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  1. mrluckypants96

    Might have broken my motherboard. Help?

    Not really sure if this is the best place to put this, but it seems my motherboard might have gotten fried from a short circuit. Here's what happened: I unplugged the control wire from my CPU cooler, plugged it back in slightly misaligned, and the system shut off and wouldn't turn back on. When...
  2. mrluckypants96

    Window Resizing Issue

    So this might be in the wrong section, but here's an issue I've had lately. Ever since I installed my liquid cooling loop in my gaming system I've been having issues with any windows that are open when the system goes to sleep. In this instance I had three chrome windows open, one filing each...
  3. mrluckypants96

    X79 Motherboard ECC Support

    Alright, I'm in need of a bit of tech support. So for my gaming system I've got a Xeon E5-2680 v1 installed in an MSI X79 OEM board used for the Alienware Aurora R4. Now, I want to use some spare DDR3 ECC memory I had lying around to replace the non-ECC stuff I had previously (for reliability...
  4. mrluckypants96

    How to take apart an LGA2011 socket?

    Anyone know how an LGA 2011 socket is supposed to come apart? It looks like there are 4 hex-type screws holding the hold-down plate to the backplate, but I don't know if there's more to it and I don't know the size of bit I'd need. Edit: Words are hard, bad autocorrect doesn't help.
  5. mrluckypants96

    MXM to PCI-e Adapter, why does no-one make this?

    So I can find cheap MXM cards on eBay and sites like that, and MXM is supposed to be a Mobile PCI-e variant, so why does no-one make an adapter to allow the use of MXM cards in PCI-e slots? I've seen pictures of prototypes like this one... ...But they apparently never made it to market...
  6. mrluckypants96

    Bass-y Headphones

    So I apparently am the biggest basshead ever. I like listening to EDM music, but I haven't been able to find headphones with enough bass for my liking. So it's time to look for new headphones. What's a set of headphones with huge bass but still decent mids and highs? I don't really have a budget...
  7. mrluckypants96

    I just got a brand new GPU, meet the Fury

    Pretty cool right?: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Edit: How do I picture? Edit 2: Screw it, here's a link.
  8. mrluckypants96

    SSD Temporary Lockup

    Hello [H] Members! I've been having an odd issue with the SSD boot drive on my server. The drive is a Sandisk Z400s, and every once in a while (maybe once an hour, it's all over the place) the system will just lock up and the HDD activity light on the case will light up solid. When the system...