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    Did my monitor (Acer XB270HU) just die?

    Hey all, Long time member here but I don't post as often as I should. I was playing my usual gaming session last night when all of a sudden my Acer XB270HU made a grinding sound for a split second and then cut out. The sound could have come from my PC as it happened so fast. Since my video...
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    How to set a profile with Cat 9.10?

    Hey all, In the past I have created two separate profiles for the fan speeds of my 4850's. For some reason, I cannot find the option in the Cat 9.10 interface. Where is it? Thanks!
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    My Windows 7 upgrade version experience

    Hey all, just want to note my experience with installing the Upgrade version of Windows 7. Had Vista Ultimate installed and wanted to do a true clean install for Windows 7. Have no problem giving up my Vista license for W7. Booted the install disk from Vista and proceeded with the Windows...
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    New ATI cards, any uncomming games?

    Hey All, I currently still have my crossfire 4850's which I bought last June the day of release, they have served me very very well. Now that the 5 series are becoming availible, are there really any upcoming PC games that are out, or coming out that will really make these cards worth my...
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    Real Temp 3.00 5 degrees warmer than 2.70

    hey all, After doing a re-format of my OS, I decided to install Real Temp 3.00 as it is the latest version. It measures my e8400 idle temp to be 43c. With 2.70 it was reading 38c. Anyone know which one may be correct? Calibration required? Not a real biggie to me since the load temps...
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    360 Warranty - is it 1 year or 3 years?

    Yeah, I know, not really "gaming" , just curious because I lost track, is the warranty on the 360 1 year or 3 years, or just 3 years for the RRoD? I'm curious because I bought my 360 back in December of 06. I know how a DVD drive issue where it says "the disc is unreadable" , even on new...
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    Will I be happy with a Benq G2400WD coming from an NEC 20WMGX2?

    hello all, I would really like to make the upgrade to 1920 x 1200 from my current 20" 1680 x 1050 setup. I have a 20WMGX2 that I love but would like to go bigger. I am looking at the Benq G2400WD because of its great reviews and feedback. Also, I can get this monitor at NCIX with the...
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    24" monitor to replace my 20WMGX2

    hey all, Im ready to upgrade to a 24" monitor which will be mainly used for gaming. I currently have a NEC 20WMGX2 which is great, but I would like the extra resolution. I also prefer the glossy screen. I have two monitors on my radar, the Gateway FHD2401 and the HP w2408h. I like these...
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    How do I re-enable Crossfire?

    hey all, I was just doing some benchmarking with the Far Cry 2 utility. I ran the benchmark with crossfire on, then just for comparison I disabled crossfire (unchecked the box in CCC). Now I am unable to re-check the box to enable it. The CrossfireX is not even listed anymore in the menu on...
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    Far Cry 2 Won't load (steam)

    hey all, I'm having an interesting issue with Far Cry 2 not loading. I cannot open it at all, I get the windows "failed to load" window. GRID loads fine, same with TF2, but seems as though my DX10 games will not load. What gives?
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    Hows Grid Online Multi?

    hey all, I know I'm a bit late to the Grid scene, but I just downloaded the demo (version 1.1, which is awesome that they even updated the demo) and the game seems really fun. Thinkin about buying it off of steam. Anyways, hows the online multiplayer? I'm assuming there is one. Still a lot of...
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    Fan Controller Question

    Hey all, i'm looking at getting a fan controller for my PC, specifically the Zalman MFC1. Quick question though, is there a way to have these fan controllers hooked up to the motherboard as well to monitor say my CPU fan rpms. For example, I know have a Zalman fanmate. The CPU fan hooks...
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    Hotfix #2 owned me

    Yup, "installed" this driver and got the blue screen of death. Now I cant boot into windows. The blue screen showed an error with an ati file, cant remember the extension. 4850 crossfire.
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    Interesting find - Intel Burn Test Stable (100 passes), Prime stable, OCCT FAILS

    All, Recently have been working to get my e8400 3.80 Ghz stable, truly stable. With my settings I have passed 100, yes 100 passes of Linpack, 24 hours of Prime95 small FFT, 12 hours blend, and 7 hours of memtest. All games play fine. I decided to experiement with the last stability utility on...
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    Do you install windows updates?

    Hey all, quick question, do you install windows updates? I have had a bad hait of never using or downloading any of them, except the service packs of course. Are they worth it?
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    Can video card errors effect Prime95 (Blend)?

    hey all, Quick question. I decided to try to install the catalyst 9 drivers, with no such luck. I received an error message saying the the hardware was not properly installed. I restarted my computer, and the message went away so I just moved on. I randomly decided to run Prime95 Blend...
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    3D Demo Links (Ati and Nvidia have been slacking)

    Just looking to show off some graphics to people, anyone have any good (and recent) 3D demos that they like to use?
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    Prime95 and multiple windows logins

    Hey Folks, Just made a little observation over the course of my overclock testing. Like some, I have two windows profiles, an Administrative profile and a Limited profile. I use the Admin profile when installing apps, and the Limited profile in my every day browsing. I always use the Admin...
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    Reasoning for multiple Prime passes, then fail?

    Hey folks, Recently clocked my e8400 to 3.8 Ghz. Tested and passed: 21 hours Prime Small FFT, 9 hours Large FFT, and 25 hours blend. Today, randomly I decided to run small FFT again. This time it failed after 26 minutes. What's the reasoning behind this? Ambient temps are roughly the same.
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    Stupid Vista and 3DMark06

    Notice something wrong with this??? Picking up my cpu speed as 4.28 Ghz, when indeed it is at 3.8Ghz. Seems as though windows doesn't pick up the 8x multi, and thinks its at 9x.
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    Memory frequency and divider, will I see any performance gain?

    Hey folks, I'm finally able to get my e8400 stable at 3.8 Ghz. Probably stop it at here for a while. Right now I'm running a 475 FSB with a 1:1 ram divider and an 8x multi. 475 x 8, 3.8Ghz, ram running at 475, with timings of 5-5-5-15. My question is, would I be better off running, 423 x...
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    Software that gives FSB and Northbridge Voltages

    Hey folks, The BIOS for my Gigaybyte X48-DS4 does not show the voltage level for the FSB and Northbridge (FSB and MCH). It only shows the incremental increase in voltage from the default. Which software is availible to monitor this? Thanks
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    e8400 at 3.8 Ghz (475 w/8x multi, or 423 w/9x multi)

    hey folks, quick question. I'm in the process of getting my e8400 to 3.8 ghz. I have DDR2-1066 ram which is why I'm asking. I figure the higher FSB would allow me to run my memory a bit faster ( less than 1066 though), with 1:1 ratio. Using 423 fsb with 9x will run my memory slower than the...
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    How do you partition your hard drive?

    Hey guys, Just curious how you have divided up your hard drive with partitions. I have a single 250GB drive, with just one partition. I had left up 10GB to install the Gigagyte Express Recovery, but decided that was probably a bad idea. So now I just have one hard drive, with one...
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    e8400 Overclocking no Fun!

    Hey folks, Just built a new rig with an e8400. For the life of me, I cannot get this to run Prime95 at stock voltages at 3.6 Ghz. Maybe the newer batch is the problem. Batch#: Q814A467, Pack Date: 05/15/08 Prime95 does not even last 5 seconds before it reports an error. I also tried...
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    Need some overclocking assistance (E8400 x48 board)

    Hey folks, I just completed my new rig build last night. I am currently trying to overclock my e8400 to 3.6 Ghz. This should be easy to reach, however, I think I need some help with my BIOS settings. I set my FSB to 400 with a 9x multi. Prime95 fails in under 5 seconds, which leads me to...
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    New Build: e8400 shows running at 2.66 Ghz

    Hey folks, Just finished my build last night. I am running a x48-DS4 Gigabyte board. When I boot to BIOS it recognizes the chip, but shows it running at an 8X multiplier. Is this normal? Shall I just bump it up to 9x. Looks like my memory timings were loosened as well. Thanks
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    Power supply for Crossfired 4850's

    Hey folks, Just curious to see what the power requirements of this card are. I have been searching through google, and have had a tough time finding some info. I do see, at newegg, that they say a 550 Watt power supply is required. I just so happen to have a Corsair 550VX power supply...
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    Evga 9800GTX $239 at ZipZoomfly

    Folks, Zipzoomfly has the evga 9800gtx for $299, then when you click on the link, it drops to $269. Add it to cart, and it goes to $239.
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    Why not get 9800gtx SLI instead of GTX 280

    Folks, I'm about to build a new PC in the next couple of weeks. Based on early reviews, wouldnt it make sense to buy two 9800gtx's and put them in SLI, over one gtx 280? Am I missing something?
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    Are your CPU fans always at 100%

    hey guys, I recently just purchased an arctic freezer 64 for my x2 4200+. I noticed that my fan is always running at 2200rpm, which is close to maximum speed. There is significant noise difference between this speed and the lowest setting (adjusted via bios). So does everyone else have...
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    Power Supply Problem

    hey folks, I am having this slight problem with my PC and I think it involves my power supply. Whenver I go to turn it on, the computer boots as it normally does, with all fans running at full speed. At this instant, it stays that way and I get no video output. I then have to turn off the...
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    Stupid Question: Retail Heatsink (3200+ to 4200+)

    hey guys, this is a pretty lame question, but I can't seem to find the answer. I currently have a winchester 3200+ with the retail heatsink. I am looking to upgrade my 939 setup with an OEM X2 4200+. Will I be able to use the heatsink from the 3200+? I can't seem to find this answer...
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    Is the motherboard cooked?

    My brother sent home his computer from college to have me take a look at it, as he said it wasn't "working". I figured it was a loose plug or something was not connected right. Anyways, I turned on the PC and got no video output from his 7900gt. I double checked the connections and tried...
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    Xbox 360: Is this an overheating problem? *pic*

    yea, this is about the fifth time this has happened in two days. The game just freezes up as shown below. Its done this in Gears of War, MLB 2k7, and now NBA 2k7 Overheating? Looks like I will be contacting xbox support. Sad, cause it has a manufacture date of 10/2006, so its pretty new.
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    How is the Catalyst Control Center now?

    I have yet to use this with the Ati drivers as I heard they can slow down your system and such. Personally, I have always used the display driver alone (from Ati) and Ati Tray Tools. I wouldn't mind trying out the CCC if I find out that it doesn't cause a possible system slow down (or a...
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    Anyone purchase their 2007WFP from Costco?

    Due to the state tax holiday this weekend, i am thinking about buying a 2007WFP from a local Costco. Anyone else purchase their monitor from Costco? Did you get the A02 Rev?
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    Dumbest...Question...Ever (Print Screen & Dead Pixel)

    Ok, I have this small blemish on my screen the size of a pixel but it is slightly round and very faint (not as defined as a dead pixel would be). My dumb question is, if I used the screen capture function and pasted it into MS Paint, would the dead pixel show in the pasted picture? For...
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    Piece of dust on the inside of my 20WMGX2

    I received my NEC 20WMGX2 yesterday, and although there are no dead pixels it seems as though there is this faint spot where it is slightly grey. Its not really noticeable on anything except a white screen. Its about the size of a pixel and a little more round which gave me the hint that it...