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    Ryzen 2700 or 2700x

    I'm concerned about daily use cases, noise, power consumption. I'm using a 2700x but I'm still in the return policy with Microcenter. I don't want to manually overclock either CPU because you lose the dynamic boosting that helps these CPUs function more efficiently. The Wraith Prism is not as...
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    Looking for Suggestions: Small Business (Charity) Server Setup

    I am looking into setting up a small business network for a local charity. They want to be able to access files remotely and backup files automatically to/from a server inside their office. It's a budget projected that needs to be done at minimal cost to the charity for this to be viable. They...
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    Upgrading to Ryzen Question

    There's a ton of arguing and misinformation going around. I figure I'll start some more of that here (not intentionally) with this question. I have a system running an i3-6100 right now. I'm using it for games like FFXIV, CS:GO, War Thunder, CIV VI and similar titles. I also do a little 1080p...
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    What kind of drive is in the WD My Cloud 6TB Single Drive Model?

    I'm trying to find out what kind of hard drive is in the WD My Cloud 6TB single-drive model. Does anyone here know? I actually have 3 of them here sealed in the box. I don't want to open one to find out because I'm selling them. However, if I find out that they're WD Red, I might keep one...
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    DD-WRT Router (Client Mode) VS. Wireless Adapter

    Hello networking folks, I've got a question. Lead up: I'm pretty much stuck gaming on wireless because of the age of my home and the distance to the router. I've been using wireless N with a PCI-E adapter and it's been working OK. I also tried an intel 7260 AC adaptor but it was terrible for...
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    Is it just me?... difference between front and rear audio.

    I have one of the MSI gaming series Z97 boards with the "dual audio amplifiers". Both the front and rear audio sound fine, but the front panel is significantly louder than the rear. I noticed that the rear is labeled "line out" so it might just be built that way. They both function fine and...
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    Wireless Router Client Mode Vs. Wireless Adapter

    Does anyone out here use a wireless router instead of an adapter for their computer? Right now, I use a wireless N adapter, and I game on it. Most of the time its fine. I am just wondering if setting up a wireless router with a custom firmware in client mode will do a better job of providing...
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    WACOM CINTIQ 22HD, Alienware M14X R2

    Check out my two auctions here please! ALIENWARE M14X R2: WACOM CINTIQ 22HD: I don't have much of a heatware...
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    Very Strange Problem with 660 GPU

    So, I have been using this EVGA 660 3gb for a few months and everything has been going perfectly. I've been really happy with it. Last night I shut the computer down just like normal. Today, when I turned it on, it just hung during boot. After troubleshooting and testing for a few hours, I...
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    Help Needed with mini ITX board and mobile CPU

    I have a P8700 processor and an Aopen i45GMt-HD motherboard that all work and are ready to go but I cannot find a cooling solution for them. I'm going to put them in a cigar box so I have been looking for something low profile, but it doesn't need to be so. From my measurements taken with...
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    Question about performance improvements from router upgrades.

    I'm running a WRT54G as my main router with an old Buffalo router (125g I think) as a repeater. Both are running DD-WRT. I'm looking at upgrading to a pair of netgear 3700's; also capable of DD-WRT. These have several times the RAM and ROM of the stuff I'm running now. The processor is also...
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    Question About Idle Clocks When Overclocking

    Is it possible to preserve the 2D settings on my 5850 (157/300) while overclocking my 3D settings? At stock clocks, those are my 2d values. If I overclock, those values change to 400/1000. I'd like to get maybe 157/300 and then 800/1150 going. Is it possible?
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    Monitor Repair: Need help finding a ribbon cable.

    I just replaced the power supply in my Soyo Topaz S, but there's another problem on top of that. I probably damaged the ribbon cable when I was dismantling the monitor. The only info I can pull from the cord is: LEKE CABLE E206419 RJ AWM 20798 80C 60V VW-1 It's 32 contacts wide and it's...
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    Need a power supply to hack into my LCD monitor. Any suggestions?

    My Soyo Topaz S just died and I tried repairing the power supply in it with no luck. It's really a poorly designed power supply and it's really hard to get anything done in there anyways. I was thinking about hacking in a PC power supply, but I would like to find a low power/high efficiency...
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    AM3 Heatsink to exhaust air out of the case.

    I'm looking for a a good heatsink for my 1055T that I can use to blow air out of the back of my case. Most of the clips on the heatsinks mount with the wrong orientation (90 degrees either direction) from what I've seen. I even have a Zalman 9500 that I can't mount the right way in there...
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    Sleep Mode on 1055t and 785g motherboard

    Nevermind lol.
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    New CPU and board, fresh OS install, choppy GPU?

    I just yesterday upgraded from an E6600 to a 1055t. Everything seems to be running fine except for the video card. Some things run decently (FFXIV beta) but others (LoL and TF2) are very choppy and deliver poor framerates. They didn't do that before, just started. Now, my CCC tray icon lists...
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    965 or 1055t

    I have to decide in the next hour which CPU to get. I'm about to deliver my old DDR2 ram and run to microcenter for the cpu/mobo combo. I do some photo editing or video encoding, but not too much. I mostly just game and use the internet on this machine, playing things like FFXIV (beta for...
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    Should I buy this i7 Rig?

    A guy is offering me an i7 rig for $700 bucks. It's got: i7 920 EVGA X58 SLI LE board 6GB DDR3 1600 2 80gb raptors 1tb WD Green HDD 2x 5770 GPUs in crossfire Antec 1200 case. Tagan 800w power supply and 2 DVDRW drives. What do you guys think?
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    Looking for something to fuel my 5850

    I really need to upgrade my CPU to fuel my new 5850. I'm running an E6600 that was purchased ON THE RELEASE DAY in 2006. It's been a great processor and runs just about everything (or did when I was using my x1900xt) but now it's a clear bottleneck. I don't need top of the line. What I need...
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    MSI AMD Motherboard Question ' I'm looking to upgrade my system on the cheap and this motherboard fits the bill. After the AMD processor bundle deal at microcenter and rebate it's only $10. I'm looking at getting the 1055t X6 processor to go with...
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    1055t vs i5-750

    I've got a tough choice here. 1055t Setup with 870 motherboard and 4gb ram will cost me around $350. a i5-750 setup will cost me around $290 after rebate. I normally just play games on my machine but from time to time I do some video encoding and gimp photo editing .Mostly I play TF2...
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    Has anyone seen the 1035T outside of system builders?

    I'm hoping to find a 1035T because I want the 6 core but I also like that it's a 95w processor. I haven't seen it anywhere but Dell, HP, and a few similar builders. Has anyone here when (or if) it will be available on it's own? The price point seems to be around $160 for something like that...
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    Graphics Card Dillema

    I'm running an E6600 and a 975X Motherboard with crap for graphics right now (x1900xt) I had picked up a used video card and re-sold it. I can score a used 5870 for about 300 and save worry about upgrading the CPU later. I can buy a used 5850 for around 230 and do the same. I can do...
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    Brother's PC Dying

    My brother's PC suddenly started overheating like mad just yesterday. It's in a small case (mini ATX) and has some decent sized parts in it, but generally doesn't get as hot as it did yesterday. His specs are: 650w Ultra PSU 3800+ AMD AM2 CPU 2GB Corsair DDR2 PC5400 ATI 4870 1GB...
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    Good Deal? Help me out here!

    I just picked up a XFX 4870 1gb for $70 today and the guy also has a GTX 260 that he wants $70 for also. My brother needs a video card (we were both running x1900s) so I was thinking about picking that up too. Money is kind of tight for this type of thing and we're hoping to get a few dollars...
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    Help Needed Identifying USB chip

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to identify the usb chip seen in the picture below. I need one like that for modifying an old console controller to USB. I've found a place that sells kits to modify the controller but they're really pretty pricey. If you can help, please do. Thanks in advance.
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    Final Fantasy XIII - March 9, 2010

    The official release date is out. March 9, 2010. Square just released a promo video today for the game with the announcement at the very end.
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    4850 for $50 or buy a new 5800?

    A guy I know wants to sell me his 4850 512mb for $50 because he's ordered one of the new ATI cards. I intended to go with a 5850 and my current specs (in signature) but this deal is kind of tempting. I mainly play TF2 and L4D. Sometimes I bust out an MMO (Aion, WoW, something like that) but...
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    Too good to be true?

    Ok, Some guy offered to sell me his GTX 285 for $145. That's higher than my budget. Would I be nuts not to take it anyways?
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    Video Card Upgrading, Rumors, and Tight Budgets

    I've made a few posts here and I've got a few upgrade options. What got me thinking was the rumors floating around that ATI's new 40nm cards are still on track for September (despite low yield rumors). I've seen 4870 1GB cards as low as $120 and 4850's as low as $76 (open box). I...
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    Video Card Value Upgrade Question

    Ok, I've got my trusty x1900xt and I want to upgrade it on the cheap. I have 2 options right now. They are: Used 8800GT for $35 or Refurb or open box XFX 4850 for $87 What are your opinions?
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    Question before upgrading from X1900XT to 4850

    What I would like to know is: How do these video cards compare in power consumption? I've seen 4850's as low as $80. That's a good number for my budget and I think it would make a pretty large difference for my gaming experience. I just don't want to go overboard with power consumption...
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    Weird Computer Issue

    Ok, this is kind of a weird one for me. I've been working on this old emachine for a woman down the street and I finally got it running but it's acting a bit strange. She called me up today and said it tells her she has "no boot disk". Now, I know I was just there and had windows XP boot...
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    [W]arm: Gateway FX 7801u @ Newegg for $1199 Price $1199 Save $400 (eh) Free shipping. No tax in most states. This is the same as the 7805u from bestbuy except it guarantees the 1920x1200 resolution screen. Bestbuys have mostly 1440x900 7805u's now. This is...
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    Looking to replace Dell 9300 - Need Suggestions

    I recently sold my Inspiron 9300 to get cash for a replacement. What it had: 1920x1200 17" truelife screen Pentium-M 2.0GHZ dothan 1GB (2x512) dual channel DDR2-533 120gb HDD 2.1 built in speakers (sub) CD Burner / DVD drive nVidia 6800 go 256mb video card I'm looking for...
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    Need a new BUDGET PSU

    Hi everyone. My current psu is an Antec Smartpower 2.0 500w. Recently, it started making a very high pitched squeal that's starting to get stuck in my head. It's a real annoyance. Anyways, I need to replace it and do it as cheaply as possible...
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    Gateway 7811 FX Screen Haze - Need Advice

    When looking at the screen of my newly purchased 7811FX laptop, the left side has an area of white blotchy haze. It's hardly visible from straight on and gets more visible the further to the left you move your head. Someone on newegg reviewed the notebook and said that it just requires some...
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    Prospective Buyer Weighing Options

    I'm looking at replacing my several year old x1900xt. It's starting to show it's age on what I play now. It's not making games unplayable; in fact, far from it. However, there are some games I would like to at least try without having to turn my resolution down and eye candy off. Here's what...