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    Maxed out my video card options... what next?

    So, after losing a a pair of video cards to a water cooled open-loop (radiator sprung leak), I ended up getting a 980ti to replace them. I had hoped to hang out for Skylake, but I'm just not sure if it's worth the trouble for me. At this point, I think I'm no longer GPU limited. I'm either...
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    EVGA GTX 570.... going out again?

    Ok... on my 2nd 570... and I'm wondering if I'm jinxed. What are the odds of !2! being bad? Help! -P
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    XFX Black Edition going out?

    Ok.. I'm actually wondering if some of my problems are PSU related. All the voltages seem fine, but Im grasping at straws now. Anyone? -P
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    HELP! Do I have a lemon? MSI P67-GD65

    OK... Backstory: I finally decided to get back in the crazy world of desktops after being gone to laptop-land for a while. I did all my reading and found (IMHO) what offered the best bang/buck. Specs: MSI P67-GD65 (1.B bios) EVGA GTX570 (270.61 drivers) 4GB CORSAIR Vengeance 1600 memory...
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    Problem with new GTX 570?

    OK... I can't figure this out. Brand new computer, and I have some crazy issues right off the bat. Sofar, I've installed Windows and already had 10 blue screens. The first time was right after I installed the latest WHQL Forceware driver. Yhe reboot right after it's installed, I get a...
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    Need help with a tiny case for WHS.

    So, I've had this bug to build a nice sweet WHS setup, mainly for things like backups, Tivo rips, and time machine backups. I figure the HP Mediasmarts have been nice, but I prefer to have something I'll be able to get parts for later. Currently, I'm looking at a Socket 775 mb in a Mini-ITX...