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    Program for Windows that load balances multiple cellphone tethers?

    Are there any programs that would allow me to use multiple cellphones in a load-balanced manner to give myself not just more bandwidth but also redundancy with windows? If I had 2 4G/5G cellphones connected via USB for tethering internet is there a way to load balance them/offer redundancy so if...
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    Mobile stream box BOYS!!! A must-read ^^

    Let me know mods if there is a better section for this. So, I am looking into possibly building a mobile stream box. My goal is to build a box that can handle this: Stream Box Requirements *Support portable monitor via DP/USB/HDMI (DP preferred I think. It has latches so cable less likely to...
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    Does this Work? 2x female to 1x male to run 2 power sources in parallel?

    I have 2 backup batteries that can run at various voltages. Assume these 2 scenarios for 12v and 19/20v. Can I use this cable below to run 2 power sources of equal volts in parallel to double the maximum amp limit and run time? For the 12v option which is the max amps? Split power cable...
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    Is this cable proprietary or can I get a new one?

    I have this laptop battery pack and the cable broke. Is it proprietary or can I get a new one? The batteries are still good and strong so it sucks if I have to throw it out and buy a new one. It is a Turcom M9000.
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    Recommend a good SAS cable, please!

    I want to buy some new 1 meter SAS cables that are good and affordable. What do you recommend? I have used in the past Monoprice SAS cables. In another post, I talked about issues I was having with my SnapRAID server not sure if it's cables or backplane or hard drives so I am looking for advice...
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    my Mikrotik 10GbE switch is flaking...what should I replace it with?

    My Mikrotik 10Gbe switch is flaking on me and I need an affordable option to replace it. I need at a minimum 2 10GbE ports. I would like more but I am disabled and my income is minimal so I need affordable options. My Server/NAS and desktop are the only things that require 10GbE but more...
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    Backplane, SAS cables, or Hard Drives...which are most likely bad?

    Okay, I am having serious issues with my Norco 4224 Snapraid server. I am getting Windows errors (21, 1167, and more) in SnapRAID that is causing scrub to fail but when I moved hard drives/switched cables some of the errors went away or were reduced but still having issues/uncertainty on what...
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    Need help with recovering a drive in SNAPRAID

    I need help recovering one of my failed drives. The manual is confusing because my config file uses totally different naming. I wonder if the manual is written for Linux and I am using windows. I need to recover "data d2 L:\array\" The manual says "data d1 /mnt/new_spare_disk/" What exactly...
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    Which 18TB hardrive should I get?

    I want to upgrade my SnapRAID server parity drives to 18TB and use the 6TB drives that I have now as a striped or JBOD logical 18TB drive for my SnapRAID server. So I'll have 3-4 18TB parity drives for 3-4 18TB Data drives. I am leaning towards just striping them but debating on if the added...