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    File server backup hints needed (non-WHS)

    So, my file server dropped a drive this morning (PSU plug died, bizarre), reminding me that I really need to get cracking on a backup strategy. Currently I have a 3TB Linux software RAID. Due to the amount of data and my laziness re: changing tapes and whatnot, it will obviously need to be...
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    ASA 5505 won't play ball (port forwarding trouble)

    A while ago, I moved, and after the move I'm having issues with my 5505 and port forwarding. Before, I had an ethernet drop in the apartment, plugged that into the 5505, and it (more or less) Just Worked (tm). Now, I have cable internet, and I have to use the cable companys Netgear CVG824G...
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    Recommendations for 24-30" screen

    I have a Dell 2405. It's pretty nice, but gaming is somehow not "right". I suspect the culprit to be the low-ish response time as seen on this forum, where the text has black droop when scrolling. So, I want a new screen. I have a few requirements: 1920x1200 minimum resolution. Low response...
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    Philips Brilliance 200W6C(S/B) 20" ws LCD

    Apparently, Dell Denmark doesn't want to deal with the 2005FPW backlight issues, so I'm looking for alternatives. This is pretty much the same as the Dell 2005FPW, except for built-in speakers and no S-video/composite. The price (at least here) is comparable to the Dell @ 25% off. It fell...