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    AMD store-mi?

    I learned my lesson as well. Lost boot drive and no way to recover. Great idea just too many issues. Will never attempt to use storemi again.
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    Current AMD free game promo - end date?

    Chatted with amazon support and they said that is known issue and they are waiting on codes for the games. They are supposed to email me when they get more codes and said will be 2-5 days. So fingers crossed.
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    VR with prescription glasses

    Thanks so much for the info! Glad to see it is the far vision that is needed and will be more manageable that way for sure. Appreciate it!!
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    Current AMD free game promo - end date?

    Bought the 2700x from Amazon and includes Outerworlds and xbox pass. This is for my htpc though. Is there a way to get the games loaded on gaming pc or only able to load on the htpc that will have the 2700x?
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    VR with prescription glasses

    Anybody out there with trifocals playing vr? I'm an old fart and suspect I will need a pair of glasses that are only reading prescription for the entire lens for the vr to be the best it can be. Correct?
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    CPU Choice for HTPC/Plex Server

    I second this as well. 4k takes a very strong machine with plex. Not worth the $$ so just stream my BluRay rips and save the UHD rips for direct play.