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    Router to the Inernet

    Hi, I have the following dilema: Cisco ASR1002-F Product Description Quantity ASR1002-F Cisco ASR1002 System, Fixed ESP, 4 built-in GE, 4GB DRAM1 SASR1R1-AESK9-31S Cisco ASR 1000 Series RP1...
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    Cisco sh runn problem

    When i write "sh runn" i don't get output from router: router1#sh runn router1#sh ver Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) 3600 Software (C3640-IK2S-M), Version 12.1(5)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Copyright (c) 1986-2000 by cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Sat 11-Nov-00 03:57...
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    Your opinion for ESXi @home

    Hi, Currently i have one box HP ML110G5 (QC,8GB,2x146GB SAS) I want to get new box because in this one I don't have enough RAM, Right know I can;t decide what is better: 1. To get another same box or ML110G6 2. To get dual socket with one QC or SC and a lot options to expand
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    cisco 1841 l2tp lns

    i have problem with l2tp lns, i tried different guides but no luck, can some body help me
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    Network upgrade

    I'm planing network upgrade, the situation right now is terrible, so in the network are only L2 switches and cisco 2800 router, no vlan etc, no ACL etc ,,, i'm planing to get hp procurve: core: 2x HP 6600 J9263A or J9264A distribution: 2x HP 2900 J9145A for access: HP 2500 / 2600 and Cisco...
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    Cable label

    I'm looking for cable label tools :) for example
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    Cisco 3640 problems

    I have problems... the router worked very well, but we had to increased the speed from 128Kbps to 256Kbps (14 points are connected to this router by one serial interface through tellabs 2048bps, the other sites have cisco 2600 routers) when i ping this router from i get various...
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    UTM ...

    I have Via Epia-m 600mhz cpu, 256MB ram and 40GB hdd, 512MBCF + ide to cf what do you prefer to put on in? Untangle, Endian, IPCop?
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    Skype on PIX515e

    how to block skype on pix 515e? PIX Version 6.3(3)
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    i want to make this what do you think? core router will be ibm x3250 xeon dc, 8gb ram, 2x80sata hdd and 2xIntelDualNic (2+2+2) total 6 nic running ubuntu + quagga
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    vmware ESXi on hp dl140 g3

    i have one dl140 g3 (cpu 2x 5160, 4GB ram, 2x500gb sata, 2xGB broadcom nics) i plan to install ESXi on this machine, what is your opinion? Storage Controller Non-Hot Plug SATA Models HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller (integrated into the south-bridge) supporting SW RAID 0,1
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    Calling all optical guru's

    hi, i would like to make this like in pictures: one gb switch(cheap like dlink 5 port gb) and a mini-gbic or gbic IS this possible?
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    cf to ide -> Can't recognize...

    I have an old pc and i want to run thet from CF the bios is not recognizing the cf to ide, there is an option to enter custom values i don't know what to put on the "white box's" can someone help me?
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    HP chasis

    Hi, I have HP xw4550(RB411UT) Workstation, but the front bezel is damaged also i have some scratches's on the chassis Can i get only the chassis without parts?
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    APC UPS serial over usb

    I'm using usb adapter to make a serial port for my laptop ( i don't have a serial port on my laptop) i have installed PowerChute Business edition but that doesn't recognize UPS attached also i have tried PowerChute Plus but no luck i have two ups one su620 and another su700 anybody have...
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    APC serial cable

    for people who want to make a serial cable for smart ups
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    Post your UPS,surge protection, battery backup

    mine: waiting for another one
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    linux read/write average speed

    [root@localhost ~]# hdparm -tT /dev/sda /dev/sda: Timing cached reads: 7196 MB in 1.99 seconds = 3607.57 MB/sec Timing buffered disk reads: 218 MB in 3.02 seconds = 72.10 MB/sec [root@localhost ~]#
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    torrent behind firewall

    I have a firewall installed which blocks "un known" ports, this works fine but then clients use a proxy example they can download torrents or what ever they want how can i block this?
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    intel - svideo problem

    i have lenovo 3000 n100 with s-video also a cable when i attach to my TV LG i don;t see any option how to get output to that port Accelerator in Use: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family Video BIOS: 1398 Current Graphics Mode: 1280 by 800 True Color (60 Hz)
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    Print Server

    I need a print server software which will use one printer but i want to take care about printing from which user, or number of pages they have printed, something free
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    Cisco router and BGP

    HI we want to put new router in middle of our links 1 isp 20Mbps 2 isp 10Mbps Can somebody recommend me the cheapest cisco router to run BGP?
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    3com switch or hub??

    i saw a thread in one forum a person is selling this 3com device: and he replied this model number to me: "3c164441a" but he doesn't know more information about this device is somebody recognizes this it would be very useful for me do decide to get this one!!
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    nvidia quadro 285-290

    any experience with 285 or 290?
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    intel dual Core 2 Extreme QX9xxx

    what do you think:
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    ProCurve 1700-8 [J9079A]

    Can any body tell me about HP switches are they reliable? I want to buy one i found this model @ newegg it is $79.99
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    3com 4005

    i have 3com 4005 it has 2 psu and some management modules what ever called aslo 2 fiber modules and 2 gb i can't access via telnet or console how to see what is wrong?
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    UPS and battery

    HI i have 4x500 VA UPS all of the are the same brand/model the battery inside is 12V 7A i want to buy a car battery i mean one example 12V 100A and all of the ups to use that battery how should i connect all of them what i mean is this [BATTERY 12v 100A] | | |...
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    simple DNS config

    i have domian registered example and at my nameservers i have added a new host example this works now i want under test to have another names examlpe where should i put new...
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    CiscoCallManager on non supported hardware

    Can you tell me how to install ccm 5.0 on non supported hardware?
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    i'm looking for open source OS for web/mail/mysql/ftp server ? i want to put one machine in data center so i'm looking for stable OS? and management solution for free ispconfig/webmin or what? the machine has 4gb ram, 2 DC 2.4 xeon, and raid 5 sas hdd, dual psu
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    US phone number over VoIP

    can i get US phone number for free?
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    I'm looking for IDS/IPS + firewall i want to build one appliance all in one linux/unix based i have supermicro 1U server with c2d 1gb ram pfsense or??
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    if you have any materials for MPLS plase send to i'm looking for slides ppt
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    I have IBM x3105 server with 2 pci 8x,and 2 pci slots is possible to put vga on that mobo?
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    Windows 2k3 EE Cluster or WHAT?

    I'm looking to solve this: As you can see here is a storage box with iSCSI Target connected to GB switch and 2 (two) IBM x3105 Server runnig Windows 2003 EE, + Win 2k3 EE boxes are conected to another Core Switch, i don't have experince with WIN 2k3 EE, the services are...
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    What do you think about ZyXEL switches?

    What do you think about ZyXEL ES2024A 24-port Managed Layer 2 Fast Ethernet Switch ?
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    Server recommendation

    I Need server recommendation min spec are: single cpu dual core (PD, xeon, athlon x2, opteron) min 1 gb ram 2 hdd sata and rackmount What do you think? IBM, HP, DELL, SUN? Or Tyan Vs. SUpermicro? Max budget 1200$
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    Need server recommendation

    I Need server recommendation min spec are: single cpu dual core (PD, xeon, athlon x2, opteron) min 1 gb ram 2 hdd sata and rackmount What do you think? IBM, HP, DELL, SUN? Or Tyan Vs. SUpermicro? Max budget 1200$
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    CCNA old syllabus

    Today I finished my classes CCNA 4 was the last one? I talked with people a the academy and they said i have to pass "Vaucher" and then 640-801 CCNA? can you tell me about the books, other materials, etc..