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    Weird issue with a dedicated server

    So here's the deal... I host a site using Dreamhost for a friend. He has a dedicated game server and wanted to use my webhosting as the redirect to server up map files and such. We've done it before with other hosts (both web hosts and dedicated server providers) without any issue. I've gone...
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    Issue with Sapphire 7970 in BF3 and CoD4

    I got it yesterday night. Installed the latest drivers for it and figured it would whoop my 5870. In BF3 on Medium with textures high and a few other tid bits on it was pushing around 30-80fps at 1920x1080. With the 7970 however all on high, same settings elsewhere it's doing 28-55. Annoying to...
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    Experiences with Amazon Wireless?

    I wanted to see what people thought of it and get a feel for what it shows. I'm tired of Verizon really. Overall, it hasn't been a bad experience,. But at $145 for 2 lines, after employer discounts, its getting old. Wanting to switch to Sprint for 3 lines (2 Android phones, 1 BB) and Sprints...
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    Resetting an Avaya 1000va UPS?

    Anyone have any experience with these units? I picked one up from Normalicy on the anandtech board (apologies if links out to others arent permitted, please remove if needed) What I wanted to know is how to gain access to the...