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    Need help configuring CX3-20 SAN

    I have a new to me CX3-20 SAN that I would like to configure and start playing around with. This was pulled from an old data center and is still configured as it was there. I know I need to get access to the SP's but I'm not even sure where to start. There is a Ethernet Port and what appears...
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    EMC SAN Setup: What am I missing?

    I picked this up a few months ago and am now getting around setting it up. I believe the model is CX3-20 but I'll have to double check that. I need help with the connections. The drive chassis has copper fiber channel connections while the storage processors have fiber connections. How does...
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    Job Postings

    I see the "Resume" thread but I'm not seeing anything for posting open positions. Is there anything here for that?
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    New to folding but have some big hardware to toss at it

    I am new to folding, just started last night. Right now I have it running on 3 desktops and 1 virtual machine (1 cpu 4 cores Xeon). Right now I am loading up ESXi on a Dell R900 with Dual Xeon E7450 6 core CPUs. I am going to light up a virtual machine on it for folding and need to know what...
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    My home network rebuild

    I thought I would share this here too. I am in the process of changing a few things with my setup. The thread is here. I put in the ladder rack across the basement yesterday. Should have the support anchors and such today.
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    Man Cave Revamp

    I am in the process of revamping the Man / Nerd Cave. All of the old pictures are in this previous thread. I wasn't real happy with the old desk setup so I went a different direction. Some of that setup is below. I...
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    New Toy: EMC CX3-20 SAN

    Brought this home a few weeks back. Still haven't had a chance to play with it yet.
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    My little stack of nerd

    Been playing around with the gear at home. Finally have a decent machine to run my virtual environment on. HP DL380 G7 Dual Quad Core Xeon CPU's 32GB Memory 7 300GB SAS Drives For storage I am using a QNAP appliance with 8 3TB drives with just under 20TB of storage. I am running...
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    New addition to the home rack

    This should be fun to play with. I just installed it in my rack tonight. 80 cores and 320GB of memory.
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    6gb SAS Raid Controller for Dell R510

    I need a hardware SAS Raid controller for a Dell R510 server that is compatible with ESXi 5. I would like to use raid 5. The server has a 8 drive back plane in it and I would like the ability to use standard SATA drives if possible. Unless it's not already evident I don't know a whole lot...
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    Probably shouldn't have but.... 1100T

    I probably shouldn't have upgraded right now but went ahead and did so anyway. I've been running on an old single core AMD CPU, Gigabyte board and 4gb of ram. I sold my quad core about 6 months back and have been waiting to upgrade since then. About 5 months back I built a new machine at work...
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    Lian Li PC-C32B Rack Mounting

    Has anyone actually rack mounted this case? Is it 3 or 4 RU? Looks like it came out ot 3.75 U, is that right? I want something that is going to fit the rack properly.
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    Custom Chief Triple Monitor Setup

    I have had lots of questions on this mount and figured I would post a thread here. The mount is made up of the following. - Chief KTA325B Triple Monitor Arm - 1.5" Galvanized Steel Pipe threaded on one end - 1.5" floor flange I bolted the floor flange to the desk and used a hole saw to...
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    Need an out of the ordinary video connection

    I need to run DVI from my computer to my monitor. The problem is that I need that dvi connector to fit through a 1.5" pipe which isn't happening. I need to have some kind of break in the cable. I've thought about two DVI to HDMI cables and then connect them with a HDMI femal/female barrel...
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    Man / Nerd Cave Project

    Not sure where the thread should go so I stuck it over in the case mod gallery. This past weekend I connected my data rack to the server rack with patch panels and 24 runs of CAT5e.
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    Man Cave Project

    I'm not sure if this is the place for it or not so tell me if it's not. We just recently moved and I am in the process of getting my man cave / computer room together. This is slow going right now because I'm in the middle of a bunch of stuff at work that is consuming a majority of my time...
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    Picking up a few monitors for eyefinity use. Dell 2209wa / Asus VE246H

    I want three monitors so I can pick up a eyefinity card and use it. I currently have two Dell 2209WA monitors and thought about trying to find a third. However they are pretty hard to find and the ones that are available are priced high ( I paid $209 new). So I'm considering picking up 3 new...
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    Folding At Home User Name, Passkey etc

    How do I go about creating a Folding At Home username? Is a passkey needed to join the Hardforum's team?
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    Monitor stand for 6 monitors

    I need a stand or multiple stands to hold 6 monitors on my desk. I considered getting one single mount for all of them but the inexpensive ones look like crap and the quality ones would require the selling of my children. I did some digging around and found these...
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    Recommend Cisco Voice Routers

    I'm looking to play around with some Cisco voice equipment. Thus far I have seen recommendations for the 1760V router. What other routers would you recommend. I'd like to keep my first born if at all possible.
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    Dual Opteron CPU's VS Intel Dual Core Desktop CPU

    I have a server that is currently running dual Opteron CPU's. It needs memory so I've been digging around for some. The thought occurred to me that I could use a different Tyan board that I have laying around that has a Intel Dual Core Desktop CPU on it. The board with Intel CPU is newer and...
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    How loud is your setup?

    I downloaded an app on my Droid that measures sound in dB. I can't imagine it's all that accurate but it's still fun. Front Of Rack -39 dB Back Of Rack -30.4 dB
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    Need some quick ITX motherboard help

    I am looking for a ITX motherboard that has dual monitor support. Preferably VGA and DVI. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    New Racks!

    Slowly getting everything into my new racks. I have two 4 post HP racks and an unknown 4 post relay rack. I'm renting a house right now so for the moment these will be in the garage. Later when I get into my own house I have lots of ideas for a room I'm going to put together.
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    Rack Mount Cases

    What company makes quality rack mount cases? NewEgg has a metric butt ton of cases but I have no real way of knowing what's good and what's not. Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Lian Li PC-C32 Rack Mount Case

    Anyone own one of these? I'm considering picking up a couple of them. Will it hold up as a rack mount case? Are the rack mounting ears pretty solid?
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    Squid Proxy

    I had a squid proxy setup so that I could funnel all my web traffic at work through an SSH tunnel to the house. Well tonight I found my 7 and 8 year old looking at something on youtube that I would rather them not. So it looks as if I'll have to put the proxy into full duty. I knew this would...
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    Adding PCIe video to motherboard with onboard video

    Over the past 8 years or so I've always bought motherboards with onboard video. I'm not a gamer so I didn't need anything more. I would like to add a couple more monitors to my system and therefore I need to add a PCIe video card. Is it still pretty common for additional video cards to disable...
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    Observation on cases from smokers

    My wife buys a lot of clothing on eBay. One of the big things when doing so is whether or not those clothes came from a home with smokers or not. Well I just recently bought a case on eBay is it's quite apparent that it came from a home with smokers because it smells pretty bad. I'm sure it...
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    Best way to connect 20 drives?

    I currently have a tower case that will hold 20 3.5" drives. Though I do not have 20 drives it is something I would like to work towards. However I'm trying to figure out the best way to hook them up. I've been looking at the Megaraid cards from LSI and have found an 8 port card for about $140...
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    Need to find a Pentium D Prescott, Smithfield or Cedar Mill CPU

    Does anyone know of a online retailer still selling them?
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    Built a new office / man cave / server room / ham shack

    I posted this in the workstation thread but figured I would start a new thread for it. My old room was down in the basement but I wanted something at ground level and also wanted to make use of the door I picked up from work. The door was on the old server room at work so when they built a new...
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    New Dell ST2010 20" Monitor

    This looks to be a fairly nice monitor for cheap. The 160 degree viewing angle doesn't sound half bad.
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    US Reseller for Aqua Computer products

    Is there a reseller of Aqua Computer products here in the US? Or even a reputable place somewhere else on the web?
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    I need a low end Intel chip (Help a AMD buyer)

    I've been using AMD chips on Asus boards for the past 8 years. But I need a low end system to stick Linux on and would like to give a Intel chip and try. I need something low end and would like to stick it on a Asus board. Integrated video is preferred. I've been kind of thinking one of the...
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    Microsoft Virtual CD and mounting ISO's across the network

    This is probably the coolest thing I've done with my computer in a long time. I ripped all of my DVD's to ISO and put them on my server. Then I use Microsoft's Virtual CD control panel to mount the ISO on any computer in the house to watch the movie. Works out great!
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    How many and which Lian Li cases

    Seems that a lot of people on this forum are fans of the Lian Li cases. More so than other forums I frequent. I'm a big Lian Li !!!!!! and don't know what I would do if Lian Li were to stop building cases. Right now I own the following. - PC-V2100 Plus II - 2 PC-60USB - PC-61USB -...
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    Received my Lian Li PC-V2100 Plus II Server case

    I have to tell you, I'm thinking about moving in! The thing is massive inside! I moved my server out of a Lian Li PC-60USB case into this new server case and am quite pleased. The only gripe I have is that the motherboard tray isn't removeable. But that isn't such a big deal because there...