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    Infinity Reference 253 and R12 speakers 60% off

    300w RMS sub for $169 wtf? Stupid good deal
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    Basic steps to slightly undervolting my 2080Ti Seahawk EK-X?

    I don't know much about 2080Ti stock clocks but your 2010 Core Clock seems aggressive? I am coming from Rog Strict 3080 though and in my case with my preferred quiet fan profile it settles out to about 1920 mHz Core during heavy load. With the undervolt/overclock applied my card uses...
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    Basic steps to slightly undervolting my 2080Ti Seahawk EK-X?

    I recommend doing it this way: run game for a while and see what your GPU clock settles at (this will be your desired undervolt frequency) For me this is 1920mHz on my 3080 Open that Voltage/Frequency curve and find that frequency. Find desired Voltage and click the dot, and click 'l' on...
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    Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more (UPDATE - added source for Windows 10 retirement date)

    Even on larger 16:9 monitors centering the buttons is easier to reach/more efficient than the current bottom left. Windows 11 has features from cancelled 10X, which was supposed to be a direct Chrome OS competitor. So this makes sense.
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    MSI GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X 6GB $299.99

    Just check every day before noon pacific time. They have them several times per week
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    Radeon RX 6800 XT Hits 2.8GHz Overlock On LN2 To Smash 3D Mark Fire Strike Record

    Do you ever have anything positive to say? Seems like every topic I see you in, you're shitting on whatever it is. What a way to live..
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    The NIS discord is useless. Their refreshes are practically after stock is gone. go to this Discord for the real chances Tons of folks here (in the discord) have gotten cards - myself included.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    The marketing for 3090 has been "8k60". We're already seeing that a 3080 isn't that much faster than 2080ti at low resolutions. I wonder if 8k is the only use case that makes sense for a 3090, or if it really is only 19% faster than a 3080.
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    Destiny 2 Free 11/2 - 11/18 on Gift Page

    My buddy's theory is Warframe is eating Destiny's lunch.
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    Microsoft Is Deprecating the Old Windows Volume Mixer

    Just download EarTrumpet. It's the shit and way better than anything MS has made.
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    Farewell, Android Pay. We Hardly Tapped You

    I can't recall the last time I had to sign with Samsung Pay *shrug*
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    Farewell, Android Pay. We Hardly Tapped You

    My cards (afaik) aren't fancy enough to have the wireless built in.
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    Farewell, Android Pay. We Hardly Tapped You

    In my experience with Samsung Pay and places that support it, the transaction speed is significantly quicker than using the chip on my card. That's why I use it. I do my fingerprint to activate the card while they are still ringing me up, they click total, I put phone on pad and it beeps...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I've been using IPT a lot less since they changed their bonus point algo. It used to be use upload credit to get rid of something you haven't seeded enough or zap it with 50 bonus points. It was almost always more worth it to zap it with bonus points if you had even a halfway decent ratio...
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    Uber Engineer Who Made $170K per Year Commits Suicide Due to Job Stress

    You obviously have no idea how depression works. EDIT: My point is that maybe it's insensitive (it is, no doubt) but it's more ignorant than anything. 'm making an assumption but your comment to me says that you think he shouldn't have anything to complain about because he made a lot of money...
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    Phillips Hue 20% off @ Amazon

    Maybe I'm weird but I much prefer DIY solutions that "expand" your display by showing the relevant color all the way around the edge of the screen. Something like this -
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    Students Use Magic And Sorcery To Detect Items

    I feel like the "learning" aspect of this can only go so far. It seems like they'd literally have to teach it every item they put on it and that it's predictive selection has to be minimal. Could be wrong though.
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    Valve Removes Digital Homicide's Games From Steam

    Which AFAIK has gotten nowhere because of this:
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    220lb RC Jet Plane Disintegrates Midair

    Variable-pitch props are the answer you're looking for! Motor keeps spinning the same direction.
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    Logitech G710 Cherry MX Blue Gaming Keyboard $65 BestBuy In Store - YMMV

    You can add orings to any keyboard with MX switches afaik. Unless logitech was stupid and glued their keycaps on!
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    Steam: Over 500,000 Steam Controllers Sold

    I've got one. Don't have an elite controller to compare to but I can say that "I doubt it" as far as Steam controller being better than Elite controller. The customization is ridiculously in depth on the Steam controller but the build quality isn't the greatest. Also, I haven't found a way...
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    Tesla To Charge Model 3 Owners For Using Supercharging Stations?

    That's literally how they're marketed though. Directly from Tesla's website:
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    GPU for 2560 x 1600 monitor

    They were pretty rude about it, but I'll try to explain. The only card he inquired about buying was a Geforce 210. 1070 and 1080 coming out will have literally zero effect on the pricing of a 210. All the other GPUs he talked about (7970,970,460) are ones he owns already. So while they were...
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    Forza Motorsport 6: The first true DX12 game/true test of DX12?

    Total agreement here. I came in to this thread hoping to find maybe some people to race with or exciting news and all I got was a huge dick measuring contest about who knows how dx12 works the best, which quickly devolved in to shit like This whole thread should be locked jesus christ.
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    iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder $17 with Prime

    FYI, this is showing as $12.99 for me now. Fantastic deal!
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    Minecraft Player Live Streams House Fire

    Here: translations
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    Minecraft Player Live Streams House Fire

    Somebody in the relevant reddit thread translated it as a text-to-voice of his stream viewers saying "behind you" to alert him to the fire.
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    Windows 10: Sometimes Game Resolution Change Results in All Screens Black?

    Same here and it took forever to figure out how to get it to unfuck itself. I ended up having to do the "Win + P" to change to "duplicate" and then I was able to get the task manager on screen to close the game that blacked my screens.
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    Win 7 home premium $79.99 @ egg

    Keep in mind that, although this way is cheaper, you will be going through the built in MS store to update to 8.1 (takes a few hours), and THEN updating to 10 (also takes a while).
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    EVGA B-Stock 970 SC ACX 2.0, $249.99

    GTX 970 (sli or not) 4K gaming Choose one.
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    Sony Warns Against Upgrading To Windows 10

    Good to know. I have a Vivotab Note 8 and was holding off because I was scared about the stylus not working.
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    Objective 2 (O2) Headphone Amplifier $70 + Free Shipping

    Read the drop page. They're taking comments on how to build it and in the discussion there seems to be a large majority that are requesting rear power and rear audio input. That's the thing with this drop though. It's not an "official" O2. It is a Massdrop custom that is being made in...
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    Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor - $800

    Didn't see KenAF message. Deleted mine.
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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    Yeah I was going to say that using an old pdf at this point is equivalent to photoshopping a different price and getting it matched. It is legitimately fraud.
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    What is the Go-To Racing Wheel, Shifter, and Pedal Setup?

    The internals of their "new" wheels look like nothing more than g27 rebrands with some console buttons on the wheel and the shifter removed and tacking on almost $200 to total cost.
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    27" @1080p two feet not good, it should be 24" @1080p correct ?

    If anything you'll strain your eyes more. Text/everything will look smaller at 1440p.
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    "concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs" This card looks incredible. Thank you!