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    Why doesn't anyone bring back the complexities of the original Rainbow 6 game?!

    So it's been 21 years, but I really miss that level of immersion that the original game brought to the table. The idea that having one of your operators killed on a mission was a permanent thing was also pretty damn cool and WAY ahead of its time. Why are all the new "tactical" shooters so much...
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    Upgrading synology - Any reason NOT to aim for overkill?

    To try and make a long story shorter, I've got an old DS216Play unit (and have loved it) but I need MOAR space. While I *could* just go buy two 10tb drives and copy everything on it over (it's two 5tb in a mirrored array) I'd rather move to a 4 bay unit so I can avoid this situation in the...
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    4k(ish) projectors... worth it yet?

    I love my 1080p projector, and to my eye it produces a better image (or "experience" if you're into that) than my parent's 4k tv. Is there really as big of a leap between a 1080p projector and a mid-tier 4k projector as there is between a 1080p tv and a 4k tv? I'm a bit skeptical of all the "4k"...
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    Thinking of upgrading work monitors - HP Z32x?

    My trusty PA271Ws are giving up the ghost (~33,000 hours of use) and it's time to find a new pair of accurate (but reasonably priced since a large portion of my daily work doesn't require accurate color) monitors. Based on what I've read the HP Z32X seems to fit the bill nicely. Reasonably...
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    Why did I wait so long to delid?!

    TLDR: I'm lazy and waited months to tear down my system and delid my 7700k... mind blown by results. So months ago I bought the delid / relid tool for my 7700k, but being the lazy SOB that I am, I waited until today to tear down my loop and actually delid the damn cpu... I couldn't bring...
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    *Warm* Ryzen R7 1700x — $299 (Amazon deal of the day)

    It's the cheapest I've seen on amazon. Link
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    Go home memory prices, you're drunk.

    I mean really now, I thought the price of ddr4 was ludicrous a few months ago, looking again today it appears the price of ddr4 has gone plaid. I paid $200 (and thought I was being foolish) for this kit a few months ago, now it's up to $399. Nearly $400 for a 32gb kit?! I was all excited to...
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    Sigh... Origin account hacked

    Just a heads up, some asshat from the russian federation tried to hijack my origin account this morning. Thankfully I caught the email change password pretty quickly and reverted the change (and changed my password) but I still have to wait until their help center is open for calls to fix the...
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    Surprised with the move from SB-E to Kaby Lake

    Slowly but surely the reasons I went with the X79 platform have been dying off. I used to run two GPUs and a SAS raid controller for a DAS array next to my rig. With SSDs growing in capacity and dropping in price so drastically over the past few years I no longer needed a bunch of 10k drives to...
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    I don't always derp

    but when I do, I herp first. Finally got around to swapping out my old asrock extreme 3 for a Rampage IV extreme with EK blocks this past weekend. While I was at it I swapped my old MIPS iceforce HF CPU block for a EK Supremacy EVO to match the mobo and GPU blocks. After leak testing I fired...
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    Should I wait to upgrade or scratch the itch?

    I've come down with upgraditis pretty bad, but I'm not sure if I should upgrade right now or wait a few months. At this point the primary focus of this computer is gaming - lots of Arma 3, some TF2, R6 siege, fall out 4, etc. My main rig currently has: Mobo: Asrock x79 Extreme 3 CPU: 3930k...
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    !Toasty! Good deal on a great cartridge!

    It took a few months, but Amazon has dropped the price on the fantastic Denon DL-103 to compete with a fairly sketchy looking 3rd party seller. $161.43 with Prime shipping :D...
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    Major compatibility oversight

    Just looked at the latest kitchenaid stand mixer, go figure they forgot to make it compatible with the thinset/grout paddle I've got.:mad: Are all these threads about kids with cheap korean monitors that only support DVI or "HDMI 2.0 is the ONLY connection I'll use" legit, or has nVidia...
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    Corsair 350d (non window) $59.99

    I've had one in my cart for a few days debating building a matx box out of spare parts and noticed the price. Couldnt resist for $60. No stupid rebates and free 2 day shipping if you're a prime member...
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    Any real harm in going overboard with the PSU?

    To cut a long story short I built up a beast of a computer for work a while back, and used the maxrevo 1350w psu. Now they want "moderate" versions of what I built, but with the same mobo, cpu, and psu. These builds do not need a 1k+ psu, but will it hurt anything or just be inefficient? It's...
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    i5 750

    Is it out already? Just browsing the B2B catalog that Tiger-Direct included in our last order and saw the i5 750 listed @ $229
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    Could use another set of eyes

    make that quite a few sets... Long story short I'm a photographer, and until 6:30pm last night the studio I work at did not have a website. Yes that's right, it's 2009 and we didn't have a website. So I set out to fix that, and created a website that is exactly what I want, it's simple...