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    Dell Equalogic PS4100 changing drives

    So I was just gifted by work a PS4100 but it’s populated with 12 1tb drives. Does anyone know if I can swap them for WD 8tb if I have 12 of them? I guess it can’t hurt to try , there is no data on the machine yet.
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    Need help with wiping/set up of a HP DL360 Gen 9 server

    Actually the Ram is worth almost 1500. It's DDR4.
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    Need help with wiping/set up of a HP DL360 Gen 9 server

    Thanks all , yeah I found the tools in the Intelligent Provisioning. Made a simple array all set.
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    Need help with wiping/set up of a HP DL360 Gen 9 server

    So work just gifted me a lightly used DL360 Gen 9 , 2-2690v3 , 768gb Ram and 6 - 200 SSD drives. I am not really familiar with setting these up. What is the easiest tool to boot with so I can wipe the drives and go with Server 2019 or Suse Enterprise Desktop? I am going to connect it via...
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    Atari Calls out The Register and The Register Fires Back

    The games are incredibly durable , mine have lasted being in a basement to attic , ect.
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    What would be the best bet for a new AMD video card under 300

    Anyone have a favorite brand for the Fury X?
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    What would be the best bet for a new AMD video card under 300

    I was thinking of this one - I am running the 8350 Processor.
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    What would be the best bet for a new AMD video card under 300

    I currently have the a decent 3gb card but it's almost 3 years old now. It's hard to determine which I should go for. I know that my system memory should get bumped up to 32gb from 16 as well. Processor is good and decent MB. Any sugesstions?
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    Nexus 6P the honeymoon is over

    What is CM13? I just purchased a new Nexus 6p from the google store and want to makre sure my shit doesnt break lol.
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    Apple Defeats US Class Action Lawsuit Over Bag Searches

    Or that Elongated Beats Pill speaker lol.
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers Sue, Alleging Pay Violation

    The one sucky part is the App never showed the drivers how much of a tip was given.
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    Corsair's The Witcher Wild Hunt Lucky Draw

    I would like Corsair to make a cooling option for the Xbox One.
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    Star Citizen Selling A $900 Ship

    The press or someone needs to get out there and say fuck these assholes , dont give them another dime.
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    Star Citizen Departures?

    Their sales model , oh we are out of cash again? Fuck it sell more 400$ ships.
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    You Can Now Run Windows 10 On Your Mac

    Win 10 on my macbook actually runs pretty good.
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    Windows 10 Is Coming To The Xbox One In November

    Kinect works great for me.
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    Why I’m Dumping Google Chrome

    Chrome has become ridiculously slow for me lately even with all the tweaks.
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    Prime Day is Coming 7/15/2015

    Crappy sale , shoe inserts , sharpie markers , ect LOL.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    What did you buy Silverjazz?
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    Amazon WD Storage Enclosure Deals through 6/27/2015

    What does it mean to buy a diskless Nas other then populating them with my own drives?
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    How 'Destiny' Lost Support Of Its Biggest Fans

    Im done with this game and moving on. Fuck you bungie.
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    Woman Leaves Rare Apple 1 for Recycling

    I hope the employees at that center got to split that first 100k
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    LEGO Appears To Be Building A 'Minecraft' Competitor

    There is a bunch of sets out there already.
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    RPG for Free with These Five Awesome Games

    Neverwinter is one of the biggest cash grabs ever.
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    Sims 4 to Get Game Pack in January

    29.99 for the DLC where people bitching how little the full game came with.
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    Microsoft And Accenture Launch New Hybrid Cloud Platform

    I cannot believe anyone would ever use Accidenture. Worst company ever , well maybe not like EA but they suck.
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    Ubisoft Financials - Watch Dogs Sells 9M

    My kid actually loves the game.
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    Kickstarter Pulls Tor-Enabled Router That Raised $585K

    It was a crappy chinese knockoff , exact same picture as one they were selling.
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    VIZIO 5.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers $200

    Just a fyi , these are very good speakers. I have a set from a special a few months ago and love them.
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    What do you guys think about this trade?

    I have an immactulate Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 edition and a verified member here wants to experience android os and wants to trade for a Surface Pro. I never used one of the surface units but I like Win 8 somewhat lol. Do you guys think I should go for it or keep the Galaxy?
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    Dead Island 2 Official Trailer Released

    I wonder if Jack Black will be in the game as an NPC.
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    Online Poker Could Have a U.S. Renaissance

    I thought those two were nearly run out of business , esp the scam artist players on one of them.
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    Per CNN and other news outlets , change your Ebay password

    Looks like another massive hack. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.
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    AT&T Set To Announce DirecTV Acquisition Sunday

    Pretty much sums that up.
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    Apple Buying Beats For $3.2B?

    Cheap Plastic , terrible components , maybe the endorsements I dont know.
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    Anyone here ever use Amazon to trade in old phones?

    Thanks , it was signed for on Friday but I am guessing it will take a couple days.
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    Anyone here ever use Amazon to trade in old phones?

    I was curious how long it takes to process.
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    Replace Microsoft Security Essentials with A Proper Antivirus?

    I think we all should switch to Total Defense Internet Security and get a 60 dollar rebate back lol , oh wait fuck my rebate was declared invalid.