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    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB - $79.99 [Newegg]

    You have to enter the promo code SAMIHD6X
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    Bad Company 2

    You can play today...I was just putting in the wrong code. I had to look up the cd key on my steam page. I was putting in the confirmation number. Anyways I really gotta go shopping now!
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    Bad Company 2

    Thanks for the info....Guess it's time to finish xmas shopping!
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    Bad Company 2

    I bought this like 20 min ago and my code isn't working....anyone else having the same problem?
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    AMD Phenom II X6 $230 In stock

    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T $229.29 - in stock AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition $324.65 - not realeased yet Looks like I might be upgrading my e7200 soon :) $149 after rebate @ tigerdirect 1090T BE $249 after rebate@ tigerdirect
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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    Dang...I didn't know the beta is over. I would've played more last night!
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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    That's great news! They were quick on that update....Too bad I have to work overtime tonight, but nowadays I guess that's an ok problem :)
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    BF Bad Company 2 now up on steam W/ Beta access

    For some reason my mouse pointer and where it is off by about a quarter of a screen....can't start a game! Mouse is ok with everything else and restarted the comp. Anyway, gotta go, try to fix later.
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    E8400 4.0 To Q9550 4.0

    Thinking the same here for Bad Company 2 :)
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    FREE Overnight on Bad Company 2 at Gamestop

    Shows 49.95 for me.
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    The upcoming PC games you will buy

    Modern Warfare 2
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    The official ARMA 2 Thread, Watch these Videos and join the Hype!

    Just downloaded the demo and now I have this error... ...any ideas? I gotta go right now, but I'll check this out tonight. Thanks! edit: maybe I'll try the steam download
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    BFG Trade-up ????

    They subtracted they actual price I paid for the card.
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    Step up Question

    I just did my trade up with bfg last night, going from gtx260 to gtx295. Got my confirmation email last night, sent it out today :)
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    BFG Trade Up doesn't list the 295 - mistake?

    FYI, the GTX295 is available for trade up now @ BFG :)
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    So tempting to step up to GTX 295

    I'm just waiting for the 295 to show up on the BFG step up program...
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    EVGA has GTX295 on site for step-up and sale

    BFG doesn't have it listed yet for step up :(
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    GTX295 up for sale on the Newegg!!

    I don't see it either....I just want to see it on the BFG step up program :)
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    BFG GTX 280 and FurMark

    Who get's the $10? :p
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    8800gt on 350w (with 18/16 so enough amps)

    I think the damage will be unpredictable, but just so you know, I ran my 8800gts g92 on a OCZ 420w problem free.
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    Thermal paste?

    They have some already preapplied to the heatsink, so you don't need to.
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    XIGMATEK HDT-D1264 $13.50+shipping AR

    Nice cooler for cheap. Newegg has the same rebate, but is $18.99+shipping AR. If I didn't just get my OCZ Vendetta 2, I would be all over this one. Mwave
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    e8400 + 8800GT (g92) or e7200 + 8800GTS (g92)

    Seems to be overclocking fine, right now I am at 3800(400x9.5) OCCT, Orthos stable. Had a quick try at 4ghz, windows stable, but that's about it. Ran 1M super pi at 13.something. MIght try messing with it more later, but its just so much faster than my Clawhammer :)
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    e8400 + 8800GT (g92) or e7200 + 8800GTS (g92)

    No problem. The cooler probably won't be here until next week though.
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    e8400 + 8800GT (g92) or e7200 + 8800GTS (g92)

    I just ordered the e7200 and 8800gts a couple of days ago. Everything but my cpu cooler(OCZ Vendetta 2) will be here tomorrow. Almost tempted to put her together tomorrow anyway. Finally upgrading from a Clawhammer and X850XT.
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    OCZ Platinum DDR2 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-6400 800MHz Dual Channel Kit $140 shipped AR

    Maybe we have the wrong link.... Price: $ 184.99 After Rebate: $ 134.99
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    Suffer from online gaming lag? Post your OPScore's here!

    Guess I'm having issues....
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    Gateway's FPD2185W: a 21in widescreen 2005fpw killer!

    I just got mine from What I did was just tell them that I couldn't pay anything more than $600 shipped to my house including a dvi cable, otherwise I was going to order the Dell. They told me they couldn't do it, but they called me back an hour later. Luckily, I didn't have to pay...
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    Gateway's FPD2185W: a 21in widescreen 2005fpw killer!

    The UPS man just dropped mine off today. It looks sharper than my Viewsonic G220fb(21"crt). I'm very happy with pic and text quality. Unfortunately, BF2 has decided not to work for me. I've tried some of the tweaks, but to no avail. Not even with 4:3 resolutions, just...
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    Gateway FPD2185W

    I ordered mine directly from gateway and haggled a little.... I just told them I needed it to be under $600 including shipping and a dvi cable and they called me back about an hour later. I believe I heard there is an upcoming 10% off coupon. If you can get that with the 569.99 free...
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    Good LCD for $500-600

    I just ordered the Gateway FPD2185W this week and it does have component inputs for HD. On the website and at bestbuy it's listed at $599. Try haggling a little and you might save a few bucks. Also, if you do decide to go with the gateway, just know it doesn't come with the dvi...
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    Desktop backgrounds for 2005FPW

    FYI, it's currently at $511ac.
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    X2 3800+.....$239.99

    Nice price, nice resellerrating also.
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    best cooler for x850xt and pe?

    I was thinking about getting an aftermarket cooler and found this review. Looks like the AC has the edge under load(note that this is with the 7800).
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    Zalman VF700-CU best VGA cooler?

    From this review, it looks like the Silencer has the edge...
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    If your looking for a BF2 alternative....

    I liked JO better than any of the Battlefield series other until BF2. I just tried JO for the second time since BF2 came out, it seems kinda silly to me now, but that's just me. And it's too bad BF2 doesn't have coop.
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    ATI x850 XT 256MB Vid Card 8X AGP $400

    This one is a little hotter 354.99AR shipped plus tax. oooopps!
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    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 1MB L2 Cache Socket 754 $230.00

    I tried not to, but it's just too good of a deal to pass up. Hopefully, this is my last upgrade until the next socket change(M2). Thanks!