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    Triple monitor sim options

    Building my first sim cockpit. Finally decided on the GTR Simulator GTA Pro with the large Triple Monitor stand. Looking for the best cheap triple setup since I will also be doing VR some of the time. 1080p 144-165hz 1ms response got to have low input lag IPS Would like HDR10 and 300+...
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    Best 3000 series choice for vertical mount setup

    I was planning on going for a 3080 FE right at launch as trying to catch 3rd party models when they randomly go in stock before bots get them feels like it will be next to impossible but looking at my setup now not sure how the FE cooing will work. Using a TT View 71 RGB with vertical gpu mount...
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    Replacement controller for original Rift?

    A friend has the original rift and one of the Motion controllers broke so he ordered a new one. He didn't know the Rift-S uses new controllers and that is all they have now on the Oculus site. The new Touch controller will not sync\detect with the original. Seems strange they just completely...
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    Oled issues

    My LG 55C7 developed the split screen haze issue where split down the middle the right half had a screen door filter look. No visible burn in at all using a full screen notepad. Repair comes out and replaces both boards in back of TV and a ton of burn in suddenly shows up and instead of entire...
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    Will there be an updated Vive bundle?

    So when the new Vive Knuckles come out do you think they will update the retail bundle with them? A new bundle with the updated headstrap and knuckles would be really nice. If so what kind of price would you expect? $700? $800?
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    Can't make up my mind!

    Need to replace my 42" Panasonic LED soon. Passing it on to a family member and really tired of it. Been big screen since the Olevia 27 to my Westy 37 to this 42. Not sure if I can give it up or stop going bigger every upgrade. Usage, everything. Cable, PS4, XB1, PC. I sit about 3 ft back...
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    Frys Bundles

    I don't know if this has already come up and I missed but has Fry's just stopped doing cpu\mb bundles or what? I haven't seen one, especially a good one, in months. For a while there they were so good every week I couldn't say no and had 3-4 just sitting in my room waiting for new systems.
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    GTX 580 Peeves

    Put a 580 GTX in my home machine about two weeks ago which was running a 5870 connected to my 42". The 5870 and the 5850 before were always connected via hdmi. Now with the AMD cards this was just hdmi right into the card but now I have to have this extra cable because NV can't put a full size...
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    Upgrade Question

    Anyone know what kind of performance difference I could expect from an X1600 Pro 512 vs a X800 Pro flashed to an XT PE clocked at 500/500? I need a bandaid AGP card bad until I do a full new system upgrade. The price on this card is pretty nice...