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    Steam Next fest demo week '22

    Its Steam demo week again. Anyone find any good demos to try? I'm looking at Terra Invicta for 4x and Agent 64 for fps.
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    GoG summer sale '22

    Summer sale starts today at GoG and runs till June 27th. Sega has partnered with them now, bringing in some of their games to drm-free GoG. Includes Alien Isolation now and Space Marine later. Free copy of Sanitarium till the 8th.
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    12700k $327.24 at Amazon

    "Lowest price in 30 days" Shipped and sold by Amazon. $327.24 for the i7-12700k.
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    Biostar sells rx 580 gpus in prebuilt mining rig

    I used to not hate Biostar, more just ambivalent. Cheap mobos, problematic at times but often a cheap solution that worked much like ECS mobos. I didn't know they had started selling radeon stuff. Biostar has decided to sell new rx580 cards in pre-built mining rigs instead of selling them to...
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    Humble Bundle monthly plan changes for 2022

    They're saying Humble is "leveling up next month", starting in February. No more price tiers, everything is back to $12/month again. No set number of games each month (old was 10-12). Also there will be a Humble app for the...
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    12600k, ddr4 vs ddr5

    FPSreview has a nice review up. TLDR: no real big difference overall, ddr4 the wiser option for your wallet.
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    Myth of Empires Game pulled from Steam over Source Code dispute

    Myth of Empires, a new survival game by a Chinese dev was pulled from Steam this week after the devs of Ark:Survival Evolved claim it used their source code.
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    PC soundbar speaker help

    Anyone have a recommendation for a pc/misc. input speaker that is usb and/or 3.5mm input jack? Most seem to be usb powered but 3.5mm input or just usb powered and usb input. That or they are 3.5mm input and bluetooth. I'm mostly looking for a basic computer speaker that is small/unobstrusive to...
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    White screen on ipod touch

    Anyone know of a fix or good sites for help with a white screen on an ipod touch after a fall? Screen started fading and went white, and then wouldn't respond to reset commands or power off for about 3 hours. Now it powers on but the edges are white. Charging it up from 10% battery to see if it...
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    Six classic Star Trek games released on GoG

    GoG has just released several old Trek games. Voyager Elite Force 1 & 2, Starfleet Command 3, Bridge Commander, Hidden Evil, and Away Team. All are priced at $9.99 each. ST Armada 1/2 are coming soon...
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    Steam Next Fest demos

    Steam is having a week of game demos for upcoming games, anyone find anything good? So far I've tried: Wartales, a mix of bannerlord and xcom style turn based combat. Alpha is a bit rough but the game has potential. Trigon, a roguelike Rimworld/FTL type game on a space ship. Battlesector, a...
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    LF fan controller/hub 5.25 recommendation

    Any recommendations on a 5.25 fan hub? LCD is ok, not looking for anything too fancy, but something that I can manually control 4 case fans with from a front bay. Current controller is a built in switch on the case that appears to be dying and only runs at high.
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    Warhammer40k: Darktide (40k Vermintide)

    Just announced for Xbox Series X and PC: Darktide, a 4 player co-op where you play as Inquistor Acolytes aka Guardsmen cannon fodder vs Chaos cultists in a hive city. The devs are Fatshark, who made the Vermintide games so it has potential...
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    iOS13 safari bookmarks bug

    I seem to have a bug when loading web bookmarks in safari. No matter what bookmark I press, the browser loads the third bookmark on my list, a youtube page. It seems to mostly happen with youtube pages though. Anyone know if its a bug or am I doing something wrong with bookmarks? TIA
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    GoG Mable and the Wood

    Free game, Mable and the Wood on for the next 42 hours or so.
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    2016 GPUs vs 2019 GPUs

    Hardware Unboxed compares the Rx 470/570 and 950/1050ti vs the new 5500XT and 1650 cards. TLDR/Watch: The 2016 $200 and under video cards are still the better value.
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    Best adblocker app for android chrome?

    Looking for an adblocker app for android chrome. Nothing too complicated, friend is getting tired of "depressing ads" after reading sad news stories. I haven't used android myself in years. Adblock Plus seems to only be its own browser now on mobile? TIA
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    Nvidia GTX 1660 Super Specs confirmed?

    Final specs supposedly confirmed via wccftech: TLDR: Same specs as 1660 cards except for 6GB of GDDR6 ram instead of GDDR5 of the non super. "The graphics card delivers a graphics score of 6578 points. Now based on this...
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    Why wifi on ATX mobos?

    What is the rationale for putting wifi on so many midrange to high end atx boards these days? I get putting it on the absolute top end boards that have every little feature on them or say on itx mobos. Yet, why skimp out on vrm quality and other baseline features to toss in an AC wifii chip...
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    Begun the GPU pricing wars have? AMD to lower Navi prices

    The rumor mill has cranked up this morning.... via videocardz
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    Epic Games Launcher spying on users via Steam file data?

    Uh, this does not look good. Epic launcher might be taking data from users' steam id files, spying on their game playtime and friends lists.
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    Best program for Wifi scanning?

    Anyone have a favorite program to scan wifi networks and see where the congestion is on channel coverage? I can't remember the name of the program I used to use on an old laptop.
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    Win7 "servicing stack update" from Oct 9

    Anyone have issues with this one? It came up yesterday when updating my win7 system with 3 other updates from September. Everything seemed fine but this morning when...
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    Need recommendation for 24'' Freesync Monitor

    I'm looking for suggestions on a 24'' Freesync monitor, 1080p, IPS maybe? 100-144hz. It looks like most are TN panels. This will be for a rx 480 card. Not sure about a curved monitor but this Acer is tempting: Acer ED242QR Abidpx Black 24" or the non curved XFA240 model. Anyone have any...
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    Steam gets built in voice chat and Valve a contract with the NSA

    So, Steam got a new UI update and built in voice channels. Basically a bunch of discord like features. Unfortunately, it lets people listen in to others microphones after they've left or been booted from a voice channel. Supposedly its been fixed...
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    best antivirus rescue programs?

    Looking for opinions on good bootable antivirus rescue disks/programs. I've been using bit-defender and kaspersky lately, but was wondering if anyone had any other preferred programs. TIA
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    Best Z97 matx mobo

    Any opinions on the best matx z97 mobo out there, overclocking wise at least. TIA
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    Random reboot/power down

    Hi all, looking for a few ideas to see what is wrong with my system. Long story short, I'm getting random system power downs/reboots. I have been for the past 4 months off and on. Last weekend, the system wouldnt boot or power up beyond the case power led, then after a break it would boot into...
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    lga775 HSF recommendation

    Need a possible recommendation for a replacement HSF for my q8400. Its been runnin rather hot lately when gaming with a new video card. Looking for something not too loud but will keep the cpu under 70C. Stock HSF is running up to 80-83C when gaming (usually in the 60s with older video card). TIA
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    Asus 560ti causing reboots?

    So long story short, I installed my new asus 560ti last Sunday (along with a corsair hx750 PSU replacing a corsair 520w) and now I'm getting random reboots. System just cuts power and then reboots. First time it was in WoW but tonight it has happened three times, all while just web browsing or...
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    logitech z5500 hum

    So, I've been getting a hum from the subwoofer on my z5500 set. It gets worse when the speakers are powered on. Headphones plugged in and it works ok but even when gaming its getting annoying. I'll usually hear a "thud"/pop type sound when turning the sub on (main power) or switching between...
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    wireless card kills winXP

    Anyone heard of a laptop wireless card consistently killing winXP? I had it working barely after fixing the thinkpoint malware but now every time I turn on the wireless card (hardware switch on side of laptop), windows freaks out, blue screens briefly and reboots in a endless loop unless I go...
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    Win7 fails to get IP from modem

    My win7 box cannot get online this morning. It shows a "public network" but can't identify it and seems to timeout when trying to connect to the dhcp server for an IP when I try to ipconfig /release and /renew it. I have two machines connected to my modem via a switch. The XP machine can...
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    Need 5850 recommendations

    So I'm looking at 5850s (maybe a 5870 if I see a deal), what are some of the best cards these days? Sound noise is a main concern and size somewhat (needs to fit in a lian li mid tower). TIA