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    GTX285... not uplocking?

    I am almost convinced that this is a software issue after this latest development. I just had one of those "black-outs", but this time I minimized the game immediately after it happened and there was a warning message by my taskbar saying "Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered."...
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    GTX285... not uplocking?

    Thanks, but this happens while playing modern and demanding games. EDIT: I set "Prefer maximum performance" in NVIDIA Control Panel, but it didn't help: the card is still running at 2D clocks even when playing Crysis and such.
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    GTX285... not uplocking?

    Sometimes, when playing a game(any game, really), the screen goes dark for a couple of seconds. After it goes back to normal, there is a pretty sharp drop in FPS. The reason for this? The GPU starts to run at 2D clock speeds. The only fix I found is to restart the PC. I'm running Windows 7...
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    new geforce drivers 191.07 WHQL certified

    Yes, had this happen to me once with 191.07. Weird.
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    Nvidia kills GTX285, GTX275, GTX260, abandons the mid and high end market

    It's Charlie, guys. Move on, nothing new to see here.
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    First impressions of my new 5870

    Good to know that the 5870 is rocking faces.
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    Please recommend a video card....

    At that kind of resolution, the P4 will bottleneck those games like hell. Anything over 7600GT would probably be a waste.
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    Photorealistic Games – By 2024?

    I don't think that 2024 is an unfair estimate, but I believe it it will take a while longer.
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    Why no Vsync?

    I always have vsync turned off because it causes considerable input lag for me. I barely ever even notice tearing, and when I do, it doesn't really bother me. The only game I play with vsync on is Braid. I don't know, that game just feels better with it on. I also don't like sacrificing my fps.
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    ForceWare 185.68 Released

    Anybody tried them? How's this Ambient Occlusion thingy?
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    23 GeForce 295 GTX IN ONE RIG!!!

    I reported the asswipe under the "Infringes Copyright" section.
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    Beware of His rebate scam on newegg

    This is not the first time I see HIS being accused of running rebate scams on [H]ard.
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    And so the plot thickens. Can someone explain this to me?
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    Well, I have an access to a CD or a USB Flash thingy, but I have no idea how to do it.
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    Well, the file isn't working apparently. I extracted the files(there are three), but when I try to open any of them, it says "Blabla has stopped working, Windows will close the program blabla". :( EDIT: It's a self-extracting archive.
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    No, I wasn't being sarcastic :P. Thanks for the link. I've downloaded the F4 file and I'm going to try it after I'm finished writing this post. About the SpeedStep thing. For me, it reduces the multiplier, not the clock speed, and clock speed is always visible as is the multiplier. Would be...
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    What? You can update the motherboard's bios? A link would be very nice.
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    the "new" GTX280M is actually a....

    This whole nVidia horseshitting scheme began with the success of 8800GT, right? I mean, nVidia makes great GPUs, but their naming scheme is downright purposefully misleading.
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    I have my 920 set to 150x20, but after a shut down it seems to always revert to 142x20. It still says 150x20 in BIOS though. Another interesting thing I noticed is that Computer Information and dxdiag always seem to say that my CPU runs at ~2.80GHz, no matter what speeds I set. My Mobo is...
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    Vista Ultimate 32-bit and GTX285

    What are you talking about? I have SP1.
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    Vista Ultimate 32-bit and GTX285

    I read about PAE(Physical Address Extension), but I didn't really get it. It says that every CPU above Intel Pentium Pro supports it. Somehow it should make a 32-bit system support up to 64GB of RAM? Maybe I'm just stupid, but could someone explain this to me in layman's terms? I mean, what's...
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    Vista Ultimate 32-bit and GTX285

    Here's the deal: I've got 2x2GB DDRIII RAM and a GTX285. My System Information says that I've got 3.25GB RAM. Why not only 3.00GB? Isn't it 4GB - 1GB(VRam)? Or am I missing something here? EDIT: I tried running dxdiag and it says that I have 3326MB of RAM. What the hell's going on?
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    High Pitch Squeel with gtx 285

    Yea, my XFX GTX285 does that too. I noticed it happens in game menus/company splashes and ATi tool. Another person in this thread opened my eyes by saying that it happens when extremely high framerates are being displayed. This isn't something to worry about, right?
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    eVGA 285 FTW at the 'Egg

    What are the speeds on the 285 FTW anyway?
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    EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SC, worth to OC it ??

    Hehe, maybe I should consider myself lucky because I barely ever even notice tearing, and when I do, it doesn't bother me. Well, you don't really *have* to check for artifacts with a tool; games are probably the best testing tools, but I would still recommend testing with a tool to avoid...
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    EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SC, worth to OC it ??

    I was intimidated by CPU overclocking at first too, but after reading up a little on here, I did just fine. So yeah, if you want even higher framerates, then overclock your CPU, turn vsync off, and maybe even add more RAM.
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    timing is everything...

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    My CPU Bottleneck?

    Nah, I would get CPU lag in Left4Dead and SupCom. It wouldn't be anything too terrible, but you could definitely feel it. I use G15 keyboard to monitor CPU/RAM usage.
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    My CPU Bottleneck?

    I would have to disagree. My E6600 @ 3.3GHz was bottlenecking my 8800GTS 512. I'd get 100% CPU usage in Left 4 Dead, and don't even get me started on more CPU intensive games like SupCom. Of course, the bottleneck wasn't very big, but still. Now keep in mind that a GTX280 is at least twice as...
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    i7 and Windows XP

    What do you mean? What are the implications? Would it be cramped even with Vista Ultimate 32bit?
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    i7 and Windows XP

    Yes, I forgot to mention that I have SP3.
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    i7 and Windows XP

    Hey. I'd like to ask if i7 is fully compatible with Windows XP 32-bit Professional. My mobo will be GA-EX58-UD3R Gigabyte. 2x2GB DDR3 RAM, GTX285.
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    What card for dx9(win xp) @ 1600x1200 gaming

    GTX260 or 4870.
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    Far Cry 2 bad performance GTX 260

    Make sure you're not forcing Transparency - Supersampling via nVidia control panel or RivaTuner or whatever.
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    Severe "stutter" in UT3 with GTX260? Can you help

    I am getting quite a few problems in games with 180.XX drivers. Try a driver rollback.
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    4850 Crossfire vs. GTX 260

    I call bullshit on that chart.
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    upgrading 9800GT to GTX260

    Yea, you're gonna have a pretty nasty bottleneck.
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    Anyone else having problems with Forceware 180.XX?

    Thanks for the links, man. I'll still probably wait for them to show up on nVidia's website, though.
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    Anyone else having problems with Forceware 180.XX?

    Really? No such driver on nVidia website.