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    USB-C Adapter with HDMI and USB that actually works...

    The Apple adapter sucks and doesn't work well with external drives. Anyone know of an adapter that has power, video, AND a regular USB 3 port that works with all external drives?
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    Cheapest way to add traffic shaping?

    What's the good, inexpensive way to add traffic shaping to a small network? Let's say there are about 20 users on a T1 circuit. Existing router is an Adtran 3430 (from the telco so we can't touch it). Everything works fine except when they get really heavy with uploads/downloads when document...
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    Anyone using the new $199 Chromebook?

    Well? Was the #1 selling laptop on Amazon apparently
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    How much bandwidth does my local cable company have?

    I was trying to figure out how much raw bandwidth my local cable company has. If they serve the tri-county area, with a total population of 400,000, and I'd say they have 10,000 internet subscribers....Take that 10,000 users and an advertised speed of 30mbs, oversubscription rate of 30:1, that...
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    Who's still using an SSD from 2009 or 2010?

    Everyone talks about having the Samsung 830 or Crucial M4, but are any of the people who bought an SSD back 2-3 years ago still running the same one? SF-1200, Intel X-25, Indilinx, JMicron...? I have an 80GB X-25 V1 that's still kicking, as well as a 64GB Kingston V100 (JMicron) - but they...
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    Ubuntu 12

    Anyone install it yet?