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    New build, SATA 6gb/s hard drive horrible read/write speeds

    So I just threw together my first 'new' build in a decade or so on a spur of the moment thing with a bunch of stuff I found on sale. Intel core i5 3470 3.4ghz MSI B75MA-P45 mATX mobo 8GB Corsair Ballistix Toshiba 1TB 6gb/s hard drive Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit All the parts went...
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    New build VERY slow - SATA HDD Read/Write issue?

    So I just threw together my first 'new' build in a decade or so on a spur of the moment thing with a bunch of stuff I found on sale. (on a budget...) Nothing fancy, just hoping to play a few games I've missed over the last few years. Intel core i5 3470 3.4ghz MSI B75MA-P45 mATX mobo 8GB Corsair...
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    20 - 22 inch widescreen LCD on the cheap - tips?

    I'm looking for a 20-22inch widescreen to use with my macbook - color accuracy isn't that big of an issue - I simply need to be able to see all of a music score when I am working on it in Sibelius (music notation software) so a high resolution is a must. I do some light photo work as well, but I...
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    new grado's

    Just picked up a pair of Grado SR125's from the local audio shop for a deal. My first decent set of headphones that weren't Shure E2C's. At the moment I'm just running them off my macbook's integrated audio. However, I'd like to get a better source. Either a: Decent USB DAC for my...
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    Aperture vs. Lightroom

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but: What do you use? Why?
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    Charge Nikon D40 while abroad?

    I'm traveling to Indonesia next week, which appears to be 220 volt two-pin plug wall outlets. It looks like I'll need a plug adapter, but will I need a voltage converter to charge my Nikon D40's battery?
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    SD card recommendations for DSLR?

    I've been enjoying my nikon d40 for the past few weeks, however, I'm still using the old Sandisk 1GB I had sitting in my drawer. What do you guys recommend for an SD card. I'm considering: 4GB Sandisk Ultra II 4GB Sandisk Extreme III 8GB Transcend (Priced at 40 bucks on amazon.....but...
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    note taking software?

    I use my macbook to take notes in classes, its easier to organize them and easier than carrying around 5 notebooks and constantly bringing the wrong one to class. Anyway, I've been using Pages from iWork 06 to take notes but was wondering if there were any other solutions that you guys use to...
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    Custom Shure IEM sleeves

    I just bought a pair of shure SCL-2's (the updated E2C, basically same exact thing). Does anyone know of anyone companies/audiologists that offer custom molded sleeves for this model? I see a lot of companies...
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    The iPod's "mirror finish"

    I'm really getting tired of the back of these Ipods. Sure when it first comes out of the box it looks nice, but unless you get a bulky case, that shiny back is going to look like crap in a day. I was hoping that this time around apple would at least make the touch have a back similar to the...
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    id's new game tech unveiled! (on a mac!)

    Well, the WWDC keynote is underway w/ steve jobs at the moment, and they're doing a big presentation on how they're going to jumpstart mac gaming with a "MacDVD" type thing (like the games for windows label on PC games these days). Anyway, John Carmack got up on stage to demo id softwares new...
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    dock transparency....

    What apps do you guys use to do dock transparency? Any free ones out there?
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    Macbook and dual display (1280x800 + 1680x1050)

    Today I recieved a new dell e207wfp widescreen 20 inch lcd monitor to use with my macbook 2ghz, 1gig of ram (dual channel 512's). Now, when I'm just outputting to the dell lcd, performance is fine.....but when I try to do dual display (IE, have itunes open on my macbook display and do work on my...
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    About to buy:

    I'm about to buy a refurb'ed Dell 20in Widescreen E207 from the dell outlet store.....basically I need (want) a 20 in widescreen LCD thats inexpensive ($200-250). I'm only going to use this with my macbook for general desktop use (web, email, chat etc) and to watch movies and do audio...
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    NTDLR is missing. Can't boot.

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    Intel GMA950 and 1680x1050

    I'd like to buy a either a 19" or 20" widescreen for use with my liddle macbook, which only has an Intel GMA 950 for a video card. Now, Apple states that it can push up to 1920x1200 should I bother going for a 20" WS at 1680x1050 or should I just get a 19" and run at 1400x900...
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    Menubar mixed up.....fix?

    Somehow, every so often all of the items on my menu bar get mixed up. See how the isight and bluetooth are somehow now to the right of the clock....I'm not sure how this happens, but its a little annoying when it does. This what it normally would look like: How can I fix this?
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    Optimus 103 Keyboard to cost $1200 - :(

    Remember that sweet keyboard with the fancy OLED keys and such. Well supposedly its not all its cracked up to be. Engadget says it will only be grayscale. And it will cost $1200...
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    before I buy...

    I'm upgrading a friends old socket 754 computer, heres what I me and him think would be best. He does NOT want to overclock, keep in mind. -Intel Conroe E6400 -Intel BOXDP965LTCK Socket T (LGA 775) Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail (is this mobo good?) -G.SKILL 1GB (2 x...
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    Macbook EFI Update - my fans run constantly now, the mooing is back

    I did the macbook firmware update just now and now my fans are nice and noisy again. Great! Does anyone else have this problem?
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    The seven phases of owning a iPod:

    The seven phases of owning a iPod:
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    two-tone macbook

    Check this out: two-tone macbook!
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    Apple's first foray into midrange?

    I just saw this article on engadget: I'll let you all draw your own conclusions.....but a computer like this that has a Core 2 Duo and upgradeable RAM, HDD, and GPU would be an awesome mac...
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    Cold Cathode Desk Lighting?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to do some nifty blue/white desklighting with some cold cathode computer case lights....but how would I go about powering them? I know I could use an old PSU or something, but I was wondering if there was a way that didn't involve a bunch of wires and a bare PSU lying...
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    printer driver question:

    The library/printer folder where all of the mac printer drivers are installed is HUGE. (2GB) Can I go in there and delete all of the drivers I dont use and keep just the ones for the printer I have?
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    1920x1200 res screen in Ibook G4

    This guy managed to get a 1920x1200 lcd screen into the case of his ibook G4. pretty sweet mod, check it out.
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    Windows XP Disc Question:

    I have a valid XP license that I bought right before SP2 was released; thus I have a non SP2 Windows XP Install disc. Unfortunately, I want to install windows on my Intel Macbook using bootcamp, but it requires a Windows XP SP2 Install disc, and the disc I have is only SP1. What should I do...
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    Logon Screen @ startup

    On my macbook, whenever I turn on the computer or come out of sleep mode/screensaver, it goes straight to the desktop. Is there any way to get it to go to the logon screen first instead? I searched around and couldn't find an answer to this, help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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    What do I do now?

    So I just bought a mac - my first one since the desktop performa I had when I was a kid. (Got a shiny new black macbook! :)) Anyway, what do I do now? Are there some killer apps, games, or programs I should get right away or play around with (besides iLife...)......are there cool OSX tricks/tips...
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    I know this may be a stupid question.

    I know this may be a stupid question. BUT If a hard drive is more than half full, does it decrease its performace at all? I searched for an answer and could not find one. Is there any technical evidence for this?
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    Audio Recording Software? (besides garageband...)

    Sorry to bombard all of you with these...."what to do if I switch" posts. Anyway: I have been using windows for a long time and do a lot of audio recording (bands and such) through a motu interface; for awhile I've been using cakewalk sonar 4, and its fits the bill to exactly what I need...
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    Is OSX a "tweaker's" operating system?

    I've been using windows for a lonnnng time....and lately I've been getting the urge to jump ship and go mac...but I'm hesitant. I like windows not becuase of the software, but becuase I have it configured exactly to how I like it.....shortcuts here...dock bar arrows on shortcut...
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    Can a macbook.....

    Can a macbook (not a macbook pro) power an external LCD (like a viewsonic vx2025wm) at its native resolution (1680x1050)?
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    Worth Stepping up to a 7900gt from a 7800gt?

    Is it worth it to step up from a 7800gt to a 7900gt? How much performance increase would I see in, say, HL2, or BF2?
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    About to buy a dell e1505

    I'm about to jump on this dell e1505 for my sister.,1895,1954127,00.asp all for a price of $719 with coupon codes. Is this a good deal, becuase it certainly seems like one to me. Or should I look elsewhere? How are the dells these days?
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    BENQ FP202W 20.1" a good deal?

    Is this monitor: BENQ FP202W 20.1" Widescreen LCD worth the money? Does anyone on these forums have one? Any pics of it in action? Or should I look elsewhere for a lcd.....
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    macbook as a desktop replacement

    I'm thinking of selling my current computer (AMD 3800 X2, 7900gt, 1gig DDR) for a MacBook 2ghz. I'm not sure that I'd be able to afford a macbook pro, and I really like the form factor of the macbook. I know that the macbook has integrated graphics, so gaming probably sucks on the machine, but...
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    Who owns a Macbook pro and are you happy with it?

    I am thinking of getting a macbook pro, and I was just wondering if the lucky owner's of MBP's around here could share their experiences, troubles, tips about the machine. Are the heat/whining rumors true, and is the problem really that bad? Is the 17in worth the money? Lets hear it!
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    Recently built a new rig:

    I built a new gaming rig about a month and a half ago, and I realized recently that I haven't used the thing in weeks, and don't have time to play games anymore (time for laptop!) so I need to sell it. The system itself is awesome, I was able to play oblivion on full settings, and the thing...