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    Seagate Responds to Barracuda Problems...Updated, New Firmware Bricked our Drives Just a little more info on these drives, might help some guys if they don't already know.
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    Any practical advantage to 1920x1200 LCD vs Standard 1920x1080

    I just noticed that the LCD I just bought has a 1920x1200 res. After looking at other 24" Monitors, I see that the majority of them are 1920x1080. Besides being slightly highter res, is there any advantage of 1200 vs 1080? Besides the obvious, I would assume not?
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    If I disconnect my raid 0 drives and re-connect, will I loose array?

    I just bought a GTX 260 and need to move one of the HD's that I have in my Raid 0 array, will this screw the array at all? Is it safe to move the HD to another spot in my case and reconnect it? This is my first Raid 0 and I can't afford to screw it up!
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    Is there any advantage to an HDMI input on an LCD?

    Is there any advantage to an HDMI input on an LCD? Is the resolution better/clearer? I am using a DVI input LCD but want to upgrade to a 24" LCD, some have HDMI and some don't, what do you think?
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    Anybody using the lesser-know HD makers like Samsung or Hitachi?

    I see a lot of Posts about WD and Seagate drives, but actually my greatest successes have been using lesser-know drives, I have two HITACHI P7K500 (Raid 0) and a GREAT Samsung HD103UJ SpinPoint F 1TB as back-up. Lots of people have told me "not to go with a no-name HD" and that Seagate and WD...