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    evga forum down for me 48 hours

    trying to log in evgas forum since yesterday and always give me servers at high capacity warning ... this happening to any others ??? did search and nothing new... tried with several browsers also link thanks
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    evga forum aug 2020

    evga's forum has been down for me about 3 days now... is it down for others as well ? or something on my end.. when checking 'is it down right now ' site it says it's up ... I'm using edge ver.. 84.0.522.52 thanks for info..
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    Windows 7 64bit with Nvidia turing gpus

    I was wondering if anyone is running a turing gpu, 2070,2080, or 2080 ti on a windows 7 64 bit pc ? Running without problems ? Have you had some problems ? I've read alot of reviews with these cards and windows 10 , but have heard nothing about win 7 and turing gpu........ thanks in advance...
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    win 7 update stuck on auto download and install

    Everything was working fine a couple days ago, except steams new wishlist........... So, I uninstalled IE 11 on Win 7 ........ reinstalled , and now in update center page at top is has 1 some settings are managed by your system administrator ..... well, I'm the admin... 2 important updates...
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    choose : 1070 + gsync OR 1080 + freesync

    wondering what would be a better choice 1070 gpu + 27'' gsync monitor = about $1100 ... 400 + 700 = 1100 or 1080 gpu + 27'' freesync monitor = about $1100 700 + 400 = 1100 these are rough estimates , but wondering if...
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    win 10 ssd swap to old win 7 ssd ??

    Let me ask you guys something.....I'm thinking about upgrading to win 10, but like win 7 so... I have win 7 home on crucial ssd... if I download ms creation tool shut pc off swap out crucial win 7 ssd with new sandisk ssd boot up using the iso or usb , do fresh install of win 10 on sandisk...
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    warning updating KB3133977 , asus mb and win 7

    just read this, Microsoft Botches Up UEFI Support for Windows 7 on ASUS Motherboards seems like MS will do anything to get people to upgrade to win 10