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    Dell Equalogic PS4100 changing drives

    So I was just gifted by work a PS4100 but it’s populated with 12 1tb drives. Does anyone know if I can swap them for WD 8tb if I have 12 of them? I guess it can’t hurt to try , there is no data on the machine yet.
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    Need help with wiping/set up of a HP DL360 Gen 9 server

    So work just gifted me a lightly used DL360 Gen 9 , 2-2690v3 , 768gb Ram and 6 - 200 SSD drives. I am not really familiar with setting these up. What is the easiest tool to boot with so I can wipe the drives and go with Server 2019 or Suse Enterprise Desktop? I am going to connect it via...
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    What would be the best bet for a new AMD video card under 300

    I currently have the a decent 3gb card but it's almost 3 years old now. It's hard to determine which I should go for. I know that my system memory should get bumped up to 32gb from 16 as well. Processor is good and decent MB. Any sugesstions?
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    What do you guys think about this trade?

    I have an immactulate Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 edition and a verified member here wants to experience android os and wants to trade for a Surface Pro. I never used one of the surface units but I like Win 8 somewhat lol. Do you guys think I should go for it or keep the Galaxy?
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    Per CNN and other news outlets , change your Ebay password

    Looks like another massive hack. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.
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    Anyone here ever use Amazon to trade in old phones?

    I was curious how long it takes to process.
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    Asrock Extreme9 with Thermaltake hotswap dock

    Hey guys , anyone know what I need to do so my sata dock on the top of case works? The drives power up fine but don't show up in disk management. Is there a certain setting I need to use in my bios? Thanks
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    Help with Asrock Extreme9 and booting SSD

    Hey guys , I have a new mb and Im new to using SSD. I booted my Windows 8 disk but for some reason it wont install the OS onto the 128gb SSD. It said I needed to change option in motherboard. Any idea what might need to be done? This is a Kingston 128gb SSD w/ Asrock Extreme9 and AMD FX-8350
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    Does anyone have the Thermaltake Chaser MK-1

    I was wondering how it is and if you had any issues. I was going to go with this or the Cooler Master HAF-X
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    All over the news , Best Buy cancelled hundreds of orders

    Well Im one of them , ordered 3 of the sale kinect games after black friday and everything was good and golden until this week. Poof they cancelled my order without an email stating. Oh and I was already charged. When will I get my money back? 3-5 business days , oh fun after christmas so kids...
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    Soundbar question

    Hey guys , right before BF I purchased a beautiful 42" Class Razor LED Vizio w/ 3D tv. Due to the space in my living room I cant go balls out with a huge setup. What is the best soundbar for the money? I know Vizio makes their own but dont know much about it. Samsung had one on BF as well for...
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    Rebuilding my gaming rig , what is a good card at a decent price

    I should have up to 3-400 dollars to spend. I will be looking at a AMD FX line of Cpu/Motherboards but unsure with so many cards out there of what to get. My last card was a 4850X2 but I dont have that anymore. I am not particular to any brand but want something that will work great and last...
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    Any good deals for Duke?

    Anyone seen any decent online offers for Duke Nukem? I cant hit stores due to recovering from surgery. Thanks
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    Help needed with Ghost please

    I have a spanned ghost image of my enterprise xp install. its about 6gigs in total. I need to convert this to either an iso or vm image to deploy for testing on mac platform. (Parallels or Vm Fusion). Anyone know how I can covert that ghost to something usable? Thanks
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    Anyone know a store with cheapest Win7 Price?

    I am trying to find a legit copy of Win 7 , either Home or Pro online at the cheapest price. Anyone see a store that might have been priced decently? Thanks
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    Anyone having trouble getting Staples 2tb for 69?

    It is 1:16am , the front page shows the 69.99 price but when I add to my cart its 159.99. Anyone else having the same trouble ?
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    FREE Zagg - 50% off coupon to first PM

    I wont be able to use it since its a not a pay week lol. Runs out Oct 31st. Will PM the winner tonight his code.
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    Anyone want a buddy invite to Fallen Earth?

    Ive been playing on and off since closed beta and I would gladly push you guys an invite. I have a crafting char and can make you some starter gear as well. PM me your email address. I was lucky and got two of my favorite char names Max Rockatansky - Im sure you know who that is and...
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    Help and what the heck is up with WDC 2tb drives

    I have my primary storage drive , Western Digital 2 terrabyte green drive seemingly going. The unit is only 8 months old. It is coming up with Smart Error 05 , HD Regenerator doesnt get far scanning and it is listed as red in my Mac Pro. The unit is cooled very well so its not overheating or...
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    Help with ATI 3850 in Bootcamp Win 7

    Here is my gear Mac Pro - early 2008 model 10gb Ram , ATI 3850 , Windows 7 Enterprise 3 - 2tb drives and 1 - 1tb boot drive Idle temps are around 50c on my card , during Star Trek Online and not doing anything it hit 90c which is pretty hot. Even playing Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect it...
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    Holy crap moment , hopefully (WD) doesnt find their mistake

    A couple weeks ago I purchased a 2tb hard drive from a member on here. It was pretty much brand new but I think USPS beat it up or it was in the severe cold too long and it was DOA. I believe the seller that it was ok. I file a non advanced warranty return to WD , no problem cept it took...
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    How long does it usually take WD to process rma?

    I sent out a 2tb hard drive for replacement to WD. It was signed for on Tuesday 1/12/10. The website still hasnt updated with them receiving the product.
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    WD20EADS issues , any ideas?

    I just received a new drive from a member here (Nov 09 date on drive). I have experienced massive slow downs on my system after formatting. I run this on my Mac Pro with bootcamp. The mac side is showing Smart errors , windows 7 side is showing the drive but just doesnt seem right. I ran...
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    Need help with Coolermaster Cosmos (1st gen) case

    Anyone have any good tips on getting this case to actually cool stuff? Currently I am unable to continually use my machine due to overheating. Asus MB with 6400+ and a Peltier cooler , seems to handle the heat well - Its not the problem. My main issue seems to be my ATI 4870x2 and my...
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    Need advice for an emergency fan replacement

    I have the Ultra Chilltec Cooler , the big Peltier one. The flippin fan has died on the cooler. The fan I believe is 92x92x25 , does anyone know the best fan to get at that size? Newegg had some but they didnt have great reviews. Has anyone had this cooler and replaced their fan? Its the...
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    Umm this doesnt seem rights with my 4870x2

    Is 89 degrees Celcius normal idle? I have the HIS ATI 4870x2 pretty much brand new. My CPU temp is reporting 40c (6400)+ And there is no way 88c is coming out of my card , my room would be cooking.
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    Question about my Vigor Monsoon II cooler

    I have an AMD 6400+ Black Edition , Not overclocked with Ultra's version of the Vigor Monsoon II (With controller unit). I am running this in that Cooler Master Cosmos case with its stock fan setup. My Temps currently average 109 to 126 degrees Farenheight. Is this ok temp? I try and keep...
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    Asus M2R32-MVP Question

    I know its not the best mb out there but right now I cant afford to change it. What is the highest processor that can fit into this MB? I heard the first Phenoms would work. Right now I am using the 6400+ Black Edition , unfortunately that processor is getting old heh. Any suggestion on...
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    Help with the ATI 2900's I sold to someone plz

    I recently sold two mint ATI (Sapphire) 2900XT's with 1gb memory each. They were never used excessively. I played alot of games but never tried to OC. I used crossfire only a dozen times for Crysis. Here is the email I got from him , please tell me what you guys think. Hello, the cards both...
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    Anyone still having problems using DVI on a 4870x2 to a large monitor?

    I have a new 24" Benq and a HIS 4870x2 and still get a black screen when using DVI to DVI. Its Vista Ultimate 64bit. All drivers have been cleaned (In order to play Farcry 2). So its 8.10 with hotfix. I can use the SVGA with no problem, works great on the Benq. I can use my MacPro with the...
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    Far Cry 2 mission unlock code

    I saw this on a regular game website , this code unlocks a bunch of extra missions. Main Menu , Select Additional Content , Code is SpujeN7x This is not a code that is sold but I think was exclusive to Gamegustapo.
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    Anyone playing Warhammer Online?

    I am on the Slyvania server as Order if anyone wants to meet up. I have some earlier toons on some of the RP servers as well.
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    Question about my AMD 6400+ BE

    Hey guys , I have the AMD 6400+ Black Edition , its in a good Asus mb with a Peltier style cooler that keeps me in the 33c temps. What do you think I could OC this baby too? If you have any suggested settings please feel free to tell me. Thx
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    Urgent help needed with my HIS 4870X2 and Vista

    Ok , I have a fresh install of vista as of yesterday. It was running my HD 2900 XT fine with Catalyst 8.9. My beautiful HIS 4870x2 arrived and installed fine. Yes I uninstalled ATI before putting it in. Vista comes up , I log in and it looks for the driver , I hit cancel and install 8.9 again...
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    Recommended OS

    Hey guys , I love to game everything from Crysis down to abandonedware and even Mame. I have a decent rig with 4gb of memory and I was wondering if I should install Vista 64bit and leave XP behind? I think all of my hardware has drivers for 64bit and I already have a license. I also play...
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    2 Choices , what would you pick?

    I can get a ATI Radeon 4870 1gb Sapphire or a HIS 4870x2 . I have never owned a HIS product before. I just purchased the Benq v2400W monitor which should be awesome for a newer card. Is the performace on the x2 worth the extra 150 bucks?
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    Has anyone ever ordered a Benq refurbished monitor?

    On their site they say no returns , all sales final but what about a warranty at least? This is from the Benq store. Has anyone ever got one from them , was it in good shape? I was planning on ordering the V2400w for 329.00 Thanks
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    Quick question about Benq

    In the 24" range , should I wait for the E2400 or go with the older one? I have about 400 dollars to spend. Thanks
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    Value of my 2 cards , any idea?

    I will be upgrading within a week to a new video card so I have my two Sapphire HD 2900 XT's with 1gb memory each. They are only a few months old and have never been oc'd and should have all the dongles they came with. They came pre-installed in my system but I do have the driver disk for...