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    Carrier branded LG G5 (with accessories) for $349 @ Best Buy

    That's a bunch of weird. If you could get it unlocked completely though, would it be compatible with the other networks fully?
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    Carrier branded LG G5 (with accessories) for $349 @ Best Buy

    This is what I want to know.
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    CM Hyper 212 EVO $2.99 deal on amazon shipped

    Same here. This should be interesting.
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    Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Mid-Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    I bought this case before hearing about any of the controversy. If it's a copy of fractal cases, then at least they put a lot of work into improving the copies. I looked through antec cases, fractal (ordered a used one first from a scammer, never got it), and nanoxia. All of the cases I looked...
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    Corsair Carbide 540

    I did the same in mine. It's still not as quiet as I like, but the stock fans are pretty noisy.
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    Corsair Carbide 540

    I've used the corsair SP120 quiet fans. They were very close to silent at low speeds and I used them across the board, not just on the heatsink. You can just pull the color ring off (not sure if that will affect sound) or paint it.
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    Best AMD CPU

    I had a 2500+ that ran for probably 10 years and didn't stop when it got the boot. It was overclocked to 3200+ speeds for most of that time, including I think up until the end.
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    The Perils Of Getting Fired In The Digital Era

    I was working for a very large company through a temporary contract. The person who hired me had to let me know that my renewed contract was being cut short because of cost cutting measures. That company is still on a hiring freeze. Thing is, he came and told me personally. The engineering...
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    What kind of drive is in the WD My Cloud 6TB Single Drive Model?

    I'm trying to find out what kind of hard drive is in the WD My Cloud 6TB single-drive model. Does anyone here know? I actually have 3 of them here sealed in the box. I don't want to open one to find out because I'm selling them. However, if I find out that they're WD Red, I might keep one...
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    $20 off (anything?) at from Visa Checkout (offer only 11/1, code -12/24)

    Well Tiberian, if it's wrong to buy something, mark it up, and sell it to someone else, then every store you've ever bought from is evil. If you're purposely scamming someone, that's a bit different. You have to be really careful how you judge everyone. For instance, those phone people might...
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    DD-WRT Router (Client Mode) VS. Wireless Adapter

    Yeah, I think I'll hold off and find some other plan. Thanks for the advice and tips folks.
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    DD-WRT Router (Client Mode) VS. Wireless Adapter

    I looked up "transparent" bridging and it seems that at least it's not supported in DD-WRT. Some other guy claims he got it to work in Gargoyle. Any thoughts? "Installed Gargoyle 1.6.2 on WNDR3700v1, bridge now works as expected. Computers see each other on windows network, home group works...
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    DD-WRT Router (Client Mode) VS. Wireless Adapter

    Why am I better off getting a "real bridge"?
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    DD-WRT Router (Client Mode) VS. Wireless Adapter

    Thanks. I'm kind of leaning that way too. On the upside, no external antennas and a free PCI-E slot for a sound card or something. Downside is that it's another appliance drawing power and more cords running.
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    DD-WRT Router (Client Mode) VS. Wireless Adapter

    Hello networking folks, I've got a question. Lead up: I'm pretty much stuck gaming on wireless because of the age of my home and the distance to the router. I've been using wireless N with a PCI-E adapter and it's been working OK. I also tried an intel 7260 AC adaptor but it was terrible for...
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    latest and greatest quiet fans

    I have been using some Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition fans in my desktop. They were very quiet for me but I don't sit around benchmarking my fan performance either. Also, I tend to look for less tonal sounding fans. I would much rather hear a more pure air "woosh" sound.
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    Is it just me?... difference between front and rear audio.

    I have one of the MSI gaming series Z97 boards with the "dual audio amplifiers". Both the front and rear audio sound fine, but the front panel is significantly louder than the rear. I noticed that the rear is labeled "line out" so it might just be built that way. They both function fine and...
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    How long will AMD stay in business (CPU), and aftermath.. (speculation(

    If ZEN performs within 5% of skylake, is good on power, and has similar features, I'd buy AMD just because I like them.
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W Luck Draw!!!!!

    B. Silence!
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    Corsair Graphite Series 780T Lucky Draw!

    I appreciate the clean look with not too much flashyness. I would like a version of the air 240 with a single CD drive.
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    Silent Mid Range Video Cards

    For a short time I had a gigabyte G1 GTX 960. It actually shuts down the fans when they're not necessary to run. I thought it was a good card overall. It was similar to what waderunner described.
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    Are you guys going to upgrade to a 6700k when its out?

    I have been planning to go from ATX to mITX recently. I'll probably just go to this if it's out soon enough and Microcenter has a combo deal on the CPU.