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    Lies Of P

    Lies Of P. "Guide Pinocchio and experience his unrelenting journey to become human." Release: 2023 (crank up the res to 4K before you play)
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    Retailers Paywall Consoles, GPU's, Black Friday Deals Behind Expensive Annual Passes

    BestBuy, Walmart, GameStop, Target. Their hands are contractually tied from selling high-demand consoles and GPU's at above MSRP. Yet they are very aware how much more those products are reselling for at street value. They've had enough of standing idly by while human filth dances out of their...
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    [Leak/Rumor] Valve Deckard - Wireless VR/AR

    (Possibly) Valve's Next Big VR Thing. Leaked/rumored/tentative info. Will be updated as more materializes. Recently datamined SteamVR code has unearthed the following. 2K/4K per eye, Micro OLED panels. May be rotated to allow wider FOV Varifocal lenses confirmed, apparently with support for...
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    AMD to release Radeon RX 6600 Non-XT on 10/13, on par with RTX 3060

    AMD will be reportedly release the Radeon RX 6600 (non XT) on 10/13. Performance on par with RTX 3060, MSRP of $299. Unfortunately gamers hopeful to get a new GPU may have to keep waiting because it will reportedly have the same ETH mining...
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    The Last Of Us: HBO Series - First Image Revealed

    Pedro Pascal (Mandalorian, Game of Thrones) as Joel, and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. There are backpacks. Now that you've seen it- "oh that's cool", you can go back to bed.
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    NVIDIA CEO: GPU Shortage Will Continue Throughout 2022

    In its latest earnings call, Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang explained he expects GPU shortages to continue throughout most of 2022.
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    Mouse wheel acceleration is a game changer

    I don't know how many dozens of mice I've been through looking for my crossroads of perfection: - Ultra-light, around 53g (i.e. Cooler Master MM710) - Wired-level responsiveness - "Zero" lag, high polling rate - became more important and evident with a 120Hz monitor - The wheel of the Logitech...
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    NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti Officially Announced

    Event: May 31, 10PM PST / June 1, 1AM EST
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    That One Thing You Bought and Now Can't Live Without™

    There are those rare products you buy and may not expect much of, but then turn out to be game changers. I'm curious what others have found.
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    LG CX 48" 55" 65" 77" 4K OLED TV 120Hz VRR HDMI 2.1 - Microcenter (Refurbished)

    Microcenter occasionally has great deals on refurb LG OLED's, and somewhat under the radar since it doesn't typically hit the big deal-aggregator sites. Essentially 33% off retail. I've bought several of these and they screens look/feel like new. Same LG screen replacement warranty as retail...
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    ZOTAC Antagonizes Gamers With New White Edition Cards in Mining Rigs

    Zotac's begun selling their new white edition Nvidia 30-series cards, and to celebrate they've tweeted a photo featuring some of them in a mining rig. Except they've tagged #gamers and #pcgaming for some reason, maybe just to rub it in. At first glance in my newsfeed I assumed it was a clever...
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    Silicon Power 1TB NVMe 4.0 Gen4 PCIe R/W up to 5000/4400 MB/s - $147.99

    Silicon Power 1TB NVMe 4.0 Gen4 PCIe M.2 SSD R/W up to 5,000/4,400 MB/s (SP01KGBP44US7005) I think this is the lowest price that a Gen4 1TB NVMe with a solid Phison E16 controller and TLC has ever been. I was about to buy yet another Inland Premium...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    For the discussion of stock alerts, tips and tricks for getting your filthy hands on AMD CPU's, GPU's & motherboards, Nvidia Ampere GPU's, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Intel Rocket Lake CPU's. This post will be updated.
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    Far Cry New Dawn

    Release Date: Feb 15, 2019
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    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (From Software)

    Developer: FROM Software Director: Hidetaka Miyazaki Publisher: Activision ETA: 2019 Samurai Souls, anyone?
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    SegWit2x discussioin - and why it will be dead on arrival

    Bitcoin is forking on or around November 16, 2017, 11:32 am EST based on the SegWit2X code on block height 494784. However the new altcoin is doomed for a lot of reasons. Simplest is that you can't force a hard fork without near unanimous consensus of the entire Bitcoin community -- users...
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    Metro: Exodus

    Discussion of the gorgeous sequel to Metro: Last Light Release: 2018
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    Windows 10 Privacy Tweak Guide - Creators Update

    Updated for Creators Update: Comprehensive step-by-step for getting Windows 10 under control: - Disable Telemetry and unnecessary services - Disable forced updates - Disable Cortana - Remove OneDrive - Remove Windows Store and app bloat -...
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    Smallest case for Mini-ITX and 3-slot 1080 Ti?

    Hey gents, looking for the smallest case that'll fit a ASUS Strix Z270i Mini-ITX and 3-slot GPU (Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti, 11.5" long). No 2.5 or 3.5" drive slots needed. Seems like Ncase M1 might fit the bill but it's unrealistic to acquire. Thoughts?
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    Robo Recall

    Released today, looks like a blast. IGN: 8.5/10 RoadToVR: 8.5/10 UploadVR: 7.5/10 Engine: Unreal Engine Mod support: Yes Price: Robo Recall will be available for free on Oculus Home to all Oculus Touch owners as of today.
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    Bad news for MS as Windows 10 loses market share, Windows 7 gains -- again

    Another month, another embarrassment for Microsoft, as Windows 7 *gains* more marketshare while Windows 10 loses it, despite 10 being the only choice when purchasing a new PC. And this will likely continue until Microsoft stops ignoring the major complaints, like the lack of a telemetry Off...
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Discussion Thread

    For the discussion of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
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    Radeon RX Vega Discussion Thread

    Discussion of Radeon RX Vega GPU's..
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    Looks like Ryzen will support Windows 7 and 8.1 after all

    So much for Microsoft trying to get AMD to artificially limit Ryzen to Windows 10, on the basis of some "deep integration" b.s. -- Ryzen board partners aren't having it. They're understandably interested in selling hardware without limiting their market to only one version of Windows. BOOM -...
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    Microsoft silently reissues spying updates to Windows 7 & 8.1

    Here we go again...
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    Microsoft’s Windows 7 Problem Isn’t Going Away

    Even the pro-Microsoft sites are noticing.. "Windows 7 usage share didn’t change much over the past year. That is a huge problem for Windows 10, and for Microsoft. After the many issues it had getting the Windows XP installed based moved forward to more modern and secure Windows versions...
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    Windows 10 adoption stalls in December, Windows 7 on the rise

    Another rough month for Windows 10. The numbers are in, and what should have been a nice boost for Windows 10 adoption - with the holiday season and captive buyers ending up with 10 preloaded on new PCs - was just a whimper as Windows 7 outgrew it by nearly 2:1, and is still more than twice as...
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    Microsoft breaks DHCP in latest Windows 10 Update

    Facepalm. This isn't even people on the Insider fast track builds. This is General Availability. Soo... if you can't get online.. visit their website.. Got it.
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    Microsoft begins selling Windows 10 telemetry data to third parties

    So much for Microsoft's "we won't sell your data to third parties".
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    Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

    Released today on Steam Early Access. Game type: wave shooter
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    Windows 10 now losing marketshare, Windows 7 gaining

    Embarrassing.. But not surprising. WTF? Windows 10 now actually losing market share In September, according to NetMarketShare, Windows 10 didn’t just show slower growth, it actually went into reverse gear and lost usage share. Yes, you read that right. According to the figures, Windows 10...
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    EFF: Microsoft blatantly disregards user choice & privacy with Windows 10

    With Windows 10, Microsoft Blatantly Disregards User Choice and Privacy: A Deep Dive
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    Best Ad-blocking solution for Android?

    Just curious what the best bet is for Ad-blocking on Android. Certain sites are getting incredibly annoying with their laggy fullscreen popups on mobile browsers these days. Edit: I've read good things about Adguard for Android and am experimenting with that now.
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    Escape From Tarkov

    Escape From Tarkov is a 'hardcore' MMO with shades of STALKER | PC Gamer Latest Alpha footage from a few days ago.
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    BATTLEFIELD 1 Release: October 18, 2016
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    Admins can no longer block App in Windows 10 Professional

    Admins can no longer block access to the Store in Windows 10 Pro The creeping erosion of user choice and control continues..
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    Battlefield 5

    Thread moved to Battlefield 1 -> BATTLEFIELD 1
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    NEVER10 - 1 click to avoid Windows 10 forever

    1-click avoid Windows 10 infecting your PC with Never10 by GRC aka Steve Gibson, the author of SpinRite and one of the most trusted guys in the biz going back decades. GRC | Never10   Writeup: How to completely avoid upgrading to Windows 10... forever
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    Despite Microsoft’s aggressive tactics, Windows 10’s growth slows

    Another month, another drop in Windows 10's adoption rate from the month prior. This is the real metric that has MS worried while they frantically press release big round numbers of how many total PC's have supposedly upgraded. And this despite the trojan nagware tactics of GWX on 7 and 8...
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    Disable Windows 10 pop-up nagware with GWX Control Panel

    This is the definitive one-click tool if you're tired of Windows 10 pop-up nagware infecting your Windows 7 and 8 PC. New version out today as well. Download: Further information...