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    10gbe switch

    Can anyone help me find a 10GBE switch?
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    ROuter/Firewall to support 1GBE

    Sonicwall is too pricy right now. Meraki goes the same. Sonicwall is nice because it can filter traffic too. Can anyone recommend a custom build solution for firewall that can also filter.
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    Need to build 1U Server for BES10/V5

    I need to build an 1U Server to Host my BES 10 VM and Move over another VM for BES 5.0.4. I am thinking of a barebone server. Max Budget $1000-1500 inc storage. E5 Xeon or V3 Xeons (HASWELL). Please help me start somewhere.
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    Supermicro x9scm-iif so many problems

    First the system refused to boot, I figured it was ram because already come with latest bios. All items were purchased to be compatible with this board. Full system specs; Antec Earthwatts Green Series 380W ATX12V 80PLUS Bronze Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK2/16G 16GB 2X8GB Kits DDR3-1333 CL9 DIMM...
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    ESXi 4.1 on Tyan S2912 + 2347HE very slow

    Full Specs Opteron 2347HE (1.9ghz)x2 4x1GB Kingston DDR2 667 ECC Reg ESXi 4.1 on USB Drives Tyan S2912 Rev E Two Broadcom 5709 for iSCSI 4 paths (2 active, 1 active/1 io) -using software iscsi Two onboard gigabit nics for management/vmnetwork Dell MD3000i SAN + iSCSI to VMWre 5x640GB 15k drives...
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    Cheapest Possible MATX AM3 DDR3 Board with Dual DIsplay support

    I am looking for the cheapest AM3 DDR3 board that can output to two diplays. Please dont laugh I also need help to support dual VGA monitor. A DVI to VGA Adapter support would be preferred.
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    Anyone boot any version of, windows off usb drive

    Is anyone able to boot a version of Windows OFF USB key. Thank you
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    My challange (maganing my farm)

    Right now I'm so busy, I barely get any time to myself, And when I get home im too tired to do anything. I have my seti farm with 5-6 systems running windows and 24/7. But all the time one machine would go down or something would happen. I can remote into my router (that runs tomato), all boxes...
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    Boinc, seti and windows XP, high priority start help needed

    I need help starting the seti@home and its C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOINC\projects\\AK_v8_win_SSE3.exe in high priority mode on all my cores, all the times windows boot. I am not using this machine for anything else, just seti and more seti. I...
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    Corsair TX750W vs PCP 750W

    Which of these two should I get both have 60A on the 12V rail. But the Corsair is $50 cheaper. Thanks
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    OCZ 1150 2X1GB Reaper Memtest fails @stock

    My OCZ reaper 1150 @2.1 volts says on the box. Fails Memtest on Asus P5B pro everything stock. Thanks
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    Best 30in display

    I am looking to get a nice Display LCD 30in. The dell are a bit pricy. Is there any other good ones with lower price. I saw the Samsung (305T) and LG (W3000H-BN), are these any good. Do they use the quality panel. Thanks
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    What am I doing wrong here

    My temps on core 0 are 10c more then my core 1,2,3 I reapplied the as5 and get the same results. Rig in my sig. [img=][img=] Thanks
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    In serious need of help

    I got my water cooling parts, Not sure how to set it up Pump > Radiator > CPU Block > T-line/Reservoir > Pump This is my case. I have the Swiftech APOGEE DRIVE CPU Water Block, a Swiftech triple fan rad, a Switech reservor. Whats the way to install my tubbing, the Drive has out and in...
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    OCZ 550W

    Is my older OCZ 550w good enough for my overclocking of Q9450. I dont got any crazy graphics card. Thanks
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    Newbie to watercooling

    I really want to go watercooling I put together my own setup. Please comment on it. Should I get a Quad Fan Rad, I need it to be quiet if possible. Component Brand Pump Swiftech MCP655 Rad Swiftech MCR320 Quiet Power Triple Reservor Swiftech MCRES-MICRO...
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    Cheap overclocking board for Q9450

    Any is there any cheap ddr2 overclocking board for Q9450 Thank you
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    Display transfer rate in Windows XP

    Is there anyway to get transfer rate in Windows XP like in Vista. Thank you
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    HTPC what video card for Bluray

    I have my current Celeron 420 2gb ram, Prelude XFi and 250gb hard drive, I dont want to change anything else other then video card to play bluray. What video card should I get ati vs nvidia. Thank you
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    Z5500 conflicting with my tv

    My Proview Rx-326 conflicts with my z5500. When I press a button on the tv remote the Z5500 will do crazy things, or the when I control the z5500 the tv will change channels etc. Even tried my logitech harmony remote and the same thing happens. Thanks
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    Questions on RAID10

    I want to build a raid10 with six 1TB hard drive. For raid10 do I need a good controller, or will most onboard sata raid10 do fine. In raid10 can I basically loose upto 3 drives in my six drive configuration. Can I trust Ich9r and windows for array over 2TB. Thanks
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    HIS 3450 + Asus P5B issues

    I replaced my Nvidia based card with the His 3450. Got an Asus P5B board, now everything I turn on the system, it beeps twice, and not turn on. I need to switch the back power supply switch and turn back on then works. This is a pain, and I know this is an issue caused by the video card. Never...
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    Western Digital Mightmare

    I have purchased two Western Digital 500gb YS Re2 drives to use in raid1 inside a Thecus enclosure. These drives have been a horrible nightmare for me. After a few hours of usage the Thecus reports one drive failed. These drives do get really hot. I placed a 120mm fan to cool. Tried to recreate...
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    PS3 Firmware 2.17 PS3 wont turn on anymore

    I tried to upgrade my PS3 to 2.17 firmware via online. It took a while, the PS3 now turns on, but no video. The green and red lights on the fron stay rock solid. Thanks
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    Weird clicking problem

    I have two western digital 500gb hard drive in raid1 on a pci silicon image 3114 controller. Its got two partitions one for windows one for my data, when I started to copy some data on my second partition, the hard drive started clicking, that would mean the drive is gone. When i reboot...
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    Calling all the headphone audiophiles

    Can someone recommend me some good closed headphones, for someone who listens to hardcore music, techno, electro, etc I need good bass. I had in ear headphones, but I can feel cause damage to my ear drums. I need something that will sound good, even after long listening. I looked at some, but...
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    Best winamp Plugins

    What are you favorites winamp plugins. I really like MAD plugin high quality mp3 decoder. What other free plugins can you recommend. Thanks
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    Cheap and reliabel power supply

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    Cheap and reliabel power supply

    I am looking for a cheap power supply I can trust to power my music server. Its a Athlon xp-m 2600+. My biggest concern is good power for my raid1 with 2xwesterns 500gb. Thanks
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    Why did alot of people love the Nvidia Nforce 2 sound card

    Why did alot of people like the Nvidia Nforce 2 sound card, that nvidia stopped making. Thanks
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    Sound for music lover

    I love my music loud and good bass. I listen to mp3s and cds. Is there any good sounds out there, I like the way the x-fi prelude is. But I am hearing mixed feelings on this card being for gamers. And sounds card like the Xplosion and Asus Xonar is better for music listening. Thanks
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    Gigabit router that works with DDWRT

    Is there any wireless router with gigabit ports that works with ddwrt or tomato. Thanks
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    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RTM Discussion Thread

    I installed Vista RTM SP1, so far my system seems a bit smoother. But file copying is still slow, and usb stuff is alot slower in Vista then XP. I run some portable utilities from my USB key, which turn on alot faster in XP but take for ever in VISTA. Only thing I like about Vista is that...
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    What is Xeon E3110

    I saw the Xeon E3110 for sale, is this based on the 45nm, which next gen 45nm cpu does it compare to. Anyone overclocking it. Thanks
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    Raid Suggestions

    I am planning to build a raid with 6-8 500gb drives, I need max security in case of drive failures. Should I do raid10 or raid 5 vs 6. Not sure, raid5 takes long to rebuild and need a really good controller. Never did raid 5 or 6 before or 10. Still trying to device whats best, I know how raid10...
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    Netgear gigabit switch

    All my pcs are now gigabits. Using cat5e wiring. My Netgear 5 port gigabit switch keeps on dropping the connections to 100mbit, and I need to reboot it to get gigabit speeds back. Thanks
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    15k Cheetah scsi u160

    Is a 15k seagete worth the money, or it will be slow since its older. The drive is 36gb 15k u160. Thanks
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    Zalman Reserator 2 vs Swiftech H20-220 Apex ULTRA+

    Can these be taken as serious watercooling systems for overclocking. Thanks
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    Xfx 680i LT moffeet "squekcing noise"

    My xfx 680i LT makes a loud squessing noise, coming from the moffet area, when overclocking or even running normally my stock speeds. It is a Q6600. Thanks Edit: After thinking for a bit, could it even be my Thermalpaste, doing this noise.
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    XFX 680i Lt + Q6600

    Anyone overclocking with the XFX, can you please post your bios settings. Thanks