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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    If there was a demand they would find a way to make them fit. Even mini towers with a 5.25 support a front 240 mm rad. A single bay doesn't limit cooling, once you start sticking multiple ones in then yes
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Recently re-cased to the Define Mini C. No zip ties. How could I make this neater?
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    is I3-3750K to i7-7700K a useful upgrade ?

    Everything depends on the price and how much you can get it for. In my experience the i7 K CPUs are still expensive many years later, and it's not worth it. A i3 10100 has similar performance to a i7 7700k. New mobo + 10100 might be cheaper. If you can spend a little more 10400 or 12100
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    [Steam] ARK Survival Evolved free

    Is this an online game?
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    The 6500xt and 6400: Meet your next gpu, PC gaming peasants.

    Prices came down a lot. They are pretty much down to msrp Unless you want next gen cards I no longer see a reason to delay upgrading
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    How often do you replace power supply?

    On my 13 year old Corsair VX550 the plastic on the SATA connectors has become brittle and started snapping.
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    3080ti - Unbearable coil whine through speakers

    Really interesting problem. Never heard of coil whine being transmitted through speakers. Do you have a surge protector or UPS? Sometimes they cause ground contamination. I would try without it.
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    Do you use m.2 heatsinks supplied with motherboards?

    A big factor is the proximity to the GPU. Under a GPU load the drive temp will go up a lot. This is the main reason I use the heatsink.
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    Another AssRock Board Bites the Dust?

    I got more information. It was off but plugged in during the storm. Didn't turn on afterwards.
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    Another AssRock Board Bites the Dust?

    I tried to perform AssRock to mouth resuscitation and flashed the bios chip. It looks like it wasn't the problem though. I used the green PCB flasher. It doesn't have the 5V flaw the black PCB version has. Since the motherboard power cycles I suspect the power circuitry got damaged on the...
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    Are standard gamut (~99% sRGB) monitors still worth it in 2022?

    Is it still worth buying standard gamut (~99% sRGB) monitors in 2022? Or will I look like a cuck in a few years when wider gamut becomes the new standard and I'm still using an sRGB only monitor?
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    Recommendation for mATX chassis

    I find the mATX factor doesn't have a lot of new cases. All the new cases have glass. Define mini C and Silencio S400 are the only ones I am aware of. There is the old Coolermaster n200, but it will only take a front rad. The Silencio S400 has a horrible PSU filter design. You actually need...
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    Ancient GPU needs replaced. Suggestions?

    I like new over used. I don't like cleaning someone's DNA out of the card, undoing mining BIOS modifications and trying to source non-counterfeit replacement fans. If you're redoing the whole rig, buying a pre-built is a better deal right now.
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    GPU's and CPU's may become nearly impossible to source soon

    They have been threatening Taiwan for decades. An invasion hasn't happened yet and won't happen because it would be too costly. They will continue political and economic pressure to try to get a more pro-China government in Taiwan.
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    FX 4100 system to have its guts replaced, looking to finally take the upgrade plunge

    I bought a 3600 at the end of 2020 because it beat the Intel rival 10400. However, the 11400 and 12400 are faster than the 3600. The 12400 is as fast as a 5600x and way cheaper. I know Intel boards cost more, but to me the 3600 is not the budget king like it used to be.
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    I think my pc diying. Psu or ? Shutdown

    Get a pure sine wave UPS. I don't know how you can sleep at night running a PC with those kinds of specs without one.
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    Intel stock cooler

    There isn't a lot of incentive to upgrade the coolers. In most machines the current cooler will last as long as the rest of the PC. A lot of people replace the stock coolers even if they are good. Does the Wraith Prism convince people to buy AMD?
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Here is mine. Still need to try to hide the 24 pin cable. There is no room behind the motherboard tray.
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    The 6500xt and 6400: Meet your next gpu, PC gaming peasants.

    Gigabyte made a triple fan version. Looks sick bro! Must be a really powerful card if it has 3 fans!
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    My 2013 build with 2020 bottleneck challenge: I need your help!

    For Flight Simulator there isn't much benefit of a high Hz screen. The gameplay isn't fast paced and it's hard to even get 60 fps. However, a larger monitor would help with immersion. For flight simulator 24 inch is a bit small. Having at least 27 inch would really help the experience IMO. On...
  21. 3 its a sad day

    The forums were better a few year before that. Jonnyguru posted on the forums as well, talking about PSU production in China. People would come in and say these 5 off-brand PSUs are all that's available in their country, and ask which is the best one. The forum regulars immediately knew the OEM...
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    So, How Does Flashing a GPU BIOS Actually 'Brick' the Card?

    If your card has dual bios with a bios switch you can boot on the good BIOS, flip the switch to the corrupted bios while the PC is running and flash the corrupted bios. Apparently the BIOS is only read on startup.
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    Windows 95 or 98 on somewhat modern hardware?

    I believe 939 and 775 sockets were the last officially supported platforms for Windows 98.
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    How to make Alienware Aurora R10 thermals suck less

    You may be able to remove the hard drive cages and install fans at the front. On Dell's official forums there is a lot of info on how to improve the computers. Some...
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    Lian Li all brushed aluminum cases

    I always wanted one of these classic cases. When I was ready to upgrade they didn't make them anymore...
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    GOG: 30 Free Games Giveaway (ends Jan 9, '22)

    These are all normal freeware as far as I can tell.
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    How much do you get out of Videogames today?

    After work if I play for 30 minutes or 1 hour, it will help me stay mentally alert and awake to complete some house chores after. If I don't, then I will want to fall asleep on the couch. So this is a nice thing I discovered about games.
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    Intel has good relations with OEMs like Dell, so I expect them to price and market the cards aggressively versus nvidia and AMD in pre-builts. As far as buying a standalone GPU is concerned, I don't see big chances in prices or availability. Intel already signalled they won't limit mining on...
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    Is this the best build for the money?

    I would look at MSI B560M Pro-VDH Wifi. Really nice board for the money.
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    1080p on 27" 4K vs 27" 1080p Native

    Would 1080p on a 27" 4K monitor look better or worse than 1080p on a 27" 1080p monitor? It is 200% scaling so theoretically it should look the same? I want a higher resolution for desktop use, but like the higher frame rate of 1080p for gaming. Rather than going 1440p route I'm thinking of...
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    Pre-Built PC's cheaper per-part than individual parts?

    It does limit the number of coolers you could use, but Noctua's mounting system is compatible with it. You do need to purchase your own bolts from a hardware store. Then it just bolts in the factory threads with no mods.
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    Pre-Built PC's cheaper per-part than individual parts?

    I would still buy a Dell even after seeing the GN video. A channel dedicated to DIY PC building is against pre-builds? You don't say! They tried to shit on the PSU and found out it was actually good. LOL I don't see any issues with the PC apart from the CPU cooler, which can be easily replaced...
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    As long as GPU mining is a thing, and is profitable for miners, I expect it to be permanent. GPU mining has turned GPUs into investments. They are subject to the same forces that govern investments, like risk and profitability. Not just availability. One poster compared mining to picking up a...
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    Ars Technica article: No end to chip shortages

    Some folks think the price of an investment isn't based on the magnitude of returns it generates for the investor and the risk to the investor.
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    LHR for current gen cards are a horrible idea

    If they can make a zero HR card then gamers wouldn't directly compete for supply with miners. If they can sell damaged GPUs that they normally wouldn't be able to sell, that increases supply, so I see it as positive as well. Anyways, these are the reasons why I personally like the idea of LHR...
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    LHR for current gen cards are a horrible idea

    I said it's a step in the right direction to having two product lines. I don't think anybody thinks it solved anything. Of course there are supply issues. However, GPUs are an investment for miners. Ethereum price dipped and in late spring/early summer and started surging back up late summer. I...
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    LHR for current gen cards are a horrible idea

    I don't know, but GPU prices rise and fall depending on cryptocurrency prices. Prices haven't risen from making the cards LHR
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    Just critique this build or give me comments. It is for a friend.

    WD Black are a bit noisy. Otherwise they are good drives. I like Red Plus with are CMR. I don't mechanical drives for games though.
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    LHR for current gen cards are a horrible idea

    Like OP already mentioned, LHR are still profitable to miners. Availability got worse because crypto prices have risen. If the cards were practically useless for mining, we might see positive changes. I think it is a step towards having two different product lines, which may be a solution. If...