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    motherboard only has 3 audio outputs but apparently supports 8 channels - does a PCI bracket or case extension exist?

    I didn't realize when I was at microcenter the lack of ports my ASUS X570 motherboard has. Not sure why since there is a ton of room on the back model. I'm a bit lazy to return it, but in the event I want to connect 5.1 or even 7.1, is there a good/cheap way to just use the onboard headers and...
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    Best option for adding 2nd HDMI port w/ 3090

    It's a bit ridiculous that they went with 3 displayport and ONLY ONE HDMI 2.1 port on my 3090.. especially as VR is a thing and many headsets use HDMI for that. Side rant but my old 1080 ti was glorious with a DVI port, 2 Displayport, and 2 HDMI. Of course beggars can't be choosers... I needed...
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    LG UN8570

    Couldn't find any threads on this.. Thinking about getting the 86" version of this. Anyone have any experience? Any idea if it would support 4k@120hz VRR or even just 4k@120hz?
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    After 6 month storage motherboard won't get past CPU initialization

    After upgrading my computer this rig sat in a closet for 6 months. I pulled it out a few days ago and it won't boot. The motherboard is an Intel DP67BG and CPU is 2500k. The hardware diagnostic led on the motherboard will not get past CPU initialization, memory initialization passes. The last...
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    Stutter/Choppiness at 4k (Witcher 2)

    Ok, this is a weird issue and I'm not sure what's happening. With 2 290s, I'm having stuttering issues while trying to play The Witcher 2 at 4k. I get over 60 fps most of the time, usually more than 70 (which is odd because vsync is supposed to be on), yet it doesn't feel smooth at all...
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    Why do higher resolutions use more VRAM?

    I'm trying to understand why. Textures and vertices will stay the same size, since polygon count doesn't increase. The only thing that will change is the frame buffer. 3840*2160*32bit(rgba) = 253MB, if you're using vsync I guess it would have two frame buffers stored so that will take up 500MB...
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    Weird 4k Issue

    I think this picture describes it best. As you can see, some elements (like the taskbar, desktop icons, and CCC) are at normal 4k DPI while others (like the browser, Windows Explorer, and the mouse cursor) appear to be at 1440p upscaled. This happened after...
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    Is there a stand/arm that allows you to easily switch positions of monitors?

    Getting a 4k 27" monitor, the extra workspace should be really nice for doing any type of work, but when it comes to gaming I may want to switch to my 1440p monitor. I would want swap positions of the monitors so the 1440p is directly in front me while gaming and the 4k monitor directly in front...
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    Can someone test if this OpenGL program works on your GPU For some reason the sphere doesn't render on my GPU (AMD R9 290) but it does on my laptop (Intel HD 4400.) I wonder if it has something to do with AMD GPU's or if it is just some driver issue or something. Program just renders a...
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    Overclock not applying on reboot (MSI Afterburner)

    If I restart my PC, afterburner will show that it's overclocked, like this: But in game my clock will still be at the default. I have to change something in the overclock settings, like this: then change it back, like this: What's weird is my fan profiles seem to stick, just...
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    What do I need to get 7.1 out of this sound card? I'm a bit confused because my headset has 5 input jacks, one for the mic and 4 for the speakers/subwoofer. Also, is it possible to have spdif in and then output 7.1 through the analog connections?
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    290 Crossfire Stutter / Choppiness with vsync turned on

    If I have v-sync turned on and crossfire enabled I get really bad choppiness, nothing I do seems to fix it. I'm on 2.0 Crossfire 8x, but I'm not sure if that's the issue. I used to have the issue with my 6950s and 7870s, but logging off and signing back on before playing the affected games would...
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    Is Assassins Creed IV just poorly optimized or is something wrong on my end?

    2 R9 290s, i5 2500k at 4.6ghz. Vsync is off. I'm getting frequent drops to 50 fps with some action and 35-40 in highly populated areas. BF4 completely maxed out gave me 100+ FPS in the test map (I don't really play the game much to give non-test results) Everything is maxed in the game...
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    Does anyone know the shortcut to this in Windows 8?

    It's 3 fingers up for my Asus Trackpad to get to this page, but it's not exclusive software or anything. According to the trackpad software it might be called "running applications view" but I can't find anything on how to access it.
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    Cheap noise cancelling headphones?

    I need something that is comfortable and that can block out all sound for when I'm studing at the library. I'd prefer them not to take up much space in my backpack but whatever. I'm looking for something cheap, I don't care about sound quality. I'll probably be playing just white noise or if...
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    Upgrading LED Screen?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3521. It, like many laptops, has a 15.6" 1336x768 display. Is it possible to just buy a 15.6" 1080p display and replace it? The removal and installation of the LCD screen itself is pretty easy...
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    Gaming off x1 pci-e slot

    In case anyone is wondering I did a quick test and it seems to work fine on a 7970.
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    Why can't I connect to my VPN?

    I'm trying to create a VPN network on my PC so I can be on the same network while away. I did the new incoming connection in Network and sharing center, fowarded port 1273 on my computer, and made sure the firewall wasn't getting in the way (temporarily disabled it). When trying to connect to it...
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    Bioshock Infinite Vsync Fix?

    I can't find any info on this since it seems the steam forums are down. Anyways, I just got Bioshock infinite and if I turn on vsync everything is choppy. If I turn it off I get tearing and artifacts. Forcing vsync from CCC doesn't do anything. Is there a solution for this? Deus ex seems to have...
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    Issue with windows loading

    Everything was working fine yesterday until I turned on my PC this morning. Now when windows loads I get a black screen on all my monitors and every second the displays turn off and then back to the black screen. I don't believe any apps load because my G15 LCD doesn't show anything. I tried...
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    720P on Shimian Monitor

    What exactly do I need to do to get 720p input working on the monitor? I'm trying to hook up my PS3 to it. I tried using a DVI to HDMI adapter (the ones that used to come with ATI 4800 graphics cards), a single link DVI to HDMI cable, and both never worked. I even tried using 720p60 HDTV mode in...
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    Monitor Scaling

    How do I disable software scaling? I want to test if my shimian 1440p monitor supports 720p natively, but I can't figure out how to do it. I'm using an AMD card but if possible I could grab my old 8600gts
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    What killed my card?

    One of my 6950's was getting ridiculously hot while playing games (over 100 C, and this was the bottom card) so I took it out and tried installing my old HR-03 cooler with a 92mm fan on it. Put everything back together and noticed the card wasn't detected. I figured the card probably won't work...
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    One fan harder to spin?

    I noticed my gpu has been getting hot so I decided to try cleaning it out and I noticed something odd. One of the fans on my twin frozr 6950 seems harder to spin. The other fans spin quite quickly if I just give it a tap, but this fan no so much. I'm really not sure how to ffix it though. Any...
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    Mint Condition TF201 Transformer Prime 32GB Champagne Comes with everything that comes in the box.
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    Physically Repair Stuck / Dead Pixels?

    I have a monitor with some stuck and dead pixels. I've tried all possible methods online for fixing it, software, tapping, rubbing. Nothing has worked. Would taking apart my monitor open up new possibilities? I'd be glad if I could just be able to make the stuck pixel dead so it could be less...
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    PS Vita Like New BIN $200
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    Learning Java from scratch

    I want to learn java and then maybe incorporate that into some android development but have no experience whatsoever. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do? (books, online guides, how to approach it all, etc)
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    BSOD on shutdown

    Whenever I try to shut down my computer, I get a blue screen of death. IT has the error code 0x000000f4. I've updated my firmware on my ssd, tried removing all drivers with drivercleaner and the problem persists. Any insight here?
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    Recover Raid Array?

    I loaded bios defaults on my motherboard and forgot about raid and booted into windows. When I realized the problem I went back into the bios and changed the mode back to raid, however now it's asking me to create a new drive in windows. Anyway to recover my old state?
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    0x00000f4 on shutdown

    Basically when I shut off my pc I get a bsod. It's not a major issue, but it is still a problem. Is this related to the bug on crucial m4's? I only have 1410 hours on my drive.
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    Make Sure You're Not In Power Saving Mode

    Been receiving bad performance in games, figured it was just AMD's drivers or the game being not well supported, it wasn't until I tried GameBooster and received a significant increase in performance that I realized being in power saver mode was ruining my performance. This seems to only be a...
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    Mini bluetooth keyboard

    I've been thinking of getting some sort of keyboard for my touchpad. I want something with all the necessary keys for practical use, and since I use android pretty much all the time I don't want the hp one. Any good suggestions? I was thinking of getting something with a mouse too for when ICS...
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    Games are choppy in extended mode

    If I have my second monitor enabled and play a game it becomes very choppy. Disabling the second monitor makes it smooth. Is there a reason for this and can it be fixed?
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    Something I noticed with 3D

    So I finally bought some glasses for my 3dtv and viewed some SBS content. It seems more like the objects are two dimensional but at different depths. Like there were some mountains and some boulders that you could notice were clearly at different depths, but it still looks flat. I also got some...
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    Can't run dual channel anymore

    I just got a 2500k, when I installed it I started receiving memory errors. Turns out I can only have 2 sticks if it's in single channel mode. Everything was fine before I installed the 2500k. I even went back to my 2300 and the problem still occurs. Any suggestions?
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    2500k upgrade worth it?

    Currently have an i5 2300 at 3.4 ghz. My brother is going to microcenter soon to buy a 2500k, and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade. I don't know how much I could sell my 2300 for, but I'm thinking no more than a $50 upgrade. I also already have a hyper 212 cooler not being used...
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    Overvolt with powertune?

    Basically I want to add more voltage to my 6950 while having powertune at +20%. Otherwise my clocks will fluctuate meaning my overclock is useless. I have tried modifying the bios with RBE but I get a bsod in windows. Even if I uninstall my ati drivers, once I reinstall them and restart I get a...
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    Question about displayport tearing

    I got this on newegg Currently one of my monitors tear because it's on displayport while the others are on dvi and hdmi. I read that using displayport for all monitors will fix the...
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    Free game -Proun

    Download for free or play what you want, I tried it and it's pretty fun.