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    suggestion for htpc setup

    so i had my htpc in a antec mini tower case sitting next to my tv stand. current build: q6700 4gb ram radeon 5450 hdmi 3 tuners well, i found an antec fusion black 430 on craigslist for $25, needless to say i bought it. (in good shape too!) the issue is, my tv stand BARELY fits...
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    q6700 vs q9550

    i have a dg33tl and i am getting a q6700. (the price was right) its for use in a HTPC. this PC will be online and i will be putting a cable tuner card in it. if i sell the q6700 and buy a q9550 (microcenter so think about $180) will the power savings be worth it? cheers
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    i have one of these laying around. i am considering using it for a HTPC build. the board is new in box, about 2 years old. it says it supports the q9550 with more recent BIOS updates. if the older BIOS doesnt support the chip, will it work? or do i need to pull my q6700 from another rig...
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    Thermal paste reuse

    OK, so i got a new i7 920 system with a scythe mugen 2 cooler on it. the mobo is DOA. i have got the RMA on its way, the question is: i obviously just built it, used Arctic silver 5 on it for paste. Obviously havent had any time to burn it in (blasted DOA board!), do i need to clean the...